Heroes 4.13/4.14 Upon This Rock/Let it Bleed Discussion Thread

Heroes returns from Winter break with a two-hour block, 4.13 and 4.14′s “Upon This Rock” and “Let it Bleed”, respectively. NBC has been pretty stingy with the promo stuff, and as a result we don’t even have any promo images from the two episodes airing tonight to show you. There isn’t even a proper preview video, except for the two we previously showed you here. Either someone over there isn’t doing their job, or the network doesn’t feel like promoting the show’s return. Either way, it sure seems like a bad way to let people know that Heroes is returning tonight. Anyways, here’s your official discussion thread for tonight’s 2-hour kick-off to the second half of Heroes Season 4.


As Claire (Hayden Panettiere) becomes immersed into the world of the Carnival, she becomes increasingly suspicious of Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) motives. Hiro (Masi Oka) is on a mission to rescue one of his own, but has difficulty communicating his intentions to Ando (James Kyson Lee). Samuel has his sight set on Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) and her ability to complete his master plan. Meanwhile, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) returns to the Carnival in search of answers and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) continues to struggle with the loss of his brother. Elsewhere, H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) sets his plan in motion to take down the carnival.

Todd Stashwick, Saemi Nakamura, Sasha Pieterse and Dawn Lyen Gardner guest stars.

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  • doopster


    I've just read that this seasons ending is going towards unlikely allies and unlikely enemies. So i repeat myself for the third time: peter and sylar are going to work together!! Hiro's goals are rescuing charlie and mohinder and stop the cancer. Within the next two episodes (tonight atlast) were gonna find out what Samuels plan really is, so it's gonna be a big episode tonight.

    But what im really dissapointed about: A source from NBC says its almost sure that this will be the FINAL season of heroes. I sincerly hope that this isnt gonna happen because I love this show and dont want it to end for atleast 5 more seasons, but because of the ratings its problably going to happen.

    Does anyone has suggestions what we can do to stop this from happening???

    Save heroes, save the world!!!!!

  • berto

    I don't think i would trust any “NBC” source; considering that… they all sign stuff stating that they will not discuss anything.. so, i would slate it as rumor anyways.

    Secondly, im super excited for tonight. And, really.. Americans as a whole [and, i surely am one] outrun television shows. I mean, really. we do. One of my favorite shows… is/was Carnivale… which only had two seasons. They didnt get a chance to explain everything, they didnt get a chance to do a third season [a shame.. yes] But, it also made it.. so i had no reason to dislike it. at all.

  • scotty1111

    does any 1 know where i can watch ut online plz

  • Natas

    Well, Let us not forget that Mr. Kring already has plans for season 5..6? I get so confused by the volumes, of course that dosen't mean I have ever missed an episode!

    I think it's ablout time to un-nuter peter, can you believe I actually have a friend that doesent want peter to get his powers back? He thinks he would be overpowered then…but I think it was badass of course! More later Gotta hand over puter…

  • Natas

    hmmm. I think it's also fair to assume that one way or another Hiro isn't going to die, obviously. I would love to see the relationship between Claire and Grethecen mature and it followed by some hot siccoring action but that's unlikely. I think Gretchen may turn out to have a power but we'll see. This how won't end I don't know what everyone's afarid of, IT makes more money for NBC than anything!
    Finally it's time for hero's to get back into gear and stop with the slow ho-hum plot building, may it quickly come to a head!

  • bito

    If you're inside the States you can just watch it on NBC.com. If not then go to something like OVGuide.com and search for tonight ep…it should give you as many as 10 different sites to view it.

  • george

    tim krin is a stupid idiot. you want more views? you need to start by making peter powerful like before and sylar super badass like before if you dont this show sucks so yeh its up to him

  • Hero

    Oh sh*t!! Samuel kicked Sylar's ass!! It's about time.

  • Speed

    kind of looked like two face wow after the sand went away

  • Speed

    so i guess sylar doesn't need to kill ppl get their power he just likes doing it that is interesting

  • blah

    so peter took west power to fly at the end, or magically he had an empathic moment

  • Cody4

    I'm assuming Claire called West, West flew over and Peter took his power just so he could fly and have some memories of Nathan. Even though this was right after he said Claire's power was a good one to hold onto. I'm just really hoping he'll be able to get more powers soon. It was good to hear West's name again though, I liked him as a character in Season 2 and when he was helping out Rebel in the graphic novels.

  • samwisethebrave

    So, going off of the preview and assuming that Peter can only hold on to one ability at a time: Why on earth would he choose to absorb Mrs. Petrelli's ability? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool, but Peter has the whole world at his fingertips. A little part of me hopes that this is a first step towards his ultimate Empath status. But either way, why choose that ability?

  • warnpeace21

    these 1st 2 episodes were really awesome!! They did just enuff to keep it rolling right.. Samuel is a bastard but he's badass.. Great freaking character, he owned Sylar in that little duel (even tho Sylar hesitated).. It was once again Great to see Doyle handle his business with Claire, & Sylar as best he cud & im kinda liking the Multiplyer just a whee bit.. Noah & Edgar were great 2gether, & so was the Iron Maiden lol..

    Its time to speed this pony up now.. & next weeks episode is gonna rip some stuff up.. i wan2 see why Sylar wants Claire.. & by the way it was Awesome to see the real Sylar & i liked his interaction with Lydia.. & now we kno he can take powers 2 ways at will now.. thru empathy & terror

    This show is rolling & emma better get herself together or she's goin to rip thousands of ppl a new one!! Keep going Mr. Kring

    • Anonymous

      I completely agrre with you, there was so much to like in this episodes! Besides the things you already mentioned I like the idea, that Peter struggles with his griving and sort of denial his brothers death. Although I’m everyone but a Claire fan, I like how she encuraged him to come back to reality. With Pete thinking of Nathan and flying in the end, this storyline was beautifully told.

      I loved Samuel (every episode a little bit more) and his scenes with Sylar. This is a strange and very well written relationship, the parallels between them are great. “I’m not a good guy, but I’m not entirely bad either?” Not quite sure, if this quote is comppletely accurate, but it’s close ;-)

      For me:bBoth episodes 9/10 points :-)

  • tmh22

    doesnt nyone remember that when syler was almost good he took took claires power without killing her as well! Just saying! BTW Syler is so hot i cant wait to see why he wants claire maybe some romance there maybe not but i wonder how claire would be able to forgive him for every thing he has done maybe that is the real reason he wants her. But Claires does need a little spice and we are starting to see less and less of gretchen so i think her time might be up or close to.

    • Daisy

      Sylar was unable to kill Claire, even if he wanted to. Said so himself.

  • Wow

    Seriously dude? Seriously?

  • Feddka

    well i guess there is something more Peter wanna do with flying ability then just reminding of his brother :D

  • warnpeace21

    & one more thing, i liked how they paid homage to Nathan by having the jets fly thru the sky at the funeral.. they need to get someone else who can fly like that in this show asap!!! cuz im not feeling the way good ole West flies around, i need to see some Jet propelled smoke flying lol.. Again way to start strong after the break!!

  • Bennet

    Nice episodes..I love the Sylar vs Samuel battle..but I wonder why Claire again..its probably not just because shell live forever like him..

    • Anonymous

      I think Sylar always had a thing for her. In Volume 3 when he worked with her dad he talked to her in the car about how much alike they are and that no one could understand them (or something lake that)

      And in the future where Scar-Peter was from, they had a child… So for me that move is logical :-)

  • Bennet

    tmh22: Sylar sliced open Claires head in the premier of Villains :)