Heroes: Origins to Get a New Title

I recently ran across this article on Heroes that features all the usual stuff — a conference call with Kristen Bell and Tim Kring about the upcoming season, other stuff we already know — but the most interesting thing I did find that I didn’t know before was that, according to the writer of the piece, the Heroes spin-off, originally called Origins, will get a new title. What that new title is, no one knows yet — or at least, no one is telling yet.

Everything else about the spin-off is the same, including its airdate, which is April 2008, after Heroes Season 2 finishes its run. The spin-off will also feature new characters that have no connection to the regular cast discovering their powers.

Here’s the excerpt (via):

here’s quite a bit of news about “Heroes” – isn’t there always? One of the biggest developments is that NBC has ditched the name of the show’s spinoff, which will debut in April.

It was titled “Heroes: Origins,” but it will no longer be called that. A representative for the network said that a title for the new series had not been chosen yet. There’s more on the spinoff below, but first, let’s talk about Kristen Bell.

It’s not exactly Earth shattering news, but it’s interesting that they would change the title now (if this ends up being true, that is).

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