NBC “Strongly Considering” Renewing Heroes for Season 5

The Hollywood Reporter has updated their list of shows currently on the network bubble (that is, shows that can go either way — cancellation or renewal), and while Heroes remains a mystery (NBC still refuses to make a decision on it), THR does give Heroes fans room for optimism. They write about the show’s chances:

On NBC, “Heroes” is the network’s biggest question mark, with the Peacock strongly considering a final-season order. Like every bubble show, the quality of the network’s pilots will play a key role in deciding how many shows return.

Meanwhile, Ali Larter was at WonderCon over the weekend to promote her new movie “Resident Evil: Afterlife”, and when asked about the show’s possible return for a Season 5, she sounded optimistic, but guarded. Here’s what she said (via Aceshowbiz):

“I believe we are coming back for Heroes next season. I think so. I’m not sure. It’s been such a thrill being on that show. I hope we have the chance to wrap up these storylines for all the fans.”

Ali Larter’s Tracy Strauss didn’t exactly have a whole lot to do in the last season, especially towards the end, but I’m sure fans appreciate her loyalty to the show despite that. With a thriving movie career, she could have easily said, “Eh, whatever”, and moved on, but she didn’t, which makes me like her even more.

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  • Isy

    WTF are u kiding me!! I have been waiting and have been faithfull to the show since day one they bettter at least bring it back to give us closure

    • Anonymous

      SEASON 5! SEASON5!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1197796517 Christine Marie Morey

      I agree it was wrong for us to be left hanging at the end of Season 4 Episode 20. Yet, at the end of Season 4 Episode 20 it stated…to be continued. Like I do have my fave people in it. . .Like, Claire, Peter, Emma and a few others.

  • dblr

    …stay tune …the HEROES WILL COME BACK!!!!..they cant just kill them…bring it on…,,yattaaaaaaaa….



  • Tarot1

    I hope we get some good closure at least.

  • fresh

    relax relax relax, the last episode said “to be continued” …everybody knows that if they put it on tv, it's true. it's the law.

    plus…nothing else can fill the void in my life between 8pm and 9pm monday nights.

    • OneWhiteGuy

      “my name is earl” that show was cancelled after a T.B.C. episode. so yes the corp. bastards can and will cancel a show with a to be continued

    • Anonymous

      You never watched Farscape. Best sci-fi series off all time had TBC for the end of season 4. The never recorded season 5.


    • Anonymous

      You never watched Farscape. Best sci-fi series off all time had TBC for the end of season 4. The never recorded season 5.


    • NBCcankissmyass

      Oh, you mean like they did with “Las Vegas” and “My Name is Earl”? MORE NBC (Nothing But Crap) shows that left us hanging… starting to see a pattern here… I say screw NBC and any new shows that they have coming out that I won’t even bother to tune in to, just to have it cancelled without a finale of any kind. Enough is enough, NBC!!! :/

      Btw, loved the sarcasm! lol

      • jimmiejay77

        I think you have all missed the fact that Fresh was speaking ironically.

      • jimmiejay77

        I think you have all missed the fact that Fresh was speaking ironically.

  • http://www.heroesstream.com/ Samantha

    They have to bring Heroes back…I am 100% sure they will. The NBC has basically three options, from which only two seem realistic to me. The first one is, obviously, a resumption of Heroes, either in it's current or (more likely) a renewed form. The second is the release of one or more ‘rap-it-all-up episodes’. The third (to me most improbable) option is the series coming to a definite end, leaving all the fans on a limb wondering what happened after Claire did the unthinkable. At this point, it seems unlikely that NBC will leave us with so many loose ends to tie up.

    • Anonymous

      why wouldnt they leave us with so many loose ends to tie up . they already did remeber the vault peter and adam where in and the end of season 2 whats up with all that stuff huh and monica where the hell did she go and where did future peter get the power to trap people in other peoples bodies why did the company go away when one building bruned down they had building all over the country so they should answer those questions first because they have been there the longest but that wont happen so bye bye heroes it was nice to know you maybe later we will see each other again but i kinda dought that

      • Anonymous

        No offense kinggenesis but i dont think you have been paying attention to the series at all. You have probably missed out a few episodes but…

        1. Monica (She clearly says she wants to leave Dr Suresh and she goes back to mexico).
        2. Peters trap body power is from Matt Parkman. Look at the season 4 final episode. Peter gets trapped with sylar.
        3. They didn’t have all the buildings all over the country of the company and yes 1 building did burn down. But there is in fact 2 companies. One that was by angela petrilli which was primatech. The other is angelas ex/husband the evil dude that had similar powers to peter. His building burnt down but not primatech. Primatech was in fact locked down due to sylar entering the building. After sylar left they kept the primatech office closed because they thought that they shuld go back to normal lives.

