NBC Still Refuses to Make a Decision on Heroes

NBC has already begun to make unofficial noise about which ones of their shows will be coming back and which will go bye-bye, but so far, still no word on the fate of Heroes. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Angela Bromstad (left), NBC’s President of Primetime Entertainment and asked her about just that. Unfortunately Bromstad either doesn’t yet know what her network is going to do with the show, or if she knows, she’s not telling. Here’s the Heroes part of the interview.

THR: Let’s run down some of the bubble shows. “Heroes”?

Bromstad: We met with (“Heroes” creator) Tim Kring (last week) and talked about a lot of things. It’s a wait-and-see for us.

THR: If “Heroes” does come back, is there a chance of it being announced as a final season?

Bromstad: We’re going to cross that bridge when we come to it.

There have been a lot of rumors about Heroes coming back or not, and a lot of blogs are making lists about reasons pro and against, but honestly, at the end of the day, it’s up to NBC to decide if the show is worth bringing back, financially speaking. Networks are in the business of making money, and if the show can still make them money, they’ll bring it back regardless of criticisms leveled at the show by fans and loudmouth critics.

We’ll find out when they figure it out, I guess.

All dressed up with no show to do?

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  • Bennet

    :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ damn them all

    • Anonymous

      do what they have done with LOST
      bookend the show and give us closure
      dont do what they did with ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘Land of the Giants’
      those poor bastards are still out there—– Somewhere —– because of ratings

    • Jack

      damned i feeling that this show is going to be canceled DAMNED

    • Emil212

      ur right Bennet.. LOL this is the reason NBC has so many issues with ratings and always has shows cancelled because the fans are dissapointed in the network. They do this to good shows that give them good results and yet keep the crappy shows and try to bring in new shows. Heroes was a good show and if they bring it back for a final season the ratings will sky rocket.. but they have issues like always.. Take True Blood in HBO… That show has blown up and HBO continues to give the fans what they want and have changed the show to suit the fans not themselves and it has benefited them tremendously.. But thats just a poor mans opinion, who has no TV prodcasting experience and I bet i could run the network better.. lol JK.. EMERSON V

    • S3rgio27

      I feel your pain…..

  • shadygambler

    The substandard writing and lack of character development and direction have all contributed to Heroes' abbreviated run and eventual demise. This shows has floundered like a dying fish for at least 3 seasons. Perhaps, when NBC tells Tim Kring that he only has 12 episodes to wrap it up he will bookend this series with the same caliber of creativity that he put into the first season. Honestly, if this show continues as is, it will only continue to debase the greatness that Heroes once was.

  • Melba

    If this is what you think then why have you watched the show for 3 whole seasons? The truth is, Heroes lost a lot of public interest during they're weak second season, which occured during the writers strike. Although the official ratings are low, Heroes still carries a strong, but dedicated cult following. Additionally, Heroes was the MOST downloaded (legally and illegally) television show last year. Many people are watching it, but most are not tuning in the moment it airs.

    • Best.Show.Ever.

      i completely agree with melba. yes, season 2 could be called ‘weak.’ other than that, what show has shadygambler been watching?

      • Micah

        What show have you been watching? I mean seriously. If you still love the show you’re one of the few. I still watch the show because it started out so good. The writers strike is where it went south, never the same since. If you think it’s still super awesome that’s because you probably lack the sophistication to truly understand the story.

    • Anonymous

      you are right.EVen I see only by downloading.

    • LovinHereos

      i agree with you, i didn’t watch but i bought it instead,.

  • dozer420

    Just bring it back and rock it …I like all the seasons…im a die hard fan…and I wanna see more thats that! It's a brave new world! Heroes save the World…..Now it's time for the world to save Heroes!!

