Tim Kring Reveals Plot for a Possible Heroes Mini-Series

With Heroes Season 5 dead and buried, there are still the chance of a final send-off movie or two. If Heroes creator Tim Kring has his way, he’d like to finish up with a mini-series that would take place a year after Claire has revealed her powers to the world media, as seen at the end of Season 4.

TV Guide offers more:

“There will be a huge cultural and social change in the world,” says Kring. “Some [of our characters] will be hiding, some struggling, some basking in the glory.”

Claire, who desperately wanted a normal life, will become a reluctant spokesperson for the abnormals. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) will again struggle with his dark side. And Adrian Pasdar will likely return, though not as Nathan, who died.

Kring says all the cast are “eager” to come back, but the ball is now in NBC’s court. The network has repeatedly said in the past that it’s willing to “wrap up” the show with a final movie or two, as a “Thank you” to fans that have stuck by the show through its trials and tribulations.

This would be one way to go about it — how about a mini-series, NBC?

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  • Afsweety86

    I think a couple of movies would be great but why cancel the show period, it's so great!! The show keeps you anxiously waiting for the next episode everytime. I'm mad that it's being canceled. Who's decision was that anyway, they need a serious brain check!!

    • Viveretuovita425

      i dont want it to end :,(

    • Raptorem

      The show WAS great, but was dwindling down. The end was weak, Samuels story was desperate, and trying to tear down and rebuild the existing characters rather than just build onto them was horrible. I would love to see a final and good end to some of the characters I loved like HRG, Hiro, Peter and Suresh.

    • Rgslickmonkey

      I am mad because I have watched every episode and still like the show. I want it back.

    • efyou89si

      I too am VERY angry that Heroes has been cancelled…….it was bad enough to find out about LOST ending up as soon as it did…I was devastated….and when LOST finally ended, the only thing that made me feel better about it was looking foward to my other favorite show…Heroes……….this sucks….I really hope they at least do a movie or even a mini-series like they are talking about to wrap it all up….this is so shitty.

    • Finniustbuster

      NBC makes us endure 44 years of “Days of Our Lives”, but they pull the plug on Heroes. I don’t get it the logic…

    • Finniustbuster

      NBC makes us endure 44 years of “Days of Our Lives”, but they pull the plug on Heroes. I don’t get it the logic…

    • Lil_yari1k

      Yeah what the heck are they thinking what about selling it to another channel!!!! man wtf i would always look forward to mondays hanging out with the husband rushing home from work and school to see the show and now…… nothing!!!! im a little upset!!!!!

    • Jessetinajero

      I also believe it should not have been canceled, I think the problems lies with the huge breaks between seasons, it left people to explore and find other shows, also the scripts got way to out of hand. to many heroes to keep track of. They seemed to be leading to nowhere, I wish they would renew the show, keep it the way it was and build up the old characters and then slowly bring in villains, new characters, example look at the x-men movies, they still have not introduced all the x-men they are slowly taking there time, I really felt the writers took way to long between seasons, that’s where they lost most of there fan, the Office may be next, since they married Pam and Jim, they have lost the catalyst of the show, now they will begin to have problems.. But bring Heroes back .

    • Blue_mustang2001

      the rating are really low thats why

    • Anonymous

      yeah i agree bring out movies but keep the show going its so awsome

    • Jp

      NBC sucks for so many reasons and cancelling Heroes is the cake topper. Hopefully HBO or Showcase picks up the show and brings it to its full potential.

      • Sataree


    • Jp

      NBC sucks for so many reasons and cancelling Heroes is the cake topper. Hopefully HBO or Showcase picks up the show and brings it to its full potential.

    • LyLa

      I agree this show IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NBC bring it back get the ratings up again

      • Campaigning for Heroes

        I haven’t looked into how the ratings were calculated…. For me i watched episodes on the computer as i wasn’t available at the time the show aired on television.  were the ratings based on television views?  if this is the case then perhaps the amount of views on the web can be taken into account and possibly be sufficient to bring to life a show that deserves several seasons…….

