Heroes Panel Comic-Con ’09 Coverage – Updated

Just a heads up to anyone who may be going to Comic-Con ’09 later this week that I’ll be there myself to cover the show’s panel at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel on Saturday, July 25th, from 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM. In attendance will be show creator Tim Kring and castmembers Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar and Zachary Quinto, as well as guest stars Robert Knepper, Dawn Olivieri, Ray Park and Madeline Zima.

Update: Just got word from NBC that Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventigmilia have been added to the panel.

This page is, for now, a place holder. I’ll be updating it with the latest information from the panel as soon as Saturday rolls around.

Until then, feel free to leave any questions you think should be asked of the panel. I may use some of your questions if the chance presents itself.

Update: Wednesday Booth

Heroes, like all the other big panels at Comic-Con, had a booth on Wednesday’s big exhibition floor. They also had TVs that were showing the Season 4 “Redemption” trailer. I snapped some shots, but unfortunately my iPhone is still an old model and didn’t have video, though I did see a couple of people recording the trailer, so my guess is that it will show up online pretty soon.


Here’s the trailer from YouTube. The quality isn’t great, but there you have it. We’ll probably have to wait until after Comic-Con to get an official version. But this is definitely the same one that I saw. Thanks to those who mentioned it in the comments section.

Some thoughts on the trailer (POTENTIAL SPOILERS), but I have to admit, although I saw the trailer at least three times, I could be wrong about some of the points made below, so don’t hold me to them. It was a long day, and I’m typing this from memory:

Matt Parkman is really, REALLY not cool with what he did to Sylar. There’s a scene at the end of the trailer where Sylar shows up with Baby Parkman and says something to the effect of wanting his life back. I believe this is probably some hallucination or possibly a nightmare by Matt, a product of his guilty conscience.

Claire in college seems to be flirting with danger, and her new roommate played by Madeline Zima doesn’t seem to be helping any. Also, Claire seems to be on something of a death wish. I believe at some points in the trailer she tries to kill herself by jumping out of a window. I could be wrong, but I believe that was Claire in the scenes.

The Carnival is going to have a BIG impact on the show’s Season 4. The trailer is full of scenes involving Robert Knepper’s evil carnie, who is rounding up his own army. For what purpose, I’m still not sure. Also, apparently young Hiro has crossed paths with the carnie folks before, and will do so again as an adult. Plus, Ray Park’s knife thrower character isn’t some cameo. It’s a pretty big role from what I can tell.

Didn’t see much of Peter. He saves some woman after an accident, I believe.

Angela is having bad dreams about Sylar, who seems to be showing up a lot in the trailers. At one point, Nathan realizes he that blue electricity power of Sylar’s while sitting at his desk. I’m thinking the Nathan-as-Sylar angle will get resolved pretty fast in the new season.

The Hunter also shows up at one point. I’m not sure, but I believe he also dies in the trailer. Could be wrong, though, but it does look like he bites it.

I’ll be able to tell you more after the Heroes panel on Saturday. I believe they’ll probably show the same trailer again. Plus, the castmembers will be there to share more about the coming season.

Update: Friday

On my way to Comic-Con this morning, I ran into this:

It turns out NBC has created a mini-version of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival for comic-con attendees, taking over a whole section of park across the street from the convention. Yes, a fully functional carnival, complete with rides and games. Workers were still putting the carnival together when I snapped these pictures. The carnival itself was working by afternoon.

NBC has put up a video of the entire Heroes panel from Saturday. Now you can hear and see what you’ve been reading about for yourself.

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  • clement

    i world like to now if you are going to give peter back his powers like they where in season 1,2 .and i world like to no if peter is going to get the scare in his face like he did in the fugiter.and how did he get it.also hero will he ever get his freez time and time travile power back . allso will you give hero his sword back and do you plan on giving him the ponytell like he had in the fugiter.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • JamesMatthews

    I really wish people would stop focusing of the Peter “scar”. It's sooo obvious that it comes from a future that has now been overcome. The scar no longer exist, and if the writers have any good craft left in them, they'd honor that. SCORE!!!

  • Tarot1

    Thanks for the heads up. I can't be there so I'm looking forward to coverage via those of you who are going.

  • unsunghero

    Will more of the character's personal lives be dealt with in this upcoming season? The writers have all but forgotten that Nathan has a family, for example. Fans still wonder about Caitlyn, Molly and other such characters that have pretty much been left hanging–I was kinda surprised that the show actually did return to the plot thread dealing with Matt's family, so I'm taking another breath and holding it as far as the show continuing and bringing genuine closure to some of its more popular personal-level subplots.
    And of course, if no one else asks, you've got to ask about Claude!

