Masi Oka in Searching for Sonny Movie Trailer

Masi Oka in Searching for Sonny (2011) Movie Image

Besides his regular stint on “Hawaii Five-O”, Masi Oka has found time to do movies. His latest is 2011′s “Searching for Sonny”, in which he plays a guy who goes missing. You don’t really see a whole lot of him in the trailer, but hey, he is basically at the center of the movie, so I’m guessing he’ll at least have something to do in the movie. Check out the trailer below.

SEACHING FOR SONNY is a hilarious comedy that follows reunited friends, Elliott (Jason Dohring), Calvin (Nick Kocher), Gary (Brian McElhaney) and Eden (Minka Kelly), who find themselves chief suspects in a murder mystery at their ten-year high school reunion. Ironically, the events surrounding the disappearance of their friend Sonny (Masi Oka), is reminiscent of a high school play they once performed, coincidentally written by Sonny himself. Deception leads to scandal and the truth surfaces as the friends learn that shady businessmen and school officials are involved in a complex scheme of money and murder.

The film will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD on August 28th, and stars Jason Dohring (CW’s “Vernoica Mars” and “Ringer”), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights, The Roommate), Michael Hogan (Sci-Fi’s “Battlestar Galactica”) and of course, Masi Oka.

Searching for Sonny (2011) Movie Poster

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  • Tarot1

    Thanks for the update. Looks interesting. While seeing this on the big screen would be fun, if it’s DVD/VOD I’ll probably have a batter chance of catching it.