Heroes Preview: 4.15 Close to You

Here’s a quick look at next week’s Heroes episode, 4.15, “Close to You”. Also, in a bit of news, a report just came out that Heroes is the #1 most pirated show on the Internet. Being the most pirated show on the Internet is a good and bad thing. The bad part is that people aren’t actually seeing it on TV, which means it doesn’t result in higher ratings for the show. And the good? It means people ARE watching the show, even if they are stealing it. Meaning, the audience IS there, NBC. It’s just a very … non-traditional one.


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) recruits Matt (Greg Grunberg) to help him take down Samuel (Robert Knepper), as they use his long-lost love, Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon), to lure him to them, but Samuel has his own plans for Vanessa in the works. Meanwhile, Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) go to extreme lengths to save Dr. Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Elsewhere, Peter’s (Milo Ventimiglia) introduction of Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) to his mother (Cristine Rose) brings forth visions of a very grim future.

Todd Stashwick and Sasha Pieterse also guest star.

Heroes returns next week Monday 9/8c after Chuck.

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  • kinggenesis

    first hahahaaahaa

  • natas

    wow good for you no actual comment huh? you chud.

  • AKN

    i think peter's empathy evolves and he uses angela's ability to c d future…..must be interesting to see…..i cant wait to see the grand battle of peter & sylar vs samuel, in the carnival….or peter vs sylar and samuel…..which one will it be??…….btw great previous episodes…..loved the african-american's power and wen the carni area became green…..emma's abilities r wonderful….but i still dont get d thing with future peter's scar….he absorbs claire's abilities so it'll be with him wen his abilities evolve…..luv dis season and luv d show…..i hope it continues till a few more seasons…..

  • DNA

    He got Wests power to fly last so he doesnt have her healing powers no more

  • kinggenesis

    yeah no comment i just wanted to be the first one to post . i take it you wanted to be first .(whats a chud). but i have nothing to add to my first post. this show could go either way for me if they cancel it thats cool if it stays on itll only make it one more season so theres no hoping for this show they just need smarter writers who think a whole season out . not 5 episode in advance and just wing it from there . thats not the proper way to handle a show of the magnitud. if it was the show friends or something than maybe but this is an actuall series so it needs to be taking a little more seriously

  • roadhouse

    ive just gotta say im a massive fan and i hope to god peter gets his full power back and hiro gets cured. i think the final wiil be awesome, go sylar go sylar go sylar. roadhouse

  • Cody4

    Yeah but the general consensus is that Peter will get all the powers he has absorbed since he got his new ability. So we would have flying, healing others, time traveling, cryokinesis, telepathy, etc. That would all make sense with the Future Peter we have seen because we see him use all of those abilities but we never see him heal himself, not to mention he has a huge scar across his face. Now that he has absorbed Claire's ability, he should have that too. Unless of course once his power evolves he will have to go collect a hundred powers again, which would suck.

  • aspirapolvere

    I really liked the last two episodes. They were great at dealing with loss, especially for Peter. And Claire's character is becoming more interesting too.
    Finally everything is falling into place.
    It was nice to see Sylar lose to Samuel (even though he could have killed him). It makes things more balanced.
    The Hiro scenes were hilarious. Maybe it's just me, but crazy people add some color to the dialogue. Excellent writing.

    About the piracy, it's unavoidable. It's a sign of the show's popularity. For instance, these new episodes would take months to air in my country (Brazil, if you're curious), so I just download them now. Maybe in the future we could have a worldwide broadcast, with shows airing in the same day for everyone, but that may take a while.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Slacker4LiFe

    You know the thing I just don't understand with Hiro is that even though he is in 'comic land' in his head' He remembers putting docter saresh in a mad/crazy house (a building for crazy people) and he does remember Ando but its like he got cursed or something and he can't talk from reality but just comic stuff but make it sound like it is real (which is funny btw), but anyone can help me understand why is that or is it even possible to someone to mently think like that?

    Anyone think that Sylers father might appear in this season?

    I hope they dont cancel the show in the end of this season, but if they ever do make a new season my guess would be that there would be some super villan that has the same ability as peter from season one, but then again that would be far fetched or something…

    oh hey, just remembered now does that shanty virus or how ever you spell it still exsist from season 2?
    and is Aurthar Petralli really dead?

    whats sylar going to do to do with clare?

    how will hero get his memory back? (Stormtroopers! – lol)
    to be honest hiro seems more funnier when his mind is in comic book land.

