Heroes 4.19 Brave New World Discussion Thread

Here is your official discussion thread for tonight’s new (and the last of Season 4) episode, 4.19, “Brave New World”. After this episode, we’ll have to sit back and wait for NBC to officially announce if they will renew the show for a fifth season, or if this will be the series finale. Time will tell. Until then…


In the climactic season finale, everyone bands together in an effort to stop Samuel (Robert Knepper) from taking the lives of thousands. Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) joins forces with his most unexpected ally to save Emma (guest star Deanne Bray). Meanwhile, H.R.G.’s (Jack Coleman) life hangs in the balance as he and Claire (Hayden Panettiere) find themselves trapped underground with oxygen quickly running out. Elsewhere, Hiro (Masi Oka) starts to come to grips with the decisions he has made and is called into action to help stop a disaster.

David H. Lawrence XVII, Harry Perry, Todd Stashwick also guest star.

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  • Vinnymac


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  • sparkplug69

    Do we have to say first all the time. talk about the show already. any way what i've seen of the promos is that this episode is going blow it all away. i don't care if peter gets his orginal ability back. the way he is is pretty cool. gets him to adjust and use what he has. anyway i hope this shows around for another 4 seasons. go heroes

  • GayBoySylar


  • warnpeace21

    im so ready for this season finale 2nite!! i moved ahead an hr in the time zone & now its killing me to actually hav2 wait til 9pm instead of my usual 8pm lol.. Oh well at least i get to see it. Anyway i think this should really hit the fan.. I hope the writers wrote us something fan-freakin-tastic for this finale lol..

    I just want sumthin epic to hapn & for old ends to be tied up & new leads to open up for the next season.. & please don't kill Doyle off the show, thats the other bad guy i absolutely love to hate lol.. Go Heroes!!!

  • Cody4

    You don't have to bump on this site. Go back to 4chan

  • GayBoySylar


  • GayBoySylar

    if im honest i dont think this series has been that bad, not anywhere near as good as season 2 which i feel was the best series, and the first part of series 3, but not as bad as some have said. I cant wait for 2nyts episode, hopefully its epic, and in true heroes fasion, i hope their is a sneak peak of Volume 6? as with all the final episodes they show a peak of the next volume. i think tonight Noah is going to die, sam maybe, and another hero? maybe peter, but we can only dream.

  • berto

    seriously. if you're going to say first [and being first] you should at least write SOMETHING about the show.

  • berto

    i honestly think noah may die as well, but… i can see them not doin' it too.
    i hope samuel doesnt die.. i do enjoy him as a bad guy.

  • anonymous

    omg! i think tracy's dead. :(

  • billy-the-kid

    I have been wanting to comment on the whole season for a while now and here goes. First off I am a big fan and don’t believe in bashing a show that I like to watch but I also think just saying everything is great is pointless too. So this season felt rushed and episodes may have been great to watch but really didn’t go any where. I did like the idea of the carnies but they didn’t really show them do anything but be used like tools for Sam. And Sam, he was great at first he seemed like he had a real plan. But in the end just wanted to live with his childhood sweet-hart but didn’t realize his love grow up and moved on with her life. So then he throws the biggest tantrum ever. I know most people are just going to say it was all great but really do you see your selves rewatching this season over and over like the first season and third season.

  • billy-the-kid


    Also this question is for all those fans that are just going to comment on how great it all was. Can you tell me what made this season so great?

  • sylarscousine

    i did like the peter vs samuel part but where the hell did peter get the ability to fly from they are a little bit cheesy around that part just like the scene of matt and sylar when charlie appeared in sylar's killing memories. i liked this episode but believe it could have been better
    i mean they built the whole season around samuel's plan and how powerful he could be but it ended so quickly i would have liked a little bit more action than that but hell yeah there is another season :D:D:D

  • billy-the-kid


    (I have to say when I saw Claire do her swan dive I was thinking she is just like her father “Nathan” just doing what she wants, thinking it’s what’s best for everyone)

    So the new chapter is starting just like how season three started. I don’t see Claire going dark like in that season because in this scenario she is the cause. If anything I see her trying to find a way to fix it. So the question is will they show season threes future or show a different one. I do have to say Sylar is shaping up to be that character of the future. Also Peter is Peter and he will be playing the role of the savior.

    With all this time the writers have they should be able to come up with something good.

    I think they need to look past the idea of a villain and some mass killing story and hit us with something completely new. How about this idea it’s not new but the future be controlled by people with abilities and the normal people are the underdogs “mirroring day breakers, and Demolish Man” some heroes can be fighting for equality while others are fighting for superiority.

  • Andrea

    Excuse me, I’m new here….could anyone make a short review of the finale episode? I’m in Italy so I couldn’t see it.
    Thank you very much

  • thymesis

    Overall I liked this season. It was probably the best season since the first one. I loved the slow build up to Samuel's plot, and I really liked it when Samuel set up Bennett and Claire. I also liked Emma's character and power.

    Somethings I didn't like: the very end did feel rushed. Also, Sylar's change of morality felt kinda gimmicky (although I am excited to see what Sylar and Peter will be able to do together).

    @sylarscousine, Peter got the flying ability from Sylar who got it from Nathan.

  • Supermatt19

    Right it didn't look like peter replicated Samuels ability. so does this mean that since he let go of his anger for Sylar he has empathy back? if someone could clear this up it would be great thanks

    • Jack

      When Peter tackled Samuel, he would have had time to replicate his ability. While we normally see a flash of light to signify this transfer when Peter takes someone else’s power, that just wouldn’t have been feasible for the moment.

      I would like to think that Peter has been able to tap into his true empathy ability again, but I would have expected a greater discussion/a bigger deal made out of such an event.

      • Zach

        I don’t beleive that the writers for heroes can come up with something that awsome, as much as I wish they would. BUT that is how I would have fixed that writing f**k up.

  • princefonzie

    i think theres going to be a Volume 2 of season 4

    What the heCk… Im not sattisfied with the ending… And Greg was Right… Theres another HEck of a Season Or Volume…

    well i guess Peter Got his powers Back… Because peter used The Hatians Power… He's an Ultimate Emphat again…

    • 01PETER

      OMG….would you people pay attention!!!!! he did not use the hatians power……he still have to touch people to get their power…omg people come ON!!!!!!!!

    • matheroe

      did you even watch the show Samuel being empowered by the others was the whole point

  • Bennet

    Great season finale! Just like season 1, they all gathered to stop the Villain. Peter used the Haitians power? When? Samuel was powerless because everyone teleported out. And since Peter had Samuels power, he was powerless too. Peter doesnt have a held-down power of his original one. He has a whole new power just like Rouge in X-men. I hope for a Brave new Season!