    • Neolee40

      Please KEEP THE SHOW OPEN…it’s amazing

    • Neolee40

      Please KEEP THE SHOW OPEN…it’s amazing

    • Ronald L. Washington

      I only watch three shows on NBC anyway. they are Hero’s, America’s Got Talent and the NFL on Sunday night. Once America’s Got Talent ends, there will be no reason for me to turn my tv to NBC at all. Except on Sunday night for NFL Football.

    • DGilmore

      I agree! I bought all the seasons and now I feel like I’ve been shortchanged.
      It is a great show and the Network blew it.

    • Formerviewer

      Why end a series that has so many viewers. Instead, sell it to FOX! Allow them to continue a great show. They usually do a better job in their programming anyway. It would be a great to have Heroes and Fringe back-to-back. They will own whatever night the shows would air.

  • Dhancock369

    Yes I agree Afsweety I loved the show and I know a few other people who watched it every week. Although a movie or two would be nice I think nbc should put the show back on full time I personally couldn't wait for season 5 to get here and now they have canceled shame on you.

  • Heroesfan

    Seen a lot of shows go and now both heroes and lost are added to that list……I just hope that they ended where it began…with Peter and his destiny

  • Marrico Gordon

    A movie would be good, but they should have never cancelled the show in the first place, right? they owe us A LOT. a movie in hollywood would be better…R rated with all the details regarding how the hell Peter got his scar, where the powers originated from and the killing of Sylar. Yes! Also explain what the eclipse has to do what the manifestation of the powers…who exactly was born with powers and who wasn't. The show really fell of and if they're going to come back, they need to come back strong.

  • Cristina Nitura

    I agree, they should explain all those things in the new series. I am disapointed that they made Heroes a soap opera like Prison Break.Too many stories less action. I actually liked the idea of Peter with a scar, Claire with brown hair and Hiro soo seriosly.
    Too bad they made a joke out of Hiro, I belive that he was the best caracter, he had the story, the face, everything. Come on floksthere were good ideas in the first seasons, why did they got lost?

    • Ankur86in

      Heroes had been losing its way for quite some time now ….. As you rightly mentioned Hiro was one of the characters whom everybody loved to watch, but the last season was desperately trying to put him down. Same goes for others like Sylar, Peter.

      In the last season the actual ‘Heroes action’ and ‘story’ which we used to love in the initial seasons seemed to be missing. Suddenly everything was revolving around a single man Samuel, and it was evident that by putting an end to a single bad guy they are trying to put and end to the story.

      I am not saying that Heroes should have continued forever, but yes the ending (which is what we have seen as of now) seems a bit abrupt. And I would say definitely not the ending we would have expected to a great show.

  • Biman Das

    they skipped over and started following lost….what a disappointment they both are!!

  • Tarot1

    I don't know that they can wrap all this up in a 2 hr movie or even 2 movies.

  • Ldyma

    I agree this was the lamest cancel ever…Well, there was Southland…Network TV…HoHum

    Heroes wont die Cable will pick it up if we speak up….The public speaks here people…Dont give up! Kring, this thing has cult status potential..

    Comeon now…Tenacity!

    • Jokerboy_91

      I agree with you that it was a great show and dispite its problems with the script in ending seasons it was still a very good show to watch. Sending it to another network would have probabley worked if all the actors hadn’t gotton other acting jobs as soon as they found out the show was canceled. Only a few of them would be available to come back for more than just a Mini series. It Sucks.

    • mtngrl84

      I agree, they are our shows, we should have a say!! Heroes was great, waited each week to watch, last season had its issues but not a reason for cancellation!! Fans brought Chuck back, why cant we bring Heroes back! Cant leave us hanging, cant just walk away….

    • Dghyson1954

      I agree, either cable or one of the minor networks. It’s possible to bring in lesser known actors/actresses to keep the budget down and then bring back the originals as cameos.

