Heroes Preview: 4.16 Pass/Fail

Here’s your preview of next week’s Hiro-centric episode, Heroes 4.16, “Pass/Fail”, which features quite a bit of old and familiar faces, including David Anders as Adam Monroe, George Takei as Kaito Nakamura, and Tamlyn Tomita as Ishi Nakamura. The episode also promises to have more of Claire and Sylar, as the superpowered serial killer gets fresh with our college freshman.


Hiro’s (Masi Oka) life hangs in the balance as his brain tumor worsens, prompting him to subconsciously deal with some of his past decisions. Meanwhile, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) pays Claire (Hayden Panettiere) an unexpected visit to get answers as to why he isn’t quite himself. Elsewhere, Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) plan to impress his long-lost love, Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon), takes a terrifying turn.

Lisa Lackey, Danielle Savre, Sally Champlin, Satomi Okuno and Jordan Dang guest stars.

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  • mctguys

    i am the first on

  • mctguys

    whats with adam munroe again

  • matheroe

    dream sequence following hiros near death experiance.

  • Tarot1

    I was wondering, after I heard all the spoilers about this episode, how they would pull this off. I like the dream sequence concept very much. I like things like that that are not only entertaining to watch but that make you think.

  • kinggenesis

    why is sylar going to claire for answers. she dont know nothing . once again this show is going down hill . sylar has know real reason to go see claire the writers must of had extra time for him or something. and im glad to see adam come back but it wont be the way he should come back.

  • berto

    all you negative people man….
    can't take y'all much more. i mean seriously… if you think you can do any better.. than go to fucking college and get a degree and start writing some shows dammit.

    now with that being said….
    I do think that sylar and claire would end up being a good “bonnie and clyde” type of characters… i have thought that from the beginning. Whilst everyone was rooting for Claire and Peter to get together [before we knew they were related] I wanted sylar and claire to get together.
    so. yeah.
    they should do it. and have a baby.

  • unsunghero

    I'm getting tired of Sylar's rather shallow obsession over Claire. He's got her ability, effectively making him immortal. what more does he want from her? Hopefully this will all blow over just as quickly and easily as the whole lesbian thing we were all freaking out about when the season first began.

    As for Hiro's story next week…I'm actually pretty excited! It'll be great to see Kensei/Adam again, and if the images are to be trusted, there will be a rematch! With katanas! Awesome.
    However, the whole scenario won me over when upon having a fridge brilliance! moment–in my kitchen no less (yes, I'm a tvropes fan) –upon realizing that the scenario suggests a pretty neat Chrono Trigger reference (you know, time traveller put on trial…Did I also mention I'm a bit of a gamer/nerd too?)

  • berto

    i also.. am excited for kensei/adam.

  • Supermatt19

    I think Hiro will get healed by his mother this is just because of the image oh her kissing his head which is what healed him last time. if this is the case hiro will have no problem finding Charlie!!!!
    I'm so excited to see the Adam Hiro sword fight i think its great to see Hiro with a sword again as we haven't seen that since season 2

  • briggs86

    I'm the opposite. I liked gretchen better then Claires other love interests. The first was obviously a twat faced rapist, the second was a selfish git for constantly hammering away at claire untill she exposed her gift and possibly undid all the work noah did to start a new life for their family. And now Gretchen is weird but I enjoy her sarcasm and her supporting claire eg. joining a sorority she hated and letting claire go with the carnies. As for believeability that claire would just jump on the gay train I see her as an open minded person. I dont think she's gay its just she's never thought of a girl like that and getting slapped in the face with a kiss from one can make some people re- think your options. I know everyone hates the lesbian angle but when you think about it the characters are kinda like a bunch of gays. Because they are different, some cope with this, some dont but they almost always have to hide so they dont get persecuted but the ''normal'' people. Anyway thats my bit and i'm looking forward to the next ep. The whole sylar/claire thing should be interesting.

  • fghfgh

    forget the rest, give peter his powers backkkkk.
    now thats hes prob guna go to the carnival, it would be great to get his powers back.

    hiro got his back, why cant peter get his full ability back, hes a bitch atm, and does barely anything.

  • Claire

    What more does he want. HER!! You JUST saw the promo c'mon no one does that

  • Em16

    I agree with Berto!!!
    So tired of the negativity. really. come on guys just stop. i know freedom of speech and all but dude enough is enough. Go wright something,go to L.A, and pitch your script, see what happens.
    2nd I doubt Claire&Sylar are going to get together (as much as most of us want it to happen) I doubt it will. if anything Syalr might make Claire re think things. Lets face it Sylar is really good at twisting things around & showing people how messed up the world is.

  • Natas

    Alright! I knew heros was going to get back on track! The preview for next weeks episode looks awesome as well! Everyones talking about the claire and Sylar Claire and gretchen thing well I have simply this to say: The claire and Gretchen thing is appealing because it works and makes sence in the plot regardless of weather it’s a ratings ploy or whatever, it’s believeable! As for the Sylar Kissing Claire thing don’t jump the gun too much now people! Remember that heros LOVES to throw curve balls and it really could be anything at this point, most likkly not a relationship, I’m sure there’s an utlerior motive in there somewhere.
    Someone aways back made the chrono trigger reference to heros trial, hey good eye!
    Yay heros revival!!!

  • sam

    Good to see Adam Monroe back yay! love the banter between him and Hiro….Sylar kissing Claire?! woooah, now that would be a weird pairing, I agree with the OP it’s most likely to absorb her powers like how he got Lydia’s without slicing her head open….Plus, Claire hates his guts and can’t stand being around him….Probably hates him even more since he killed her father, Nathan…….xo

  • Anonymous

    will somneone please tell me what happened to ali larter

  • Mike

    Sylar is going to kiss Claire because it will allow him to use the ability he got from Lydia and figure out what's next for him.

  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking the same thing haven’t seen her in awhile???

  • unsunghero

    Well, I guess since Nathan died, someone's got to keep drooling over every blonde that crosses their path…

  • Slacker4LiFe

    I agree with Mike, it was exactly what I was thinking, all Sylar needed to do is to kiss Clare nothing more.

    Also do you people actually believe Clare and Sylar are going to have sex and get that baby boy named Noah? It wouldn't make sense because Sylar is a serial killer not a person who rapes young teenage or early adult people and Clare is you can say a good girl from a good family who has some problems with them at the moment and she hate Sylar more than anything, Sylar killed Nathan for crying out loud!

    Back at season 3 of Heroes you all thought Elle was the mother, but if Clare was the mother she wouldn't threat Peter in the future pointing a gun in her sons head now wouldn't she, unless she is really fucked up.