Heroes 4.17 The Art of Deception Discussion Thread

Here’s your official discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes espidoe, 4.17, “The Art of Deception”.


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) enacts his plan to take down the Carnival with the help of Lauren (guest star Elizabeth Rohm) and Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Sylar (Zachary Quinto) visits Matt (Greg Grunberg) looking to understand his desire to make a human connection, but Matt has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) warns Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) of Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) intentions after his grim vision of the future.

Madeline Zima, Ray Park, Lisa Lackey, David H. Lawrence XVII, Dawn Olivieri, Harry Perry and Todd Stashwick.

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  • daniel_cartwell

    woo whoo I am the first to comment even though I have nothing to say as I have not seen the episode yet. Hope it's a good one maybe peter will get his powers back, I wont hold my breath.

  • Natas

    yes please don't hold your breath. then we may never hear from you on this discussion board ever again. though i wouldn't mind, b/c you're one who wants peter to have all his cool useless powers back.

  • Bosco2000

    he betta for heroes to be the show it was he needs'em back or else just get hiro to teleport back to the end of series 1 and reboot from there Tim kring i am available for writers position think ya need it.

  • Cody4

    I bet you can't name even 2 powers that Peter had that were useless. Sylar is the one with a hundred useless abilities because he doesn't ever use half of them. When was the last time he used that disitengration ability he got near the end of Season 3? Oh right, the writers have no idea what they're doing with him. Sorry I forgot. The show was mostly about Sylar throughout all of Season 3 and it's ridiculous. So yes, Peter does need his powers back, someone has to counteract Sylar the packrat of abilities.

  • Cody4

    That's your idea of good writing? Hiro teleporting to the past and starting everything over? That's retarded. Clearly you are not what Tim Kring needs

  • Db

    Wow the good ideas just keep on coming. I agree that y'all need to find some other reason for Peter to have his powers. Plenty of single powers out there could stop Samuel…Edgar's speed, Hiro's time stopping, Sylar's telekinesis, even Matt's mind control.

    Sylar has some powers that he never uses or are redundant…the guy who signed documents with his finger, the human lie detector, the guy in the beginning of season 4 who could turn things into dust by snapping his finger (“I am Sylar” episode). He's capable of a lot I'd like to see him use all his abilities at one point.

  • Natas (the real one)

    Um wow, Someone is parading around as my Username, somehow I'm not surprised I for one would love for peter to have his powers back but I don't see that happening untill the last episode of the season.

  • Natas

    Oh hey forget that last comment from the fake Natas I actually agree with you and have been arguing for the show's longevity and peters powers for a long time. Dammit now I have to go back through the boards and fix this….If only I had michas power…

  • baoooo

    Peter is fine the way he is now. Enough said.

  • geekface

    anyone else think it's about time the general population of the world found out about specials. i feel like it's the only thing that could bring heroes to a completely new field. there's lots of good plot ideas to go with it…

  • warnpeace21

    this episode was freakin special!! Samuel commanded the night.. Loved Sylar & Matts scenes, really getn tired of Claire having a problem with wat her dad does (just except it) & even tho i love to hate Gretchen she was absolutely right 2nite.. Y does Claire always hav to jump her ass in the middle of sumthin.. go to class!!

  • Bosco2000

    what ya talkin bout cody4 the second season was a shambles that started the slump the third season not much better this season has improved espeically last few episodes if your happy watching this s****e you must have the I.Q of a monkey the first season is what made heroes they really need to put the show back out there with the next two episodes

  • matheroe

    Hello to all. First one continuity issue. In the vignet of Sylars memories we see charlie. She was never killed in this timeline.Next, many of you have forgotten Sylar lost many abilities when he suffered the shanti virus.Now I must say, as a long time fan/supporter, the show is moving in a hhopeful directon. We as viewers always underesitmate Krings ability to tie this show up. With the introduction of so many specials there is potential here due do seasons(plural) of episodes. The shutingdown of Sylar is what everyone on this sight wanted. Matt was finally a bad ass. This was a great idea in the promo Sylar mentions 3 years of time elapse. Potential here . We have a telepathically emowered Peter and an emotionally wrecked Slyar. Good the last scene in Slyars head be Peter being reempowered and thus taking the place of Slyar in the Emma premonition. Unward. I like Gretchens retraction. It makes sence that the normal girl looking for excitement would ware out quickly. Samuel had his Magneto moment maybe an epic fight is on the way.NO Hiro, Ando, and where are they going with Tracy. On a side note I want Barbara. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KRING

  • Tiger20

    Cody, pal in case its tru she did say that but in case you didnt hear very well claire also said she was gonna get a 1st aid kit to get a SYRINGE!!!!!!!!!!! for a blood transfusion and of course samuel stopped her a lil bit later but i hope that helps you understand a little bit more the situation.Have a nice day.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry man but Claire never said that. She did come back with something that was probably a first aid kit, but then again, most first aid kits don’t have syringes in them to begin with. Another thing would be that in Season 2, Claire’s blood brought Noah back from the dead after Mohinder shot him in the eye. Claire was aware of this because she saw him die and he came back to her, and I’m pretty sure he explained the situation.

  • berto


  • berto

    Thats an exceptionally good idea..

    That would then allow them to all buddy up with each other… even better than the carnival allows.

  • berto

    i agree too… i mean. claire.. shut up. go to class.. miss i want a normal life.

    orrr. just jump off the deep end and go crazy and such.

    really, her powers are helpful.. but i would say the most useless… especially in a fighting aspect.

  • berto

    who is barbara?

    I was wondering where hiro and ando are also. And suresh, why dont they just kill him off already?

    Tracy… i wonder what is up with tracy. how will she help? Will she be a helper in the “lauren tries something daring against samuel?”

    i think they should get a few more of the youngin's back. I mean… give claire some friends her own age, that also have powers. Maybe then she will stop being a winy post-pubescent girl that wants a normal life…

    someone give gretchen powers. so that her girlfriend and adjust and be good to her :)

  • matheroe

    Barbara was the third triplet

  • matheroe

    Also Suresh said he was going back to india.