Heroes Preview: 4.12 The Fifth Stage

Here’s your preview for next week’s Heroes episode, 4.12, “The Fifth Stage”.


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) is greeted by some unexpected visitors and Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) grand plan begins to come to fruition. Meanwhile, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) struggles to accept the truth and takes extreme measures to get what he wants. Elsewhere, Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) journey leads her to an unexpected destination.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, David H. Lawrence XVII, Madeline Zima, Dawn Olivieri, Todd Stashwick and Elisabeth Rohm guest star.

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  • omg159

    FIRST! lol next episode looks awesome!!! i cant wait!!

  • daedalus

    Sylar: What are you going to do, Beat him out of me?
    Peter: (sadistic grin, shakes nailgun) something like that
    (black) thwak!
    Sylar: AAAAGGHHHHH!!!!


  • Cloud Se7en

    That's the way to go, Peter! Just continue torturing Sylar like that! Cut a limb or two, it won't matter, he can regrow them back anyway.

  • AKN

    luks like there's gonna b some action in dis ep….looking forward 2 it…….d last few eps were been great, actually d whole season has been very good…..i just hope heroes will keep running 4 a few more seasons….

  • TM

    I'll be the first to say it… NAILED HIM!

  • warscourge

    This coming season might see the changes in both Sylar/Nathan and Peter. Also interesting to see what is the plan that Samuel has. Will it be that Sylar/Nathan + Peter to stop Samuel before their very own showdown? Or will it be Sylar/Nathan + Samuel against Peter and gang. This would be interesting…Can't wait.

  • warnpeace21

    Im feeling this season all the way!! Am i the only 1 who is excited or has noticed that Eric Doyle is going to appear on next weeks episode?!?! I cant wait I've ben hoping I'd see the Puppet Master & now i get my wish!! They shud really consider making David H. Lawrence XVII a series (regular guest star) I love his character & how he portrays him.. Other than that.. the bus is in motion & everythings picking up.. & i wonder wat hapnd to Hiro.. Cant wait til next Monday!!

  • Tarot1

    Looks good. I'm especially eager to see how the promopic fits in.

  • heroesturkeyfan

    where the hell is tracy?? she has been only in 5 episodes so far.. this really sucks

  • derrickswanegan

    wow i hope peter gets get his old ability back too somehow

  • Harry Potter

    i think peter will take the Haitians power, so he can have a chance against sylar.

  • http://www.gossip565.com/ Jason Andrews

    I hope sylar kills them all. Now i see why this show might be cancel it just keeps getting repetetive. Well all know claire doesnt fit in yet we have to hear about it in every episode. Nathan is dead and was fired from the show yet he is still there. No one has the balls so stand to samuel. Hiro needs to get over some dumb chick he only knew for 1 day. Sylar needs to kill everyone for being so dramatic and dumb. If it continues to be like this then i hope the show does get cancel.

  • trent

    jason is a f**king idiot. u have no clue what this show is even about.
    anywho, GO PETER. haha this is gonna be good. i reckon peter should knock out sylar when he has haitians power. take sylars ability when hes out. then get all his abilities hehehe. then he can go kill samuel. doesnt mind me. loving this show soo much. just want peter to get more abilities

  • Jacky

    This episode was a bit too much for me.. “his spirit and mind are fighting for his family!! come on nathan!” i know that's thanksgiving's spirit but still.
    And i might have forgot something but where does that compass come from? (the one claire stolen) Because im 100% sure that edgar took it when he sliced noah open.
    Plot hole?

  • Slacker4LiFe

    I think Peter doesn't use the hation powers to stop Sylar because you need to think ahead, ok we all know Peter has this new ability where everytime he touches someone who has a unique ability he can do it too, but he loses the old one (or so we think he does). You see I think Peter still has those abilities in him but for some reason he can't access them. If you have noticed with future Peter with the scar on his forehead we seen him fly, shapeshift, timetravel, telepathy, healing others, but he couldn't heal for himself. Now so far that all the abilities that were listed above for what Future Peter can do is what Presant Peter did when he touched and replaced abilities and if you have noticed Presant Peter didnt touch Clare or any other people who can heal for them selves so that is why I am convinsed that he still has those other abilities in him.

    But I could be wrong some people think that Peter's main ability is all about touch and replace abilities and touch and take away abilities like what Authar Petrelli can do but Peter doesnt know he can do that yet but my only arguement is that if it is the case then looking back in season 1 of heroes how is it that futre Peter can time travel when future Hiro can still time travel beause come on lets be realistic Hiro is the only timetraveler that Peter knows and for someone else to have the ability to time travel is a very rare ability to have and I would asume that there would be less than 10 people in the world who would have that ability (just guessing but could be wrong but you get the idea).

    But my other theory is that, Peter's main ability touch and go will manifest (I think thats how youi say it). If it does people would think that he would have the same ability like Authars but I say he doesnt because I think when his ability manifests Peter can touch and keep abilities and let me tell you why, if you remember in season 1 when Peter realised he has this ability where when he is close to someone he can do what they can do but when he is far away from them he cant do what they can do, then his ability manifests then he can do what everyone else can do when he is near them and absorbs their ability bit like the touch and go ability.

  • payattention

    Touch and Go was how they described Matt Parkman's baby's power. It was not used to describe Peter's power. Peter's power has always been empathy (the ability to feel as another person feels; walk in their shoes). In Season 1, he had to be near the person to absorb it and then think of the person to use it. After Arthur took it from him, he had to give himself the formula and that (some might argue) gave him the same power (empathy), but it manifested in a different way (i.e. needing to physically touch the person). Arthur and Sylar actually seem to have variations on the 'empathy' ability, except that they trigger it in different ways: Sylar with studying 'how it works' so that he can mimic it (intellectual aptitude) and Arthur with sucking the power out of the person. The real key to the three of them, and something that is to-date unexplained, is whether they can hold multiple powers or not. It seems unrealistic that Peter is the only one who CAN NOT hold multiple powers, but it's also frustrating that he doesn't use it.
    I think it's really just part of the balance of the show that is needed to be in place. Not letting Peter have multiple abilities means that he is not an attractive target to Sylar (Sylar already does whatever Peter can) and that he is not uber-powerful on his own.

    Now, can Peter take the Hatian's power? Wouldn't the Haitian deactivate Peter's power, not letting him absorb his power? Peter would effectively be 'just a human' if he were within the Haitian's imaginary bubble.

    I don't know, but it seems like the writers try to keep the Hatian marginalized because he has such a profound ability to fix things. Same thing with Hiro.
    If we (as viewers) wouldn't suspend our disbelief, then everybody would just be frustrated (as if they aren't already) by how difficult it is to actually kill the bad guys. Hiro could just take Sylar (or any bad guy) back in time to prehistoric dinosaur era and leave him in an underwater cave. Or take him to the earth's core and leave him there.

    Bottom line is that this is a good storyline. I'm not sure where they're going with the whole Stephen storyline (so what, he can move the earth). I wonder if it will be another 'doomsday' scenario or if he's just trying to figure out exactly how powerful he is.
    Is that Sylar's father with the breathing mask who is part of Stephen's carnival? I can't tell, but that's who it reminds me of.

  • Kuer

    “The name's Samuel”

  • someone

    when will the next eppisode air ? i mean a date?

  • http://www.youtube.com/StillAware StillAware

    You said it. I've been thinking that for a long time too.

  • blackbane

    What was at the core of Heroes in the first season? Can lightning strike twice? The first season was about future, fate and the ability to change ones own fate. It was about there being a big picture and watching it unfold. Problem is the show has lost the big picture. They need to fix this.