    • Anonymous

      i am also a ardent fan of heroes………
      yess now we must save heroes

  • Nick

    Melba is right, this show is in reality insanely popular when calculating dvd sales and downloading. It's just the “cool thing” these days to be down on heroes, so people run their mouths to act like they've got something legit to say

  • MarkFaust

    It's funny how people are hard to please yet they get around to watching the show either downloading, streaming or watching it later on DVR. If they don't like the show as much as they say they do, then why are they still watching it. Plainly put; people just like to complain.

    • micah

      Because they are fans silly. The show used to be super awesome and they are hoping it will return to that caliber of show again. The directionless story lines have sort of miffed the more astute I guess.

  • avid fan losing interest…

    second season was great! For me, it wasn't until a quarter of the way through season 3 when all the heroes lost their powers from the eclipse that the show began to slide downhill. Pair that with peter still not fully regaining his powers and the lack of action in the episodes (lets be real, the show is starting to turn into a sappy drama), it's no wonder people are losing interest. The last few episodes were getting back on track. It's season 5 already… more action and less emphasis on claire and HRG's dysfunctional relationship. That ish is old news!

    • save heroes!

      i totally agree! maybe it was because I watched season 2 on dvd and didnt have to wait every week, but i liked that season. for me, it was peter losing his powers and not getting them back thats killing the show for me. they could totally save it by giving him them back! and i agree again that as terrible as this last season was in parts, the end started getting better. just get rid of the damn carnival and let peter kick some ass, and the sow would be great again!! i vote to give it a chance to do that

  • moh zaki

    no no no no no
    I'm really so sad , please make heroes season five

  • unsunghero

    However the series ends, it should at least TRY to answer why these people have been given powers. The show has offered a few theories as to how, appealing to the pseudo-science, but the philosophical tone of the beginning of the series has long ago been compromised–and not because Mohinder stopped his bookend rants.

  • campar123

    My wife and I truly love the show for all of it's faults and greatness!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been catching up on all the seasons through netflix.
      I think it’s an awesome show. But I think in some cases there
      to quick to kill characters off. Especially the good ones.

  • jesse313

    if the stupid blogger will stop writing so many damn negative comments and actually watch the damn show it wouldnt be getting cancel now what when its not renewed what show are you gonna bitch about then CHUCK

  • eric

    hahaha, I beg greg wishes he was still this thin! Man what happened to him??!!

  • Tarot1

    I'm wondering where they had planned to go from the finale.

  • BatsInTheAttic

    I just got tweet (actually like 6 hrs ago) from Greg G. and he states that NBC has accepted Heroes to go for 100 episodes. Enjoi.

  • ugly

    Thats good news wigga

  • katrina fine

    This is classic of nbc they need to make up their stupid minds and its getting annoying plus other networks are way ahead of them they should renew heores for an other season or they will have piss fans and like what they did with southland canceled it after one season they are ruining this network first jay leno and now this they need to grow up and give this show an proper ending

  • angel

    the nbc get to make up their stupid minds and tell the world if heores is satl going or not. to me i will like to see the show go on beausce i like to see what happens to sylar, peter, and the others; and a all so like to now if emma and peter hook up and if sylar finds the love of this life and if they put heroes back on i like to now if any one of them have children or get marry and so they can't stop heroes beausce the last show of heroes lafet me with quentis like; what happens wane clarie shows the world her gift and what the wrold will feel about her and the others and i how if they stuat down heroes a lot of people are going to be reallll up set and piss off too.

  • sandi

    I am so tired of watching good shows and having them cancelled. I am getting to the point that I don't want any shows, due to liking thm to have them cancelled and they don't even fish the plot.
    What is with people not caring about their customers.

  • mary

    hi i like Southland to,i couldn;t believe they canceled it,but if u r interested,Southland is on tuesday at 10pm,on ch.45-the new season begins tomorrow nite,enjoy

  • LisaM

    Sendhil was allowed to leave to do another show, when previously he was kept from doing a new show. Hayden is working on a pilot, maybe, and one of the behind the scenes guys has moved on to another show as well. Not good news to us fans. But we keep hoping.