        You really don’t know that much about heroes do you? Its alright as long as your a supporting fan :)

      • Anonymous

        know you dont know that much about heroes but its alright cause you dont pay much attention the power you refered to that matt used was not the power i was talking about but thats ok i was talking about when future peter put regular peter into that one dude who had the screming power do you rememver what im talking about or werent you paying attention and peter never got trapped with sylar unless your referring to te nightmare matt put sylar in but thats ok cause you werent paying attention and yes they did have lots of building over the country rewatch season 2 or werent you paying attention but thats ok . and you speak of going back to normal lives which time are you talking about the one at the end of season 1 2 3 or 4 you need to clear this up but thats ok cause i wasnt paying attention cause you dont know what your talking about and your talking about maya going back to mexico im talking about monica the black chick you know michas cousin or werent you paying attention …

        you really dont know that much about heroes do you ? its alright as long as your a supporting fan of a dying show :)

      • Lewis Anderson

        Heroes is the best an I dont think either of you watch it properly. They explained everything except katlyn being left in the future. I assume she would not exist in that future once peter stopped the virus but they still did not explain.

        I dont think they should bother with heroes if they are not going to give peter his original abilities back. The scale of drama is too small, nothing major happens. They should show a story that shapes the world, something were not used too like the Matrix did. Let peter take sylars ability and make him go bad for a while. I hate storys that just go back to normal at the end like Simpsons always does.

      • Frank2312

        Would be nice if you would put some syntax and other things like that in your messages… kinda hard to read 0.o

      • mickey

        Perhaps you were paying attention to Heroes, for the most part…but you certainly weren’t paying attention in English class, were you buddy? if you’re going to try to be a sarcastic, rude person and talk down to others, you should at least use correct grammar and spell check. It’s a lot easier to be a condescending ass when you don’t make yourself appear to be uneducated. Just a little friendly advice.

      • Emenji

        You’re a hypocrtie you know that? You told him he didn’t pay attention to the series at all when clearly just by reading what he had to say he did. Also, nowhere in anything he said was he being an ass. Sure he was being sarcastic, but not an ass, nor was he being rude. You’re the one who blindly went and made assumptions based off what he stated without thinking before doing so. The only question that remained for me though was what happened to the girl who was left trapt in the future.

        P.S. Don’t use someone’s sentence structure, grammar, and spelling as an insult. You make yourself look like the actual ass here by doing so. Nobody is perfect. So please learn to deal with that one fact.

      • Gnemesis

        You are so wrong buddy.

      • Brooksdasha

        lol chewed like some bubble gum

      • jeff goldblum

        dude yr such a retarded trying to sound smart and making yrself look so stupid first off sylar and pete both escape from sylers mind in the end of the episode, it doesnt matter if the buildings are still standing whos gunna run them idiot? There’s a couple loose ends with claire, her real mom and the future of everything but matt parkman announced they are filming the new season this month and its coming out this summer so this time pay better attention ;)

      • Alessiana

        What? This month? Where did you hear this? A summer release!!!?

      • OneWhiteGuy

        primatech burned down too. if you remember claire’s bio-mom was shot with adrenaline and burned the place down. H.R.G. even spoke about it to Denko

      • thomas

        i guess u dont know to much ether do u on 2 that not the same power u need to watch the show again 3 there did show at lest 4 building one in vages the other one u miss was in new york

      • Jeff

        You need to learn how to write in English. When people read this, I know they are thinking, “Man, Thomas is a moron.” You may understand the show. You may even have something intelligent to say. However, I am fairly sure that no one understands what you are trying to say. Go take an introduction to English course and then come back and try again.



