NBC Officially Cancels Heroes; TV Movie Still Possible

After weeks of keeping fans on pins and needles, and a whole lot of speculation about what the silence means, NBC has finally put us out of our misery, and made a decision.

Heroes has been canceled.

I’ll be honest with you, I expected it to happen. So, what about that 2-hour/4-hour movie event to wrap things up? Deadline, which has insider info on the matter, says that is still a possibility:

NBC sources now tell me that the network is “working on a way to wrap up the show. That will be determined after the upfront.” Other insiders explain to me that NBC will soon commit to that 2-hour or 4-hour special event in midseason to reward Heroes fans.

Well it’s over, but it’s not COMPLETELY over.

More news on the TV movie event as we get them.

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  • nunu

    this was a show my son and i watched together and we loved it ,it will be missed .i guess now we will have to to let go of chuck,it will probably be the next show to go

  • Heroes_lover

    Amen to that!!

  • bethflood

    Well, this totally sucks! Why do networks invest so much time & money getting us interested in a show, just to rip it out from under us?

  • Menstruator

    Please… Do one more season…

  • mada

    oh i can't believe it! nbc are crazy . heroes has milions of fans all over the world and they cancel it. you have just destroyed a big money source

  • nightmare

    Disappointing news, one of the few series I enjoyed.


    FINALLY! Although I really enjoyed Season 1, it has been all downhill from there. THANK YOU NBC FOR RENEWING CHUCK!!!

  • Rita Kern

    Dammit, I'm so tired of investing myself totally in a series only to have it cancelled! Maybe I'll just stop watching tv totally.

  • Rita Kern

    I wish some other network would take this series over…too good of a story line, actors/acresses and some writers to just cancel for good.

  • backarama

    I love Heroes and all… but I have to admit, I have found a new love:
    Watch it. Live it. Love it.

  • jmelo

    Since heroes is dead now so is NBC in my life that was the only show i actually watched! I as well will boycot NBC there is nothing worth watching to me on that network NOW!

  • spacekmam54

    I am now swearing off any series on any network. Movies, specials, reality tv, sci fi, food channel and hgtv but no series on any network. I get sucked in and it ends. I like miniseries. Beginning middle and wrapped up end.

  • Ravenclaw

    I have to say, that despite how depressing this news is, it's not like this wasn't seen coming a mile away. Now everyone is ranting about how horrible NBC is, but again, this is something I figured out a long time ago. What I really believe is that instead of just moaning on this forum about how this sucks, I'd like to see someone saying something optimistic about the movie idea. May I point out the success of the Stargate SG-1 movies which aired shortly after the series was canceled? A third movie is already in production, I believe. Something like this is still possible for Heroes, but only if the fans don't give up. Isn't anyone else interested in the thought of Heroes becoming a series of movies? The Heroes franchise could flourish with something like this, but it's never going to happen if all the fans do is give up.

  • Arthur

    Maybe a real stupid question, but why doesn't Tim Kring go in search for another Broadcastingstation or isn't that possible due to contracts?
    This really SUCKS!!

    A fan from Holland..

  • Rawrasaur

    Dear NBC, I've decided to give you a chance to rethink your decision, if your answer changes, I promise that we wont judge you, we will only try our best to forgive you for this horrid crime you have committed.

    That is all.

  • tazpurvis

    petition for our closure http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/saveheroes/ sign, we need 100k…….. tel your friends and family to sign please?

  • Roy – Greece

    So sad heroes ended , i was hearin about it till i started watchin season 1 a few days ago and now im done wit it and it clearly sayin “to be continued” but as i learned no more

  • Kevan

    Hmmm, how does the old song go?

    “No more heroes anymore”….

    I'm sad it has been dropped but I do feel it ought to have been wound up properly during this fourth (last season). Like so many other good stories I do feel that the producers didn't quite know that it's good to quit while you are ahead instead of dragging things out.

    Like others I think a 2 or 3 hour tv movie/mini series would be a fitting end to it to round things off.


  • ganddad

    I hate to see this go my kids and friends came over overy Monday to watch this show on the big screen. I loved this show! NBC made to many mistakes with it but I thought maybe they were going to tie those all in to eachother.

  • arthurpetrelli

    Hello everyone, but the network has not yet decided whether to make the final film?