The Top 4 Moments From 4 Seasons of Heroes

Heroes has delivered a lot of great moments during its four-year run, but some are more pivotal to the show’s mythos than others. In honor of the show’s vastly entertaining four seasons, and in celebration of the upcoming Season 4 on DVD, here are the Top 4 Most Pivotal Moments from the show’s four seasons. Let us know what you think, and what are your Top 4 moments from the show.

#4. Sylar Finally Kills Nathan (Sort of) – (Season 3, Episode 25, “An Invisible Thread”)

It took three seasons, but Heroes creator Tim Kring finally pulled the trigger — and had Sylar kill off Nathan Petrelli. Well, kind of. Even though Nathan was really, honest-to-goodness dead in this episode, he was “resurrected” in typical Heroes fashion, with Sylar brainwashed into assuming Nathan’s life. It meant they could keep actor Adrian Pasdar around, while still being able to say they finally killed off Nathan after what seemed like a half dozen half-hearted attempts. Most importantly, killing Nathan also allowed the show to take the characters and the plot in new directions.

#3. Claire Wakes Up in the Morgue After “Dying” – (Season 1, Episode 3, “One Giant Leap”)

After they’ve already cut her open. It was one of the more talked-about, gross-out scenes from the entire show, and opened some eyes as to how far Heroes was willing to go to be different. Having your main character die, then wake up on an autopsy table, and look down at her chest cut open was pretty nuts. The scene signaled that Heroes could be very daring when it wanted to.

#2. First Real Appearance of Sylar — (Season 1, Episode 9, “Homecoming”)

He’s one of the most memorable villains on TV, and this was our first true introduction to Zachary Quinto as Sylar. It’s bad enough he’s a serial killer, but a superpowered one with a decidedly very bloody method of taking away his victim’s powers. Sylar easily makes for one of TVdom’s best fictional villains of all time, and the fact that he looks oh so “boy next door” as played by Zachary Quinto just adds to the awesome factor.

#1. Future Hiro Introduces Himself to Peter in the Subway – (Season 1, Episode 5, “Hiros”)

There is no blood, there are no explosions, there isn’t even a fight. It’s just a friendly, quiet conversation in a subway car between two pivotal characters. So what’s so special about it? I’ll tell you: because this one scene convinced you that “Heroes” was going to be different, surprising, daring, smart, and forward-thinking. Of course, debates will rage on as to whether the show’s creators ever followed up on this promise, but there is no doubt about it: when Future Hiro showed himself to Peter and delivered the foreboding news about the future, it totally blew our collective minds, and gave us all kinds of ideas about where the show could go. So many directions, so many possibilities… Did it ever get there? You decide.

So what are your Top 4 Heroes moments?

And don’t forget, the complete Heroes Season 4 is on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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  • Yami Burak

    Heroes 4ever !!!!!!!!!
    Bring it back !!!!!

    • Vivian

      Yea!! Please bring it back!

    • fivestar

      Yes! Bring it Back!! Many people will enjoy the Heroes this generation!!

  • PNapes

    4.) Tracy cold snapping and freezing all of the agents
    3.) Sylar opening up a skull for the 1st time
    2.) Jessica/Nicki stripping to “ooo la la” in 5 years gone
    1.) Hiro teleporting for the first time

  • Daniel416

    Like i said last week i just wish NBC will make up there minds on the faith of Heroes Is there going to be a mini-series or a movie or will NBC sell off the rights to another station so they could continue on with season 5 In my opinion as every heroes fans will agree that NBC shouldn't have cancelled heroes in the 1st place I JUST WISH HEROES WOULD CONTINUE ON FROM ANOTHER STATION OR FOR NBC TO STOP LETTING US WAIT FOR THEM TO MAKE UP THERE MINDS AND TELL US WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH HEROES PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mama03

    I agree, I think Scyfy or even USA would be a good fit, maybe TBS… but I really wish I knew what to expect.

