Heroes 4.16 Pass/Fail Discussion Thread

Here’s your official discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.16, “Pass/Fail”.


Hiro’s (Masi Oka) life hangs in the balance as his brain tumor worsens, prompting him to subconsciously deal with some of his past decisions. Meanwhile, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) pays Claire (Hayden Panettiere) an unexpected visit to get answers as to why he isn’t quite himself. Elsewhere, Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) plan to impress his long-lost love, Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon), takes a terrifying turn.

Lisa Lackey, Danielle Savre, Sally Champlin, Satomi Okuno and Jordan Dang guest stars.

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  • Natas

    Sweet!!! I'm number 1

  • Natas

    I can't wait for tonight…only 7 hrs and 16 minutes left…… So shall we see Hiro healed? Does adam return in reality or just in memory, where did bennet just get time travel c-blocked big time? And I wonder where Emma will get a new cello which…undoubtedly she will…. And will chuck prove a good pre-cursor this evening dispite the shark jumping….

  • warnpeace21

    2nite shud be a banger!! to bad im in Puerto Rico for my damn job & cant watch it until they upload it online.. (only 10 english channels) at the hotel & none of them will be showing heroes.. Oh well I will be dialed in later on 2nite/early in the morning..

    Lets take off 2nite Heroes!!

  • berto

    ahhh thats crappy warnpeace… im sorry :p

    excepppt. your in a much radder place than north carolina [where i am]

    i hope tonights episodes answers at least one of many questions we're all pondering…

  • feldmandigital

    I just finished watching the latest. By far it was the best since Season 1. All characters seem to be coming to a close. Sylar definitely has his mind set on something. Hiro is back in action. I just hope the show moves on…

  • Natas

    Yes yes yes!!!!! What an episode!!! Firstly I must say I am happy that claire and gretchens relationship is solidified and not just because it's so hot (which it is by the way) But because it fits so well and it shows the writers aren't scared to actually have it be what it is. Sylar, though temporarly deposed I doubt will remain so, a teporary setback that is interesting and pleases me just fine, somehow I knew samuels ex would be the spark which ignighted his explosion opening a new doorway of whats to come. I knew Hiro was gonna get healed by his mother…However I didn't see the supernatural means by which it did..I guess Hiros is always Uber-super natural though…..
    I'm guessing Sylar may beg peter to take his powers though I don't think Peter truly needs any outside influence to fully reawaken his Empathic prowess, I think somehow he is holding his own self back subconsessly and is presently unaware of it. I think He will become the leader of the “good” side when lines are drawn eventually….I forsee a war eventually between the groupings of “Heroes” (for lack of a better term) Hiros is becoming mature and entering it's adolecence, this is just the begining.

  • mctguys

    now it is getting better………………..
    Again zachary Quinto(sylar) has proved that he is a great actor.I am happy that Hiro has got better

  • Disappointed

    This season of heroes sucks bigtime. It's gone from an awesome action serie, to a drama serie. And the storlieline isn't really progressing anymore.
    It seems like the writers haven't got a clue on how to continue the show, so insted they just make long dramatic scenes with Claire etc.. They barely even use superpowers anymore, exept those whos' superpowers isn't a lot of trouble to make, like Matt's.

    Bring back the show to how it was during season 1 and 2, then it'll be top notch again.
    (sorry for the bad english. English is my fourth languange :P)

  • samaritan1

    This episode was a mixed bag. Hiro storyline was pretty good in a sense. I'm not sure of the mother healing thing…or if that was his handling of the surgery…or was that real…not clear.

    Sidebar: how STUPID was it for Mohinder to “make” a compass that works to find the carnival?!? How would HE know how to do that? He's an MD, maybe an PhD/MD….what, he's an engineer now? Being an MD myself, I never took the “meta-human compass making class”…must have slept through that. How would he have all the right parts/equipment and most of all…the know-how…to make one, assuming that one could be made, per se? Sloppy sloppy writing and/or editing. [SIGH]

    Samuel's story was so-so. It was dumb how the kidnapped gal came along with him there for a while. In reality, she'd been wigging the whole time insisting on being returned until she was. And dragging out SO FAR to the end of the season so many facets of the Samuel carnival thing is a BIG mistake. The writers better not fail to explain, for ex, how Samuel is teleporting/traveling so fast here and there, how the carnival picks up and moves like it does, and many other such details. Leaving them unanswered is intellectually lazy and completely disregards the viewers in their attempts to suspend disbelief even in the context of a “Heroes world.”

