Heroes Preview: 4.17 The Art of Deception

Here’s your official preview for next week’s Heroes episode, 4.17 “The Art of Deception”.


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) enacts his plan to take down the Carnival with the help of Lauren (guest star Elizabeth Rohm) and Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Sylar (Zachary Quinto) visits Matt (Greg Grunberg) looking to understand his desire to make a human connection, but Matt has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) warns Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) of Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) intentions after his grim vision of the future.

Madeline Zima, Ray Park, Lisa Lackey, David H. Lawrence XVII, Dawn Olivieri, Harry Perry and Todd Stashwick.

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  • q2e3w1

    I don't know why, but i believe Matt Jr. will switch off sylars abilities.

  • mctguys

    I also think it will be good if sylar is out of power for some time
    i think matt jr is the new catalyst as he gave hiro his power back

  • derrickswanegan

    he cant completely lose all his abilitys its part if his dna he could make him forget about them but not lose them maybe since sylar has peters old ability he will somehow get it back maybe hopefully but prob not

  • Natas

    Wow, what's with all this ability losing lately….

  • 1234tommy

    sylar cant lose his abilites! wot wud the fun be in tht

  • aspirapolvere

    I'm not sure I like the 'Sylar loses all his abilities' plot.
    After working so hard to get all of them, killing so many people, he's just going to abandon everything?

    He does have a good reason, but then what? He'll instantly become a good guy because of the absence of powers? That wouldn't make much sense to me.

    Maybe the writers want Samuel to be the new main villain. And Sylar could help the 'good side' by fighting him.

    Whatever, I still can't see Peter and Sylar working together, especially after Nathan's death.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the last episode. Nice Quantum Leap reference! That was a pretty good show.

  • Guest

    Looks like rather than giving Peter his powers back, they're taking Sylar's.

    Though I get the feeling the writers are just forgetting a huge portion of their storyline throughout the existence of Heroes, Sylar being a mass murderer, a serial killer, a pyschopath. The whole first series had that blonde FBI agent chasing down Sylar, the whole third series had Denko working to catch Sylar (and eventually working with him). Where exactly are they going to go when (and if) Sylar has no abilities? Because if they want to stick to their guns the only place he can go is on the run or into a high priority prison cell.

    Or are we (once again) supposed to forget those parts of the previous seasons that inconveniently affect the current series.

  • Guest

    My point is, Sylar without abilities is a sitting duck. He's a wanted felon for serial killing (which many of the episodes, dialogues and story arcs have been based on…), he can't just walk the street as a normal person without them picking that story up.

    My hopes are that if he does lose his ability he comes up against a Peter with a 'useless' ability and they fight it out 'human' style, it'll be ironic that they fight with no powers at least. I can see them 'taking' Sylar's ability and him – yet again – having a revelation that he's a cold blooded killer and starting his x'th killing rampage.

  • NavyGater

    Please do not take Sylar”s powers away and for god sakes he a serial killer man!!! He likes to kill he can make a conection and still kill!!! Don't take his powers away he has to be on the F.B.I.'s top 10 most wanted…

  • Db

    Wow I didn't see this one coming. Sylar without powers? I must say I wasn't a fan of this episode other than it being Hiro-centric and it was fun seeing the other cast members back (namely Adam Monroe). I don't like how Suresh was all “we need to stop Samuel” and now he just re-creates the compass for Noah and says that he's done all he can.

  • Moaha

    People last nights heroes episode only had 4 million live viewers. The show is great but the viewership is terrible. I hope they renewel it with season 5 but dont get your hopes up because the show is of balance. I hate that every heroes fan stops watching because the show has been a bit boring. We all know what Kring is capable of. COME ON start watching again. But please Kring give peter his powers back, that may save the show. Lets just hope the show gets a season 5… i am very worried :(

  • Natas

    Nothing to worry about, This show will go on, there are more doors opening than closing, I forsee heros growing into somthing bigger than it already is. Heros live viewership I believe is being affected by it being online, and only 4 million? That's a huge number, And likely that's just the US. Last night's episode was fantastic and I higly doubt Sylar is being shut down, rather just distracted do that samuel can have the spotlight for a minute…or maybe a while. Samuel is more of a ruling type where as Sylar is more an independant random inattached and unpredictible kind of evil. Also what's gonna happen when he finds out that Hiro essentially made up the whole thing about him dying alone? He's gonna get reallllllly pissed and want to kill hiro. Now as stated before I see the show growing into sides and lines being drawn (as in the future episodes) Peter gradually masters a multitude of powers and becomes either a leader or the strongest asset of the “good' side Samuel the “evil” king and Sylar giving alegence to Nobody.