    • John_rockett15

      I don’t even understand this I was looking foward to the new season of Heroes and it’s canceled. What’s up with that?

  • Joke_46

    I think im going to kill myself :(

  • Peter

    any one know where i can get my hands on some rope and a sturdy piece of wood to hang myself from! :(

    • bobo

      sico path?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TYT2NBNMQ2SHG4XLR67SMSW3SY Pooty

    nearly all of these questions have been answered. Have you watched all episodes?

  • Christina

    This was the one show that my whole family sat down and watched together. PLEASE bring it back we've been waiting anxiously! A movie would be nice but I really need my weekly fix! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!!!!! =(

  • Emericanstrat

    this is literally the most incredible life changing show, season 4 was very weak but there's still hope. take it all to the future, have it be chaos (GIVE PETER HIS POWERS BACK!) in one season, he was told he was the most powerful and now sylar is? where's the climatic battle between sylar and peter? and tie all the loose ends where the irish chick that Peter liked?

    • Ladydar2k5

      I want to know what happened to Myra? Siresh? Why didn’t we see the showdown between Sylar & Peter? This Samuel dude was a psycho, Peter could have blasted him somewhwere or psycho Sylar should have offed him.

  • Jimmie

    the writers of this show sucked so bad i hope they all die

    • deathtotheking

      u suck gtfo a talk about heroes if you didnt like the show tool.

    • Missin’ Heroes

      You’re an idiot, Jimmie!! For your information, the writers on Heroes were great! The story allways had twists and turns. It was never predictive and you never knew what to expect next! That’s a great show in my book.

    • Ladydar2k5

      Or NEVER GET WRITING JOBS AGAIN!!THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daniel416

    your final words buddy says it all!!!! Ever since peter lost his abilities he became the sideline as the writer's concentrated more on sylar

  • Marrico Gordon

    a super huge dissapointment and ur right, a two hr movie would only be an appetizer. i dont know what happened with the writers but the best thing about last season was seeing the character development with the heroes on how they were basically becoming who they are in the future.

  • Marrico Gordon

    ur right, i had to think back about how they said the moon and its gravitational pull or whatever manifests powers. but they never got deep into who was born with abilities and who wasnt. we know claire was born with hers, but they screw up so much because then y wud claire have to wait for the eclipse? and we know nathan was given his. im really hoping they make this a block buster hit with sequals and prequals like startrek. the theaters would b packed. Im just really dissapointed the show took on as many turns as it did and then gets cancelled right when they were going into the inevitable future. Tim kring and NBC owe us big time.

  • BearPaw1783

    In order to do a finale even slightly worthy of the story developement of so many in depth characters could not possibly be done in the span of four hours. Everyone has their favorite, (Parkman and Noah for me!) and if any of them end up getting shafted because of editing for time it could result in some seriously disappointed, even angry fans… The show at least deserves another full season as well as a movie or two… I mean c'mon! Many characters and plot directions have been subject to change or have even been done away with all together over the course of this program. In my opinion, all of the characters from season 1 should rightfully have an epic ending that is deserving to each of them. Then again what do I know? I'm just another fan….. Obey Bob Sagget!

  • Davidcuddihy

    Anybody know if there is a site t support to bring back heroes? i have every episode, and watched it like religion when it aired, but many of my friends never got into it, now i am constantly lending them to all my friends whom haven't seen them, and know they love it as much as me, now they are so upset after just only getting so into it, and now it is canceled, we all need to rally up people and get as many followers and even part followers to help get our Favorite Show back on Air, please bring back Heroes!!!!!!

    • Pelliott32

      Thats what I want to know! How do we all rally and bring this show back? so many questions and possibilities!! this was a dreadful choice on the networks part!

  • Marco

    Marco from Italy : please bring it back , think about your decision one more time !!!
    Italian network dealed heroes in a very bad way.
    i remeber i saw the last episodes of the first season from midnight to 2-3 am.
    please don't stop this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!