Rumor: Heroes Will Not Get a Fifth Season?

I would like to preface this post by saying that this is one site saying this, and it is not someone who is known to have a stranglehold on Heroes inside dish in the past. I.e. it’s not Kristin over at E! Online, Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly, or someone over at TVGuide. This is one genre website (in this case, Airlock Alpha) saying this, and I cannot vouch for them, nor can I deny their report. As evidence, they site a “source” within NBC for their story, but that’s about it. So, having said that, here’s what Airlock Alpha says:

Sources at NBC have told Airlock Alpha that the inevitable is finally happening: Networks executives will ask “Heroes” producers to wind the series down, possibly with an overall finale by May.

“There isn’t much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving it a ‘final chapter’ feel is something the network is considering to help allow the show to go out with a bang,” said the source, who asked not to be identified.

They add:

“To keep a show like this going despite its numbers requires some nostalgic connection to it, and while there are a lot of people here who were part of bringing ‘Heroes’ to the air, they are not in the decision-making capacities,” the source said.

One thing to stress, however, is that no final decision has been made yet, and likely won’t be made until closer to mid-season. The source was not even clear if a wrap-up directive had been issued to “Heroes” quite yet. If it hasn’t, it will.

Let me once again stress that this is just one website saying this. I’ve been covering Heroes for the last four years, and of all the sites, I wouldn’t say that Airlock Alpha necessarily has the “inside track” on all things Heroes. For that, you would usually go to the usual suspects of Ausiello or Kristin over at E! Online. But, having said that, I am in no way dismissing their report outright, because Airlock Alpha has always been credible on other genre news that they’ve written about in the past.

And while this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of Heroes’ demise, unlike all those other times when the rumor proved false, the show hasn’t really been under this type of ratings slump before, so whose to say? Certainly, it would suck if the show is canceled, but on the bright side, it does seem as if NBC is willing to give Tim Kring and company the heads up to go out with a bang. Best-case scenario, of course, would be a fifth season.

Meanwhile, one thing is for certain: Heroes will return next week with episode 4.08, “Once Upon a Time in Texas”.

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  • natiwhati

    Wow, hopefully it won't get cancelled I've watched every episode of Heroes to date and I'm a big fan I know the ratings went down cause some people might say…ooooh it's too slow no action but people have to realize that this is the Heroes Method that Tim Kring has been using since season 1 there's only one time though that I can say it picked up slow and that was like the first 3 episodes when it kept going back the the main message that peple with abilities and blah blah blah….but yeah it would suck if this show went off the air, no lie it brings joy for it to be Monday cause it's new episode of Heroes day…I kid around with my girl saying things like “BABE!!!!, I want to tell you something important, and it means alot to me…..there's a new episode of heroes today” lol but yeah the ratings will go up I know it will also I think they should start considering a movie about the last generation's “Heroes” It would be cool to see Angela and the Husband and Hiro's father kicking butt at the Villian of the time which could be Sylar's dad (just a possibility) before he got ill…anyways now I'm blabbing but just wanted to share this cause this show is Freaking Good

  • warscourge

    Are we expecting this season to have more than 40 episodes? If the show ends in May and let's say there are 4 episodes every month, it would have put this current season over 40 episodes. Or would there be a 5th season that stretches from February 2010 to May 2010?

    I seriously doubt we will have over 40 episodes this season. So there might be a 5th season to end it all in May. But then again, I hope not.

  • irefusetoquit

    I've watched Heroes since the premiere in 2006. Every show has their highs and lows, ups and downs, but I've seen the writing from Heroes coming back. People were discouraged from season two and just gave up. I DIDN'T! I stuck with it and watch it every week, diligently, for THREE YEARS!!! Heroes is my favorite show OF ALL!! It's the only show that I watch on television because it's the only thing worth WATCHING!

    All the television executives care about is the numbers, the statistics, which show got the higher ratings and which didn't. They always have throghout the history of television.

    Screw the numbers. Ratings will fluctuate as frequently as the stock market.

    This is not news, this is constant. We've seen it in television for the past twenty years! I've seen good shows taken off and bad ones dragged on the air for too long before taken off.

    I betcha, if LENO promoted this coming Monday's Heroes episode on his show and showed a clip of the upcoming episode (with some cool stuff going on), people will watch. People will tune in. NBC should put a plug for Heroes on Leno's show. WHY NOT! It's the same network!

    Right now, the show has solid writing, solid actors, and solid directing. People need to give it a chance. Just watch, I betcha it captivates you and pulls you in JUST like it did during the premiere episode in season one.