  • Maddyforgues

    The only network TV series that was once Dead and was revived due to Fan Support – letter-writing, 'peanut' tokens, etc., was “JERICHO”. I'm not too enthusiastic about the chances for a “HEROES” revival, because they tossed the conviction to keep it on the air and follow it through its “story book process”. I got bored with the 'Threat' of cancellation every year. It was insulting to me as someone who had Always enjoyed watching the series. I understood that it had lulls and surges in the process of “telling a story…” and I wanted to see where Kring was going to take it to next. There were always numerous possibilities, but I feel that too many fans wanted to keep it 'boxed in'.

    I understand that Season 1 'worked' and captured our sincere interest, but the very concept of “Heroes” was that Humans were EVOLVING. There were random mutations in human DNA, but once it was found within a 'family', certain possibilities became greater for inherited mutations to occur. There seemed to be as many story possibilities as there were Individuals with “Abilities” due to DNA mutation. This series should've had Longevity. I wanted to see, so badly, what the importance of that DNA Helix sequence that was a Symbol of HEROES as much as the ECLIPSE was. None of that had the chance to be fully explained. I'm so disappointed!

    My favorite Top 4 moments/scenes from HEROES are:
    (Some of my favs are the same as a couple that are in the article, but)

    #4. When HRG and The Haitian had Nathan Petrelli hemmed in, half-dressed and barefoot, with no way to escape and he looked up then shot straight up into the sky revealing his ability to Fly for the first time. It was amazing to see and funny, too, when he had trouble landing outside the diner where Hiro was the only person to see him land and he was in happy awe.

    #3. The storyline that followed Hiro displaced in time in the 15th century falling in love and 'dictating “hero” behavior' to Monroe. Also, I liked when Hiro wrote messages to Ando from the past and hid them in the handle of the antique Sword. I was more than shocked when Hiro's punishment and justice sentence for his father's murder was to transport Monroe into a grave; which was deserving but horrific.

    #2. When Ted lost control of his ability to create or become a nuclear bomb and blew up the Bennett's house with Claire inside… and she healed as she walked away.

    #1. The final scene in the Season 1 finale when Nathan showed up at the last minute to help save everyone from the Nuclear explosion that Peter would become after battling with Sylar and absorbing that ability from him. The loving exchange between Peter and Nathan as brothers was poignant and Heroic. I cried, and the cliffhanger was stupendous!

    I'll never forget this series, so I plan to collect the entire series DVD boxed set.

    • Djfriesenj

      I most definately agree with your choices 1 to 4 – the best of the show for sure

    • Djfriesenj

      I most definately agree with your choices 1 to 4 – the best of the show for sure

  • Mhaureen_84

    please bring back heroes… it's a really good series…

  • Tarot1

    How about any scene with Claude? I like him helping Peter evade Mohinder and Nathan.

  • Khiki:)

    I agree I love Heroes alot and wish they would just bring it back! :)

  • Lil_bling

    my favourite scene was when sylar took ted's spratts abilities, after flipping over the police van at night. then he went above the city and started playing with his new power…very cool

  • Lil_bling

    It would be a amazaing somehow if Heroes was sold and re done, starting from half way into seaon 2 when the writer stirke happened. the episode when Nathan was shot, at the end you see and hear Angela Petrelli say, “you jus opend pandora's box, therell will be consequences”.. something along those lines… then instead of finishing up that season they jumped to season 3 and had future peter come bak and pop nathan…i dont kno if its jus me or what, but i highly doubt Angela was talkin to future peter on the phone….anyway to me thats when the show took aturn and it look'd like after that they were targeting a different market with the show. jus my opinion…like i was saying tho if the makers/ writers from the show “LOST” could take over the rights to the show they shoould start from that point and make the show HUGH as it once was…Oh n i absolutely hate what they did to Mohinder's character..

    • Jarrod Murdoch

      Dude that is the one of the few, but the biggest thing i didnt like about this series, They made it seem like The Company was behind the shooting of Nathan, but then completely cut it off right there. I understand about the strike and what not but seriously?! And the Mohinder thing was stupid too, he has super everything but is growing into like a spider, then while hes laying on the ground the chemical to give people powers pours on half his body and all of a sudden he is cured? and he goes from Super everything to just super strength?