      • Terri ‘totts’

        Has anyone even considered that some of these people that aren’t spelling a 100% have a spelling problem? Like Dyslexia? Stop being keyboard warriors about peoples spelling, it’s off topic.

      • Louise Hickerman

        who gives a s**t? you have got some bad attitude…….

      • steve

        Primatech did burn down. Noah kept his files that he rescued from the Primatech building, Claires real mother burned the place down. Sylar was stabbed in the head with a piece of glass if you recall and when Primatech burned down the glass in his head melted and he was able to escape.

      • Dat Dude

        Dude you have 1 thing wrong. Monica was the black girlfriend of Isaac Mendez in season 1 and she got killed by him and Peter by accident. You meant Maya the girl that cried with her black eyes. Her power was taken away by Petreli the boss of Pinehearst. She then wanted nothing to do with that monster Suresh and went back to mexico.

      • Topcat22

        Learn to spell!

      • jimmiejay77

        Dude, please learn how to spell.

      • jimmiejay77

        Dude, please learn how to spell.

      • mickey

        you spelled doubt wrong.

  • GornikZabrze

    Give Us Season 5, HEROES is the BEST. All Season are LEGEND… wait a minute DARY :D

  • NBCsucks!

    They CAN'T kill Heroes! ALL of the other shows on the network suck. Heroes is the only show that gives NBC a pulse.

    • mose

      Excuse me? The Office is on NBC and it is FAR from suckish so you can just shut your mouth.

    • Nemesisboy666




  • psychofad

    Please NBC….give those of us that are tired of being force fed all this Reality TV Bull**** something to look forward to.

    Are writers so stumped out there that no one can come up with any scripted SciFi, Fantasy, or Action shows any more? If I see one more Procedural, Medical, or Reality show produced without adding something paranormal into the mix I think I'm going to scream! Don't get me wrong…I like House and I watch all of the CSI's but SyFy has killed off all but one Stargate show and brought Battlestar to an end to be replaced with a slow moving Caprica. I need to ESCAPE from reality….not watch it.

    Bring Heroes back…..Quit canceling all of my favorite shows you stupid networks!

  • aaron_ae


  • tari

    I became a fan of Heroes last week. I watched all four seasons on Netflix pretty much every day all day. I would love to see it come back for a season 5 however..with some suggestions. Stop bringing back people who have died. It makes death seem irrelevant and when a character dies, I dont care because I know they can bring them back anytime if they want to. This is a soap opera tactic and it needs to stop. Next, make the characters personalities consistent. Sylar bad…Sylar evil..Sylar good guy…Sylar evil…Sylar repents…I cant keep it straight. One minute puppetman is evil..then Claire is helping him and he is a changed man..then he is evil again. The core of the characters need to remain the same…what are their goals? Do they have an agenda? If they are going to go from evil to good, make that a huge life altering event..and then keep them good unless a life altering event makes them switch back.
    Season 1 was perfect. There was a single event that everyone was working on preventing. The characters remained true to themselves. There was suspense and drama. People didn't die in one episode and then get brought back..only to die again. (that is so frustrating)
    O and another thing…stop making the 'abilities' change or stop. That happening once or twice is ok..but there is way to much of it going on. Instead..have the characters develop new powers or some sort of progression.

  • Nikki

    NBC… sigh… don't turn out like Fox…

  • dash

    SO HOPEFUL!!!!!!!!! I don't even normally watch tv but I heart HEROES!!!!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/P54VDN57U6KXY4ARUF7KNHQIHI Jesse

    PLEASE NBC – GIVE US ONE MORE SEASON!!! – even a short min-series style wrap-up season just to give us some closure to Claire's ridiculous stunt and the character's we've followed and worshiped since they appeared on our TV's four years ago. This is one of the best show's to come out of Network TV in recent memory and has one of the most loyal fanatical cult followings EVER. Example: My husband and I each have Heroes tattoos, we named our dog Noah Bennet, we have the sword of Hiro Nakamura, along with a plethora of other Heroes collectibles, and the best one of all – We're expecting a baby boy in May and his first and middle name will be Gabriel Gray!

    Do you see what you've done!?!? You can't just leave us hanging – you have to wrap this up for us. What am I supposed to tell my son, we named you after the most epic villain/redeemed hero on one of the most epic shows on TV in our day but NBC dropped it for some new crappy reality tv pilot!??! No, we can't have this. PLEASE – 1 more season. I'll even settle for a short mini-series wrap-up season! PLEASE! I'll send money, sign a petition, tattoo NBC on my forehead, whatever it takes!