  • warscourge

    The black man in the carni did something to Hiro's mind last season and he vanished from the carni only to appear in this current season. I guess that mind control thingy might have caused such a comic side of Hiro. Maybe the mind controller didn't know Hiro has a brain tumor and possibly the brain tumor caused a different effect.

    I'm sure Peter will get back his ability and there will be a good vs evil showdown. Claire was in Sylar's mind because part of Nathan is still in him (I believe). Remember the trailer for the current season with voice over by Sylar? He said, “I might save the world.”

    So it's anyone's guess what the finale for this season be. I would love for Heroes to continue for a couple more seasons. There are just too many characters with abilities that were not properly introduced and how they will affect and effect Samuel's power. It would be interesting to know too.

  • fghfgh

    supervillian who has peters ability +more? syler….
    he has peters original ability

    if by next season peter doesnt have his abilities, im not watching it

  • berto

    Well, as it's been covered in the past…

    the future has been changed; hence season 1. heh.

  • Tarot1

    What I want to know at the moment, is why is Ando in the wheelchair? Was he undercover or did he get injured?

  • cornflakes

    i fell peter is going to recover his powers soonn,,,,,,just let it be…………. i think that the hearing impared girl would give peter the scar

  • Danjacytes

    I second that. Peter better get his old powers back. Most likely cause of the crappy writing they'll probably have something with Sylar and Peter vs Samuel and Peter (with Sylar's help) will get close enough to Samuel to absorb his “one” power and defeat him.

    As for why the show is being pirated so much its probably because by pirating it people dont have to sit through all the horrible Claire scenes. Is it just me or has the whole show revolved around Claire and all her insecurities. It seems every episode has some Claire storyline and its starting to get really boring.

    Ive been a huge Heroes fan but if we dont start seeing some “direction” or “hint” to Peter getting his powers back im gonna stop watching it. Im tired of seeing Sylar beat everyone

  • Cody4

    Wow I never even thought of the possibility of Peter just absorbing Samuel's ability like he did to Sylar at the end of Volume 4. That would make me incredibly mad, I would definitely stop watching atfer that. I told myself that I would never stop watching Heroes, but Peter hasn't had his powers since near the beginning of Volume 3, and it's getting really annoying. He's been my favorite character since Season 1 and I'm so sick of him not being at full power.

  • haftarun8

    I third that. While this season has been an improvement over the last season (though I enjoyed the first few episodes of Villians), GIVE PETER HIS POWERS BACK. If not I won't bother watching beyond this season, as my favorite character has effectively been castrated.

    • black superman

      i also like peter, he is the embodiment of good and sylar is his evil counterpart

    • k.j.

      i fully agree dude yeah, i mean why does sylar get to be all powerful and peter a , well completly useless, he was the man

  • Cody4

    Looks like he's just having a good time. He seems to get right up from it to lightning blast that electrical box.

  • Natas

    I have to agree with a comment(further back) That the overabundence of Claire and her moody crap is getting annoying. Yes I am but Even I don’t think Claire is really that hot, just a common chubby blonde Nikki/jessica/ whoever she changed her name to for the 4th (5th 6th?) time is much hotter. I must say, peter needs to get his powers back, If he doesent eventually get them back I will stop watching the show that’s a gaurentee, sure it was interesting for a minute when he was having to use carful strategy due to his limitation but it’s getting old now. Peter wasn’t intended to be a weak character, and having him powerless does not make the plot of the show better. I actually have a friend who doesn’t want him to get his powers back because he’s “over-powered” But the show needs it’s good guy baddass, it’s the person we all originaly rooted for!! I used to love how everyone needed peter so much, rather than him being a sappy laibility.
    I am so tired of people saying “I hope heros doesen’t end.” DUde, it’s a huge hit show, Chuck would go long before heros, besides what would they replace it with? ANother stupid medical drama or disgusting cop drama? Really, don’t worry people weather or not the plot gets fixed, heros will be around for a least a while longer.

  • jhe22

    negative on collecting the powers again, i believe hiro tries to kill him and he takes his ability and travels to the past regains his abilities from his past self or sylars empathic mimicry and trys to stop samuel from exploding the earth with his ability.