  • Tarot1

    I really hope the Carnival is still around after this season.

  • No more Heroes fan!

    Tim Kring has lost his powers to write a good storyline and stick to it like in the first season. All the other seasons is a joke. It is soon more lame then sunset beach! Heroes is now more zeros! This show shoot it self in the foot before the writes strike began. This is sad but true. The first season owned the world and the fans heart. Now the fans get cowshit in the face instead! Thanks a lot for scruwing up your own show Tim!

  • sam

    I look forward to seeing this episode especially with the Sylar/Matt showdown and Samuel/Noah & co showdown too…..there's going to be chaos….I think Matt is going to do something else to Sylar because of what he put him through, I mean he surely has forgotten about it so quickly….The episodes are starting to pick up now, this weeks and last weeks especially….I will definately be tuning in next week! xo

  • sam

    I meant surely Matt hasn't forgotten about what Sylar put him through

  • gayboysylar

    around 4million watch in in the UK but we are a bit behind we're on episode 3 atm which is why i watch online, but 4million is bad seeing as their are 310,000,000 in the US compared to UK 60,000,000. USA percentage around 1.3% UK percentage around 6.7%, on these figures i think the UK deserves a season 5 but the US i'm not to sure, i think you need to stop watching American Idol and watch more Heroes, a reliable source told me that the President Barrack Obama said, and i quote,”I watch heroes, because i'm a true believer in average people doing amazing things”. And when Ex President G.W Bush was asked who he was most like he responded, “DANKO! Hunting those mutha fukers till they rot in hell, Oh and also killin the JEWRABS!”

    all these quotes are fake and are not views of either President Obama or that other fella!!!. Nor the Views of myself.

  • Natas

    Just for the record I do not watch american Idol And heros is not sucking. Season one was not the only good season, though fugitives was pretty ugly…. People that are no longer heros fans, find something better to do with your life!!! Quit coming on a fan site just to say how horrible you think heros is, you suck!! Heros rules!!!

  • Natas

    You and yours go away!!! There was lots of life after season one and there still is!!!! Give an amazing show a chance to eternal life because the only ones with dung on their face are those who pressed their faces in it in the first place!!!!

  • Guest

    Again with your ignorant spelling. You constantly preach how good Heroes is, yet seem to spell it incorrect every single time you type it. Heroes is going downhill, everyone can see it and this being a Heroes 'fan' site has no bearing on people offering their opinions on it. Perhaps you should find something better to do with your life, instead of shooting down everyone elses comments all day long

    • Guest

      And Heroes doesn’t “rule”, it’s a good show but in the past has been much, much better than it currently is. Ratings don’t lie – no matter how good YOU think it is, the majority obviously aren’t happy with where it is right now, if they did those ratings would be a lot higher than they are; they’ve been declining rapidly over the last two seasons.

      The writers have spent too much time repeating storylines that most of us were only mildly interested in in season one and haven’t listened to the majority of their viewers. Everyone was unhappy when Peter lost his powers way back when his old man first took them from him, and here we are near the end of season 4 and they now look to be taking Sylar’s away. They need to sort it out or your apparent positivity that there’ll be another season may prove to be wrong.

      • Guest

        And no-one WANTS Heroes to be cancelled, it’s an original and innovative show, but the writers are clearly alienating the majority of their viewers, viewers who aren’t interested in what they’re producing and aren’t watching the show anymore. Again, you can’t argue with the ratings.

      • berto

        But, i know many people that wait for it to be on netflix, or on xbox, or online….

        just to watch it commercial free; so, in the long run… some of the ratings being down would be their own fault for allowing it to be put online, on netflix, etc… oh so soon.