    • Mark

      Heroes tattoos, a dog named after a character, naming a child after another and lots of “collectibles, seriously………………… I like the show but obviously not as much as you. This just confirms my sterotypical opinion of geeky sci-fi/fantasy nuts. Who cares if it doesnt return for a 5th season it’s not as if the world will end because you dont know what would’ve happened if it carried on. If the network’s not getting the numbers then its not making them revenue so they’re not gonna care about die hard fans are they – no. Would you carry on “selling” a product if you were losing money and “customers” to rivals, no you’d try and find a better product to market to regain your customer base you lost to the competitors.

      • jimmiejay77

        Listen, man. Judging wacky fanboy/girl behavior is tacky. And television, movies, music, and books are not supposed to be treated like products. That’s the problem with media today. They take what is supposed to be art and treat it like toothpaste, or toilet paper. If it doesn’t sell, change the packaging. If it still doesn’t sell, dump the product. That’s fine for sundries, but not for art.
        I’m sorry that the ill-educated, superficial, idiot masses don’t get the mythology, or can’t “get into” the show. TV is made for fans, not sponsors. I won’t even watch TV anymore. If I want to see a particular show I whatch it online, and ignore the commercials. I know you are just stating facts, but don’t talk like it’s okay! It isn’t okay! It’s blatant greed and gluttony, and it leads to the infantalization of the American public. God knows, a reality show will probably take its place and get great ratings out of the brain-dead morons that make up at least 80% of “we the people”.
        Personally, I think anyone who would rather watch reality TV than something with good plot and dynamic characters should be forcibly lobotomized and deported to Siberia (but that’s just wishful thinking).

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/P54VDN57U6KXY4ARUF7KNHQIHI Jesse

    Also, another point I'd like to make. I only watch shows on HBO and Showtime – Weeds, Dexter, True Blood, Six Feet Under (in its day), Heroes is the only show I hold up in the same high quality category as those other premium shows on the pay-out-your butt channels. Heroes gives Network TV a reason to exist. I can't take anymore fake reality shows, Cop shows, Medical shows, or crappy sit-coms, or angst-ridden teenager shows.


  • kinggenesis

    finally heroes is done . its about F-ing time why they didnt do it after season2 i dont know but finally they came to there senses. i called it and all you people got mad but its ok i dont hate you for getting mad at me i forgive all of you now maybe heroes can come back a few years down the road with desent storie lines that arent predictable with a little mystery behind it but abc would have to pick it up for that to happen and tim kring cant be invoved in any shape or form or any of the writers currently invovled in the show

    • maddyferguson

      maybe you can come back a few years down the road and learn how to spell

  • coryt1122

    I believe we the fans deserve another season. After all it is the best show on NBC. I admit, it did take a direction turn, after season two. Sort of like it had new writer's who wrote the scripts. But if someone could step up and be a power stealing, hero killing, psycho, like Sylar once was, Then I assure you your ratings will go up. MURDER IS WHAT EVERYBODY DOESN'T WANT BUT DOE'S. Return the violence, the body count, return the people who crave power enough to take it. Make sure that the good of many, out weighs the EVIL of one, whom should be the most powerful. You might want to think about, creating something like a parallel Sylar, but with more body counts and power, mabe from a different country. Maybe from a different time.

  • jamie

    The writers definently need to come up with something new about the whole thing its based on. They for 1 need alot more action and those action scenes shouldnt just last 2 seconds and be over with, they need to make the show worth watching. 2 without a doubt peter definently needs to get more powerful in some way because thats just ruining it how he's so weak and so many people hate it how he cant simply gain more than 1 power. if they do them 2 things than heroes will gain so many more views and people will no longer think that the show is all (talk) and wont think its pure lame.

  • Harvey

    There HAS to be a new season! The show's too epic!

    I mean, the show started a new volume, so you HAVE to continue it!


    Now that the world actually KNOWS about these powers, the show only just begun! XD

  • mctguys

    heroes here they come

  • VancouverNancy

    Please please bring it back. It can't end like this.