Heroes 4.18 The Wall Discussion Thread

Here’s your official discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.18, “The Wall”. This is also the next to last episode of Heroes Season 4, with next week’s “Brave New World” capping off the season in style.


Fueled by his vision of Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) in grave danger, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) attempts to rescue Sylar (Zachary Quinto) from his worst nightmare. At the carnival, Samuel (Robert Knepper) reveals H.R.G.’s (Jack Coleman) secret past in order to bring Claire (Hayden Panettiere) to his side. Meanwhile, Lauren (guest star Elizabeth Rohm) makes a bold move to put a stop to Samuel.

Ashley Crow, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Harry Perry, Todd Stashwick also guest star.

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  • Cody4

    Can't wait for this episode tonight, still hoping Peter will get his powers back.

    If everyone is exposed in the next episode, then they really do have to come back for a 5th season. It would open up such a huge world of possibilities. There would be the normals who loved them and saw the as superheroes, then there would be those who hated them and wanted to send them away. All the Heroes and Villains would choose sides and everything could become like the possible future where Claire is evil (hope so) and Peter is leading everyone on the good side (with more than one ability). Really looking forward to the last two episodes!!

  • drizzttd

    omgggggg can not waitttttttttttttt

  • illyillydopefresh

    Good ep. It almost seems like the writers are writing ahead again! The flashback with HRG was a solid backdrop to his story.

    Any guesses on how Hiro will save Claire/HRG? Or if he will even show up…(too many dead-end storylines)

    Having Sylar turn to the good side at least sets up a better storline instead of repeating the same thing over and over again…

  • Yami_Burak

    Yes. It was amazing !
    Sylar : “No im not , im a Hero” ^^

  • website

    Dear KingGenesis,

    you are not smarter than everyone else in the world. If so, you would have better things to do than complain about a show on 3 different websites. If you hate the writing so much, watch 2 and a Half Men or renew your membership at poopsex.com. Put down your cheetos and do something semi-productive.


    Everyone that visits this site

    P.S.- Dont hold this against me the next time I come to Staples to buy a printer from you

  • berto

    hahaha. nice

  • mctguys

    sylar is so good

  • Slacker4LiFe

    That was an awsome episode, I can't wait for next week

  • MissWidya

    Hi I'm fans from Jakarta, Indonesia, i love heroes seriesss!! cant wait to watch the next episode…. really want to see the end of this season… and watch samuel will be dead hahahahha…. (bravo to samuel he can make me feel the antagonist side of him very good) ; and i hope there will be the 5th season of heroes!!!
    keep it roooocckkkk!!!

    this heroes series is my favorite series after Friends!

  • More Episodes Please

    The Season is being cut off too soon. There should be at last another five episodes for the year. 24 to 26 episodes during a full year would make my purchase of the dvd set even more worth it. With 19, it seems I got good shows, but not enough of them.

  • Tarot1

    Looks like Bennet never really trusted Claude.

  • kelliann

    Season was too short!!!! WAY too long a wait til Season 5 starts! Bummer!!!! Hate these long interruptions … it's only MARCH, fer pete's sake. Now we have to wait nearly 6 months for more. NBC, will you do something *right* for a change? You've got millions who want to watch this show, who are loyal, tune in every week no matter what, who don't watch other shows so they can see this one… and you just shut the show off early. What's the matter with you?

  • kinggenesis

    im not smarter than anybody i just point out the plot holes in this epic fail of a series .but i guess my ranting isnt gettin me anywere because the writers dont look at these pages .because if they did we might have a desent show but sense alot of you are bone headed and probly cant see the point im trying to make .that5 the writers only plan out the beginning and end of a season and use the middle as filler. (classic point ) last night when sylar was trapped in the so called inescapable nightmare. he got out. if the writers were smart that would have been the perfect way to get rid of sylar for the end of the season he could still be a bad guy and it would give him motivation for next season. instead they mess with him..so this show is just stupid beyond believe and i really cant wait for it to be cancelled. but belive me man i went from loving this show . to absoulutly hating it . so im glad you called me out this show couldhave been in the top two show's ever next to lost. but poor writing and bad decisions on tim kring's part made this show virtually unwatchable .but i will stick with it to the end.. which is probaly next weeks final…….FINGERS CROSSED

  • kinggenesis

    ratings and poor writing .

  • Cody4

    If we're the ones who are so “bone-headed,” why do you still spell like a 6 year old? Grab a dictionary.

  • Ailsa

    If you hate the show so much, why do you watch it? (And if I do say so myself, I just asked a VERY good question…) And if the writing is 'poor,' lemme know when you can do better. I, personally, think Heroes is BACK! But, you're just one of those bitches who diss everything. You think it's crap because you expected too much to begin with. The writers' strike mucked more or less ALL of the series on television, to some extent. So go and be a bitch somewhere else. If you don't like the show, WHY BLOODY GO ON A HEROES WEBSITE? (And look, ANOTHER good question that I'm sure LOADS of people are just DYING to know the answer to.) You know? GET A GRIP!!

  • nzherofan

    well iv been a loyal follower from season1 and evn tho they dnt show the series in nz anymore thank god for downloads lol :p i gotta say despite some short-comings the show has rli picked up and im lovin the whole peter/sylar team up (even if its temp lol). does any1 think thyl actually kill of samuel in this last ep? and if sylar is now “good” i wonder whose gna be the new “villian” :/

  • warnpeace21

    if u check this out.. i think at the beginning of the season they made robert knepper aka samuel sullivan a series regular so i dont think he will die at the end of this season & will b the new bad guy. i think sylars change to good is only temporary & i think that eventually he will become hos own separate entity neither good nor evil jus the “ultimate opportunist” the guy that does good & bad deeds for his own personal gain.. that wud make more sense than anything to me.. they really need to bring his father back, cuz he wud be so evil he'd make even samuel look like a kitten.. i know im reaching but it'd be nice to see..

  • Guest

    So what that whole post you've just written really says is, if the writers wrote the show how YOU want it, YOU'd think it was good. Instead they've written it their own way and you dont't like it. Tough luck really isn't it.

    You really can't wait for it to be cancelled, but where would you spend your 'cyber time' whinging?

  • season1fan

    i cannot believe i've only watched like a couple of episodes this season. i never in mi life believed that i would one ay hate heroes. its like do i really care about that carnival, even my sister stopped. i have only been skimming through the episodes with my tevo and nothing seems interesting. somebody pleases tell me how anyone can like heroes. and anyone who thinks this volume 5 was good is f***in retarded. season 1 was awesome, coulda been better but still pretty good. Season 2 started to lose itself. season 3 didnt make sense but it was still fun and watchable but this season so far has been stupid. that little preview for the next volume seems inetresting so hopefully the show can bring my hopes up so i can actually watch some episodes. And finally, u guys need to know that i was the BIGGEST AND BIGGEST FAN in the world. people would know me as the heroes geek. So hopefully this next volume is good. oh come on u guys, u know im right about this craphole volume.