    • Natas

      who cares about spelling when you’re in a hurry? I do lot’s with my life by the way, I work, I’m in a band, I write, I chase skirt around and believe it or not I am not a typical geek or comic book nerd, I just happen to love this show. Ok, also I don’t shoot down other peoples comments all day long, just the people that come to a fan site to say over and over ‘Heros is dying, it’s so horrible ect. ect.” I always take into consiteration constructive critisim as it’s interesting, negitivity that is baseless and burns my eyes everytime I read it, is annoying. Not everybody thinks heros is going downhill, it is the few, if you haven’t noticed there are far fewer complainers here than there are fans who come to discuss the show in all it’s glory. I have watched from day one and will continue to do so never once saying anything stupid like “Oh man this show is horrible now…but I’m going to keep watching it so I can complain.”
      Oh yeah also I know heroes is spelled HEROES but for two reasons I spell it heros: 1.Laziness and speed typing 2.to drive people like you crazy who have no better argument than: “Oh but you’re spelling….waaaaaahhh I need my mommy….”

      Anyway HEROS rules Whiners drool.

      • Natas

        Ok, in fairness I have been befuddeled by a few lost and neglected storylines, And there have been times where I have felt confused by straying into to many directions at once, but hay ratings fluctuate with the quality of individual seasons, I guess the point I’m trying to make is it’s not fair to write off such an amazing program just because it tapered off a bit. It’s never been so bad That I’ve been disinterested in watching it, or to say it’s over. Look at how many tv shows have had and currently have lower ratings than heros and are still around (wayy too long) Besides Televised ratings aren’t everything in a world where internet views steal and couunt as a large part of it’s audience. Those many many millions who watch it on line still see the same ads the tv viewers do and I mean, do you really think The bigwigs at a national broadcasting company(he he) are so far behind the times they are somehow not aware that a vast majority of it’s audience views online either out of convience or preference (and well let’s be honest, piracy)??No, that’s why we have ads all over the internet, and epessially when you want to watch online. Simple facts is most folks don’t watch shows in front of the tv as much anymore, but the vast heros audience is still there.

      • Guest

        True, a lot of people do watch heroes online, but most of the time it’s ‘illegally’ and isn’t counted in ratings – and that’s where it counts. Yes, on this site (and others) there are far more people enjoying the show (and I’m one of them, believe it or not) than those who aren’t, but it’s a fansite, there’s fewer people complaining because they’ve given up on the show. Sure, that’s their perogative – and perhaps I’m one of the few who, although I’m not entirely happy with the show, I enjoy it and will keep watching – but like above, the ratings are where it counts and are what will determine whether networks keep the show running.

        Unfortunately the ratings have dropped dramatically, on TV at least, and the storylines for the most part this season, though they have potential, aren’t addressing the issues most of those viewers that have stopped watching wanted to see, and it’s only going to continue. I mean, I know a lot of people have varying opinions on Peter’s lack of abilities, but for the most part if you surveyed sites like these – people want his powers back, or at least some form of having more than one. Yet we’re 16 episodes into this season and they haven’t even approached the subject, far from it infact, they look like their taking Sylar’s away as well. The writer’s need to adapt otherwise no matter how many fan sites and comments there are, ABC aren’t going to pick up the show for much longer – it won’t be cost beneficial. Look at actors like Hayden, Milo, Heroes has propelled them into the limelight and I can guarantee their wages have increased dramatically since season one, episode one.

        And your spelling doesn’t bother me in the least bit (as long as it’s legible), I just found it ironic that you claimed to be such a big fan of the show but seemingly weren’t sure how it was spelt.

      • Natas

        In a way the misspelling struck me as funny. I agree with you fully on the wandering plotlines, and let’s not forget one thing most people forget to point out: MAGICAL DISSIPEARING CHARACTERS! Like for instance in season 1 that one girl who could control computers with her mind (worked with ted) and dissipeared, there’s been more than a few of those… I have heard more than a few people mention the whole ratings thing, but then I just remember the writers strike really ffed things up for everybody, and it seems the show is still recovering from that, also the flucation of actors I believe fully is a cause of a weakened plot, but then it is also apparent that all the key players are still happy to be with the show. There are some kinks and roadbumps but I have a hard time believing a show with such clout is in any serious trouble. It seems as though it’s rather on the upswing to me.

        I just hope they don’t ever make a heros video game, that WOULD be horrible…

      • matheroe

        The problem here isn’t that the characters are lost the problem you th watchers aren’t paying attention. Along with the T.V. show there are online shorts and a graphic novel that fill in all these blanks.