  • name

    um, no. the schedule for a regular show is always run the first 13 episodes, then the final 9 after a long break. hence the term “mid-season break”. there won't be 40 episodes.

  • Isa

    I've talked to the guy at Airlock Alpha. His source says that the show will end in May, which we all know is not true. This season is going to end in January, and everyone who knows anything about Heroes has known this for a while.
    Also, the ratings have steadily been going up, which the article also neglects to mention.
    I'm using my own contacts at NBC to figure out what is going on. If I hear anything, I'll let people know.

  • ee

    They should start counting the downloads and online views

  • name

    they have been and it's one of the reasons why the show has kept going, because of the dvr's and time-shift ratings. but i guess it might not be enough because those numbers don't count toward advertising rates which is the all-important number to networks.

  • sylar and samuel

    finaly! hiro is gona fight sylar! what is gona happen? hiro vs sylar? hiro is gona get owned! thats what he get for being so fucking stupid and retarded! he is such a fucking idiot! just kill him! god!and that new cello playing nobody needs to die also! and that new girl with noah who keeps on giggleing as if she has no brains!

    here is a list of people that need to die:
    1. clair and gretchen
    2. new idiot girl working with noah
    3. the cello player
    4. hiro

    here is a list of people who needs to stay:
    samuel and his family

    • Momoisme

      wtf!!!! 1. Clair cant die 2. Shes not an idiot, remeber CIA!!!! 3. The cello player had a big part in this 4. Hiro may be childish but hes the only one who stayed good
      I mean no disrespect when i say SYLAY IS A FREAKING JACK-A!!!!!!! He needs to die or go through MASSIVE trama. also why do you think they post him as good guy later!!!!! HE HAD A FUCKED UP CHILDHOOD AND POWER!!!!!! maybe you shouldnt be a heroes watcher.

  • jodeo

    NOT A RUMOR: Trauma will not be renewed and may be cancelled before 13 episodes air.
    CHUCK will be back.

    This could actually be good news for Heroes.

  • muzzzz

    Well one thing for sure is that the show really started going down hill when they messed around with the story of peter being the most powerful of them all. then suddenly going to a powerless character of the show to now being no better than any other hero with a power. if u ask me what would make me so much happier to watch heroes is go back to when the story was Peter and sylar. they're the only characters anyone really cares about succeeding in there plan to do what ever it was they were doing, Peter kill sylar in the end basically. but peter needs his orginal power back. i dont think this post is really going anywhere but in the end. all i want is for peter to play his role like he was at the start of season 1 through to where he loses his powers from his old man.

  • Tarot1

    I really hope this is nothing more than a rumor and not true at all

  • Sheindie

    AirlockAlpha retracted his 'heroes will be cancelled' rumor after waves of heroes fans inundated his twitter questioning why he was starting this unsubstantiated rumor. NBC has also refuted AirlockAlpha's so-called 'news'.

  • heroes

    WHAT? Heroes needs a fifth/sixth season :( I love this show

  • AKN

    this has been and is my favourite show……here in saudi arabia, i cant c it when it airs on tv… i dwnload it every tuesday……i hope that this is only a rumour…..bcoz of its tv ratings it shouldnt b cancelled……its the best show…it should go to 5th or even 6th season….(or more than that)

  • unsunghero

    Actually, from what I understand, Leno is in trouble too…so he's in no spot to save Heroes. If anything, Heroes COULD feasibly save him! But I do agree that a lot of people simply gave up on the show after Season 2 and haven't been able to recover and get back with it. Their problem, not ours ;) Besides, Heroes has a huge appeal worldwide, so if it's not so hot domestically, I'm sure internationally it's still carrying its weight in gold! And of course, it's almost legendarily notorious for being the most pirated show online.
    On a personal level, it's the only series so far I've made a point of owning on DVD as well as making my regular monday night appointment with the tv screen! In short, I love this show no matter what!

  • Yami_Burak

    Yes its the best Show ever and my favourite show too.Here in Germany I cant see it when it airs on TV , too :( and i hope it wouldnt be cancelled without a End.

  • Tarot1

    NBC actually denounced it? WOW. That's good for us fans but bad for AirlockAlpha's credibility.

  • ee

    Maybe, they should just start a new internet overseas broadcasting format, or something. That is at least, if they don't want to fall as hard as the music industry.

  • Kathy

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! It can't go! I love it to much!! WE LOVE IT TOO MUCH!

  • Kae

    I can't agree more. Hiro's character is such a fucking moron. Kill him off already.