Instead of 13 Episodes, How About a 4-Hour Heroes Movie?

The following is all speculation, so do not take it as fact. But according to one source, NBC now seems less likely to renew Heroes for a fifth season, or even for the previously hoped for 13-episode “wrap up” mini-season. Instead, the best case scenario has Heroes fans settling for either a 2-hour or a 4-hour TV event designed to wrap up all the show’s loose ends. At least, that’s according to The Vulture blog.

The article confirms that, despite low ratings, NBC was still very keen on renewing the show for a fifth season. The combination of NBC owning the show, a huge International following and strong DVD sales (not to mention show’s popularity on the Internet via illegal downloads, etc), would seem to indicate that NBC has everything to gain from another season of Heroes. That may not be the case anymore.

…when NBC executives got a look at the new pilots they had ordered (five have already been commissioned as series), they fell in love with their own handiwork; the network felt far better about these new shows’ potential than they did about Heroes’. Even though there’s no guarantee that any of the newcomers will work, there’s a lot more upside to giving a new contender such as J.J. Abrams’s Undercovers the time to find an audience rather than yanking it off quickly and begging viewers to give Heroes one more shot. As a result, according to agency sources and chatter around Hollywood, Heroes has started looking less like a backup plan and more like a waste of money.

Once again, this is all speculation by one blog, and NBC has still kept mum on its decision (if it has already made one) about whether it is renewing the show or not. We’ll just have to wait, but it sure seems a bit silly for NBC to keep quiet through all this. Perhaps they’re trying to gin up manufactured interest in the show’s fate? Or maybe they’re just playing coy.

Whatever the case, one wishes they would just come out and make a damn decision already so we can all move on with our lives.

Update: Deadline adds their own thoughts on what they expect NBC to do (perhaps as early as tomorrow):

Now I hear NBC will decide on 3 possible futures for Heroes, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. The most unlikely scenario is a 13-episode order for midseason. (Creator Tim Kring is hoping for this scenario, of course.) A real possibility is that NBC cancels it altogether. But I’m told odds are best that NBC announces “some kind of climactic finale” for Heroes lasting 2- or even 4-episodes (back to back, over one- or two-nights) to air in midseason.

So it’s definitely looking like a possible 2 or 4 hour Heroes movie event to wrap up all loose ends.

Heroes blindsided by NBC?

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  • Heroes Rox

    finish the story off please!!!! i hate when a shows finishes with no ending

  • Speoples418

     bring back heroes or sell the rights of the show to syfy theyll make the money yall dont want to make stupid asses. heroes is the shi* ya dig bring it back for a season or a 4 hour finale will do fine i guess they could of went to season 11 so much still had to happen they had to get to the future and they had to go past the future to

    • Cherriluv12

      i totally agree!!!!!!

  • Ahmed

    Nooooo.series much better than movie.coz it’ll be more interesting and one will be waiting to watch next episode.and that is the best in it.

  • Ambichan

    All this time later and I still can’t let this show go. I can’t help but notice that all those “newcomer” shows that NBC was so gosh darned excited and hopeful for, every single one of them crashed and burned if I’m not mistaken. And I think “Undercovers” was the first casualty, which I find especially funny seeing as it was a specifically mentioned title. “The Cape” had to have been right behind it, and I balked from the time I saw it appear in the ads… they dropped Heroes for… what, exactly? I watch NBC for one show now: Days of Our Lives. I’ll never forgive them for taking Heroes from me and I won’t give up hope that it will be back so long as I don’t see main cahracters scattered all over the networks. So far I’ve only seen the guy who played Matt show up elsewhere. Guess where? Another NBC failure… I don’t know if that show even aired more than 2 eps. I was hearing about it…. then I wasn’t. Nice work as always NBC. Keep up the awesome work.

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  • Char341

    I LOVE HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have so many people HOOKED on the show now and no offence but if they lost rating its because they went out weak! Season one was so strong and they slowly lost all the OOMPH!!
    I am a die hard fan tho and think if they brought it back or made a movie it would be AWSOME!!!! Such a SAD way to go out after 4 years, …and NO CONCLUSION