Masi Oka Gets Bleach’ed, Ali Larter Becomes an Asset, and Robert Knepper Joins a Cult

Ali Larter Masi Oka Robert Knepper

A trio of casting updates for some “Heroes” actors who have landed jobs elsewhere.

As some of you may already know, Masi Oka is a regular on the CBS show “Hawaii Five-0″, but it looks like he’s expanding into movies again. Oka will produce a live-action version of the Japanese manga/anime “Bleach” for Warner Bros. with his “Get Smart” director Peter Segal. (via Variety)

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A Quick Site Update

Men at Work

So yeah, no news on the Heroes front since we stopped regularly updating the site with new content what, about two years ago or thereabouts? All the actors have found other gigs, along with all the producers/writers, including of course show creator Tim Kring. (Watch his Touch on FOX if you get the chance.)

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Report: NBC Has Decided Not to do a Heroes Movie/Mini-Series

Or at least that’s the report from Entertainment Weekly, who writes:

A key source on the canceled drama told EW that NBC is not moving forward with a movie that would wrap up the four-year series.

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The Top 4 Moments From 4 Seasons of Heroes

Heroes has delivered a lot of great moments during its four-year run, but some are more pivotal to the show’s mythos than others. In honor of the show’s vastly entertaining four seasons, and in celebration of the upcoming Season 4 on DVD, here are the Top 4 Most Pivotal Moments from the show’s four seasons. Let us know what you think, and what are your Top 4 moments from the show.

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Tim Kring Reveals Plot for a Possible Heroes Mini-Series

With Heroes Season 5 dead and buried, there are still the chance of a final send-off movie or two. If Heroes creator Tim Kring has his way, he’d like to finish up with a mini-series that would take place a year after Claire has revealed her powers to the world media, as seen at the end of Season 4.

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NBC Officially Cancels Heroes; TV Movie Still Possible

After weeks of keeping fans on pins and needles, and a whole lot of speculation about what the silence means, NBC has finally put us out of our misery, and made a decision.

Heroes has been canceled.

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Instead of 13 Episodes, How About a 4-Hour Heroes Movie?

The following is all speculation, so do not take it as fact. But according to one source, NBC now seems less likely to renew Heroes for a fifth season, or even for the previously hoped for 13-episode “wrap up” mini-season. Instead, the best case scenario has Heroes fans settling for either a 2-hour or a 4-hour TV event designed to wrap up all the show’s loose ends. At least, that’s according to The Vulture blog.

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Heroes Will Probably Get a Final 13-Episode Season Order

At long last, there is some good news to report. While NBC has officially renewed a couple of its shows for new seasons, there’s this very good news from The Hollywood Reporter as to the fate of “Heroes”:

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NBC “Strongly Considering” Renewing Heroes for Season 5

The Hollywood Reporter has updated their list of shows currently on the network bubble (that is, shows that can go either way — cancellation or renewal), and while Heroes remains a mystery (NBC still refuses to make a decision on it), THR does give Heroes fans room for optimism. They write about the show’s chances:

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NBC Still Refuses to Make a Decision on Heroes

NBC has already begun to make unofficial noise about which ones of their shows will be coming back and which will go bye-bye, but so far, still no word on the fate of Heroes. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Angela Bromstad (left), NBC’s President of Primetime Entertainment and asked her about just that. Unfortunately Bromstad either doesn’t yet know what her network is going to do with the show, or if she knows, she’s not telling. Here’s the Heroes part of the interview.

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