      My top 4 moments in no order:

      1. When Clair and Peter first meet and he saves her from Sylar.
      2. Sylars death from season 1 finale .
      3. When Sylar was talking to Mayas brother about how hes going to kill both of them horribly but he cant understand him.
      4. When Matt and Peter infiltrate the government building where Danko and Noah are working and Matt has their own guards force them (Danko and Noah) to stay in that one room.

  • Lil_bling

    another one of my fav moments, but by no means a plot changing moment, was when Sylar was talking to Claire and was like” o and your brother…Larry is it? Imma kill him too” lol that was definitely a very funny moment.

  • Lil_bling

    Ohh! and when peter fought and got killed by sylar in mohinders apartment…very cool scene with the invisiblity and the flying shards of glass. Sylar's like “Oh cant wait to try that one”

  • Dan the Man

    All of the scenes with Nathan and Hiro were funny and heart-felt. It was only when Nathan talked to Hiro that you knew he was a good guy. Also, the Russian Roulette scene with Claire, Sandra, Merideth and Doyle was pretty awesome too.

  • bryan

    A great popular show anyone can hope for and get to watch! What will happen next? Such a question one can’t wait to see the next episode. I’d like to imagine myself living a normal life while having powers awakening inside me and be able to time travel, regenerate, or read minds! Just the downside of it though is that this great talent can be used for good or BAD. Well, it’s just my imagination. I’m getting the dvd box set for this!

  • Bhanu_999

    I am and will be a great an of this series. The decision of NBC is a complete bullshit, they have to explain to us the reasons of this doing that why close a series when in top “10″. Well I have also liked the mini series if it is made.
    My fav 4 are:
    1. Hiro standing in New York morning after 1st teleport.
    2. Sylar enjoying his power absorbed from Ted on a roof.
    3. The depiction of future in Season 3 Episode 4.
    4. The final episode when Claire goes to top of ferrywheel and Sylar & Peter tellin” Everything will

  • Poopdeck

    Family Guy

  • Taekwondomike2003

    'Heroes,' Season 5

    The Season 4 finale of “Heroes,” titled “Brave New World,” aired on February 8, 2010 and many were confused whether it was a season finale or the series finale.

    Season 5 (Volume 6) starts production in March of 2010, with a target premiere in Sept. 2010 in the US and January 2011 in the UK.

    Currently Season 5 (also known as “Volume 6″) has yet to be confirmed by NBC. But actor Greg Grunberg was interviewed at the People's Choice Awards saying there will definitely be a Season 5 of Heroes. (See related links for the article.)

    “Heroes” is made of Volumes and Seasons. The Volumes and Seasons corresponded to the same number, that is, until Season 3 – where the season was split up into Volume 3 and Volume 4. This is why the volumes and seasons don't match up. (A lot of shows will now have a mini season finale in the fall, and then be on hiatus for two or three months and then come back in the spring).

    Seeing as the last four seasons have begun around September 21-25, it is likely that Season 5 will begin in September 2010.


    Damn it. No more Heroes? :(

    4. Ando getting powers

    3. Hiro and Peter (future) fighting soldiers and all.

    2. Linderman saying stuff about past and future.

    1. SYLAR SAYING BOOM (rooftop)

  • Mel.S

    They kind of just left us all hanging… waiting to see what's going to happen. I really hate it when networks pull this crap. If only they knew how upset the public gets. I would think that this would really affect their ratings. Or at least, I hope so!!!


      I so agree with you. But if they decided to cancel it the least they could do is to give us a propper ending and not leaving us wondering what happens next. That is just god damn anoying…

  • Daniel416

    There is different groups getting together to try and bring back Heroes, there’s a website being created so Hero fans around the world should visit this website and sign up it starts at Facebook by typing Heroes United Lets spread the word that there are people who r trying to save heroes lets support them by getting involved and lets make a difference by making an impact and save Heroes!!!!!!