    • Anonymous

      Read the graphic novels on nbc.com. They tell what happened to both Molly and Claude. In reagards to Nathan, his family doesn’t matter for much anymore because his wife divorced him. Caitlin was stuck in a future that never ended up existing, so i guess she just vanished with time. There was a bit of a slip in the story there though, Peter said he wanted to eliminate the virus so she’d be safe in the future, but he never tried going back to get her. So who knows.

  • sylarftw

    they've deffenintly stuffed this whole season up if peter can only absorb 1 ability at a time. that just makes the show so much worse cuz its so lame

  • GabrielKnight

    It would be nice if we can get the HD version of that trailer soon, so we can replay and analyze it again and again, to come up with some interesting theories…

  • haitian_sensation

    i'm sick of people complaining about peter not having all his powers i think its better that he doesnt have them all cause its too cheap the only reason i would want him to get them back is if sylar came back and he would need them to kill him forever

  • Dips

    No shade but what kind of Heroes fan are you? I would have came prepared with a camera placed in my baseball cap if need be to get that trailer! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for it and to my surprise NO ONE has uploaded it yet. Either the hype around Heroes is wearing thin or you guys are SLIPPINGGG BIG TIME!

  • http://heroesfans.nibblebit.com/ HeroesFans

    Wow! The teaser is amazing. Robert Knepper looks great and he seems like he is going to be a great villain in the next season. I cant wait until september now. If anyones interested my blog has an updated version of the trailer. Heoresfans.nibblebit.com

  • anna1213

    the trailer is on you tube. hope that helps, i typed in comic con heroes and someone has uploaded it.

  • Dips

    Found it! The quality is poor but the trailer is amazing! They going all-out this season

  • JT

    The trailer is here but quality is bad. But it looks really good. Heroes Volume 5 “Redemption” teaser on youtube

  • Ricky

    Well, good news is it seems that Hiro's gonna be getting his time travel back since in the trailer it seems he travels back when he was a teen in the carnival. Also, I think Peter's power will get stronger since I don't think he will live the rest of the show with only replicating one power at a time. Oh also, does anyone know if when Peter replicated Sylar's power, did he get all of them or just the shapeshifting? If he got all of them then that means he also got the intuitive aptitude ability.

  • kinggenesis

    problem ….theres a problem with this whole trailer here……. did it show clair trying yet again to kill herself..how many timesis she gonna do this… now nathan no's he's really sylar … and just so everyones clear …tracy can no longer die….. if she geets hurt bam turn to water and heal yourself.. and this carnival … boring. and wouldnt the past/baby/kid hiro finally start recognizing this dude (future Hiro) cause theve seen each other like 5 or 6 times now… but the upside is hiro got his teleportation back … now peter needs to get his back and take down sylar and i think well have a very enjoyable season. and hopefully more to come .. but im not really haning on to that thought.

  • hobbzee

    I wasn't to sure about the whole carnival thing, but now its kind of growing me. The new volume looks pretty good.

  • MKG360

    Did anyone notice that in the trailer peter has enchanced strength and Agility I wonder where he got that from since everyone is so busy and focused on him getting has powers back they should look at the trailer he isn't using shapshifting anymore or even more like his new power myhave evolved during the shows break thinkl about that?????

  • http://heroesfans.nibblebit.com/ HeroesFans

    I think just before Peter has his fight with Edgar (Ray Park) he takes his super speed ability which would mean he doesnt have Sylars abilitys anymore. I'll be posting a video of the fight on my blog as soon as possible and also a description of what else was said during the Heroes Panel Q&A. http://heroesfans.nibblebit.com

  • Sezza


    According to this they've confirmed Hiro is to die. Can anyone who is actually at/or been to Comic Con please confirm this as true or false? I hope it's not true, my love affair with the show will be truly over if Masi goes.

  • StarrDust

    I have a lot of doubts about that article just because they spelled so many things wrong. Like spelling “Claire” without the e or “Pasdar” as “Pasclar.” But I do agree with you, if Masi goes, so do I. I've been frustrated by this show since season 2, but I only stuck with it because of the cast. Masi's Hiro has been my favorite since day 1. Losing him would just make me call it quits on the spot.

  • GabrielKnight

    Hm. Guess the Carnival must have been burying Bryan Fuller there.
    Goodbye, Fuller.

    If Sylar's back for good then does that mean Nathan's gone for good too? Means Adrian Pasdar is axed from the show then after this next volume… Or maybe they'll just find a way to resurrect him… AGAIN. Wonder how many cast they will end up axing this volume as they will also have a lot of new cast in The Carnival.