    Claire's story was absolutely horrid. What, she's a bisexual now? Now she want to hold hands with her roomie? Her self absorbed “wah! woah is me I'm different” bitch-fest wore thin a long time ago. So here, Sylar helps her see that she want to be lesbian. Uh….okaayy. Bizarre beyond words and not fitting for a show that started out so strong.

    Slyar: What? So he can “not be alone” he's determined to rid himself of his abilities? The writing here (like w/ Claire) is atrocious. This motivation about not “being alone” is NO way would overpower his lust for abilities. And is a writing sense, is is very muddled and erratic how sitting in a closet with Claire he comes to the conclusion that ridding himself of his powers is the way “to make a human connection.” Yet Claire can seemingly not have to do that in order to be lesbian. Again, shoddy work, writers. You should be ashamed, if not outright embarrassed. You've taken a once strong show and made it into a bizarre illogical soap opra. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  • superdooper

    Whatever! I loved this episode. It showed the human side of Sylar rising again, and that Claire can let her walls down. So what, if she's a lesbian? Sylar wants to get rid of his powers so that he can stop the “hunger” and stop his psychopathic killing spree. He wants to end that addiction so that he can become human again and live a “normal” life. Claire did not have to get rid of her powers because she, as she stated, is not a “psychopath”. Geez, where's YOUR human empathetic side?

  • Anon

    Samaritan – Maybe the info on how to build the compass was in his father's research…

  • Natas

    The compass thing happened so fast I hardly noticed, I was more confused by the fact that he went to keep a promise to some girl (who and what??). I really don't think the claire and Gretchen thing was overly dramatic at all it fit, me and my friend were cheering, besides I think it'll stablize claire if anything. Yeah I was wondering how samuel bounces around as well, but I figured he was using someone at the carnival to do so, but let's not also forget how he is steadly gaining power and we don't know the limits of it. I don't think sylar is finished yet, just affected by what hiro said, but what happens when he finds out what hiro said isn't true….

  • pops

    i believe the girl is the indian chick he is with. the one from the university he teaches at. sorry can't remember her name right now.

  • samaritan1

    Maybe Anon…but the writers owed it to us viewers to give at least a hint as to how it was done. Besides, Suresh, Ando and Hiro had teleported into HRG's apt. Suresh had no research info w/ him, having just escaped the asylum in FL. So prob. not his dad's research.

    These things though deserve at least *some* explanation from the writers…poor poor handling on their part.

  • Supermatt19

    He found out how to make the compas in the episode where hiro put him in the asylum so it wouldn't be hard for him to make another

  • superdooper

    Well, Mohinder was following his father's exact notes and instructions to make the compass, if you recall from that episode when Mohinder first watched the “video” of Samuel's birth. And the chick was his love interest from one of the early episodes of this season, I froget which one, who he'd abandoned numerous times because he was chasing down the mysteries surrounding his father's research. He had promised her that he would stop involving himself in the research and disappearing. Pay attention!

  • Claire

    I know it kinda 'fit' an all but why? She's always like guys before, then was awkward about Gretchen, wasn't really returning feelings, then suddenly she was- in my opinion she(/the writers) forced them on her. Then again I don't really like gretchen :) To stablize Claire i'd get them to move back to Odessa and see Zack again! And like 'Disappointed' I want to see powers again. Killing off charactors and getting 'fresh blood' and talent back in the show is the only help I can find

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this episode though I’m still trying to take it all in.

  • sam

    I enjoyed this episode, it left me wanting to know what happens next!…..I really liked the Hiro dream sequence with Adam(, His father, Ando etc. didn’t expect to see sylar to make an appearance in Hiro’s dream! which was a surprise! (Zac looked very hot in the suit if I must say so myself!)…..Sylar got his answers from Claire, so no pairing whatsoever! thankgod, Glad she’s sorted out the stuff between her and Gretchen too…I liked Sylar in this episode, it was nice to see him a little sensitive and being good for a change yet playing those mind games as he usually does lol!….Next week’s preview is totally ramping up the action once again!, Sylar goes to Matt this time, I think Matt will do the opposite of what Sylar tells him, after all he tormented Matt alot and he is going to get payback from Sylar now, this is perfect for him, revenge is a dish served cold Matt!….Samuel’s storyline, I don’t know but it kind of bored me til the end when he goes mad and destroys everything….Samuel’s plan is officially in action as of next week’s episode, I’m glad his ex told him straight and put her foot down to Samuel despite all that sweet talking! :) bring on next week’s episode!

  • sam

    I think Sylar has finally met his match in Samuel!