Heroes 4.12 The Fifth Stage Discussion Thread

Here’s your official discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.12, “The Fifth Stage”. Is this the end of Nathan and Adrian Pasdar? It’s looking very likely…


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) is greeted by some unexpected visitors and Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) grand plan begins to come to fruition. Meanwhile, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) struggles to accept the truth and takes extreme measures to get what he wants. Elsewhere, Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) journey leads her to an unexpected destination.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, David H. Lawrence XVII, Madeline Zima, Dawn Olivieri, Todd Stashwick and Elisabeth Rohm guest star.

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  • samwisethebrave

    First? What was with Hiro, Mohinder and Ando running through the forest?

  • geekface

    breaking him out of the insane asylum? guess we won't know til January

  • bluskydaze

    Anyone know the name of the new guy who plays the “multiplier”?

  • darkknightdork

    yea what was all that about?

  • darkknightdork

    also was there a promo for the next episode in january?

  • Joel

    There was none. :( But waiting till January is gonna kill me. Mondays are not my fav as of right now (cries) HURRY UP 2010! I want my heroes!

  • warnpeace21

    Im liking that Multiplier guy, his scene was brief but impactful.. It felt so good to see Doyle in the carnival.. Im glad they gave Nathan a death worth having finally.. Ima miss him, but he gave me hope for january by sayin that we havent seen nothin yet with Peter!!! great fight b2een sylar & peter.. & that was amazing how they showed nathan scared & about to die change to sylar smiling.. very nice & eerie.. Samuel is the ultimate manipulator & i cant wait for january!!!

  • samwisethebrave

    Do you think that that is what they meant, a “you ain't seen nothin' yet” vibe regarding Peter? And Nathan's death scene was nice.

  • Jordan

    What was up with peter's haitian power? I mean wouldn't sylar not even be able to transform into nathan or the nurse? Or be able to throw him out of the elevator like that? And what happened with him wiping his mind? Couldn't he have made him forget everything about himself? And that douchebag at the carnival was over the top. No one's going to break a bottle and strike a random blond girl in the head with it. I mean Heroes is one of my favorite shows but that was so inconsistent

    • aaron

      remember, the mind can heal itself. as adam showed peter how to do it. and sylar is very special like angela petrelli said in season 3. and the haitians power is turned on by choice. so he wouldnt have known that nurse was syllar. but when he had enough time peter blocked his power. then he just forced his brother to the top. kinda like what happened with matt and sylar. always fighting to be in control.

    • pandaeyes

      haitian’s power is not like the kid in xmen. you have to actually used it doesnt happen automatic. and sylar surprised peter, thats why he can throw him out of the elevator.
      and you are right, i dont understand why didnt peter wipe all the stuff out. its a win win
      situation, peter still have a brother and the world is save from syler. but you have to know,
      people like syler, and if syler is out of the picture do you think people will still want to
      watch heroes? syler is like a character that cant taking out. even when syler is not in the
      epso. people will still wonder what syler planing.

  • Rod

    The only thing to say about the plot on this season is: THERE ISN'T ONE. Seriously, the writers don't know what they're doing. It is, by far, the worst season until now.

    Yeah, so you've got a carnival creep doing random things to random for no apparent reason for what, ten episodes? Then you get that boring endless series of people doing things and moving around with no goal but to keep doing things and moving around.

    And then you have two sylars, one in Parkman's head for way too long and one in Nathan's body, except that it is called mid-life crisis? Peter haven't done anything useful until now. The deaf girl is there just to show off, because it makes no sense. Claire keeps going in her lame identity crisis. Her father decides to move on with his life so… well, he keeps doing what he's been doing on the past three seasons. Except that now he has a new girlfriend.

    Tracy is becoming ice and water and, once again, made no difference to the series whatsoever. Hiro has become nothing but a joke. Oh well, he's in love, and he's about to die, but that isn't going anywhere either.

    And when they finally explain what is the carnival all about, it makes absolutely no sense. His brother was trying to keep him down by putting him in a carnival full of powerful peoples – the one thing that will make him stronger? Smart as hell. And the tattoo girl finds out he killed his brother, but that – as everything else – seems to be going nowhere.

    The only good thing about the last episode was the fight between Sylar and Peter, but then again… I would think that Peter, by coming close to the haitian, would have no power, so he couldn't take the haitian's power anyway. Same for Sylar, who is still able to throw Peter through a wall. This USED to be the haitians power. They could have changed it to make sure that the haitian decides to cancel other people's powers, even though the other seasons show differently. But even if it is the case, how could Sylar/Nathan shapeshift after Peter's cancelled his power?

    After that, how come Peter couldn't erase Sylar's memories? Why? It seemed to be easy when the haitian did it. And Nathan decides to kill himself by jumping off a roof? C'mon, memories or no memories, the guy can heal, and they both know that. It was not only predictable, it was plain stupid.

    The thing with Heroes is that, after the great first season, it just started to suck more and more. You think the second season is the worst thing they can do and then comes third season. So you say “it can't get worse than THAT”, and here comes fourth season.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they just forgot about Hiro's cancer in the next episodes, as if it never existed, and they decided to bring back Claire's real mom to set the whole carnival on fire and finish the season like that.

    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if mr. Muggles started to flying.

    But I won't be there to see it. Quitting Heroes from now on. They can't save the series anymore.

    • Anonymous

      I know a lot of people didn’t like what Rod wrote, but there are some interesting points in his rant.
      I felt that there was something missing in this season.
      It seemed like the writers just threw a lot of information together, but without a final plan.
      Like what is Noah doing? It would be nice to see him teaching Shakespeare (it was mentioned in an episode). I have no idea how he pays his rent (or Claire’s tuition), since he has no job, apparently. Still one of my favorite characters.
      Claire – I just don’t care for the whole ‘finding yourself’ phase, and frankly, she hasn’t evolved much as a character since the cheerleader.
      Hiro – Is he still dying? Even if he finds Charlie, what possible future could they have together?
      Sylar was the only story arc that I really enjoyed, especially the conflict between minds inside Matt’s body. That ended way too soon.
      The carnival stuff was the really disappointing part. Samuel is a great new character (good actor, too), but what is his plan? We all know he wants power, but for what purpose?
      Even though Rod said the show has been getting worse, I disagree. The third season was pretty interesting, especially with Arthur Petrelli as a powerful and smart villain.
      But this season is bad, perhaps even worse than the second, and the writers should really work on a compelling story before all is lost.

      • Anonymous

        Samuel wanted to create their new “home” when he has enough people with abilities gathered…My guess, Samuel will have the ability to play God, shaping the earth into what ever he wants, creating his own little safe haven at his brother’s grave site. Suresh warned Joseph that Samuel had the power to kill millions… looks like it might start to get interesting = )
        although I hate to see Nathan die, it ended in a good way I suppose. I just watched the past 3 seasons to refresh my memory. I kinda expected to see Hiro at the carnival and him to meet up with Claire, but now he’s running through the woods…

        Doyle, on a side note, creeps me out

      • warnpeace21

        Doyle is very creepy lol.. Although a lil less creepy clean cut, he needs to grow his 5 day stubble back & he’ll be back to the way i like him lol.. I want to kno wat he has to talk to claire about.. Any thoughts??

  • Moisi

    It's going to be something CRAZY!!!!!

    like another Nuclear explosion.

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    guys. u can download the series here.

    too bad there are many ppl starting to dislike heroes
    and 'quiting heroes'…

  • Krista

    In Response to Rod:

    You seem to assume that the Haitian's power is an uncontrollable aura that cannot be turned off. If you have watched the show from the beginning you should know that powers can be controlled and it should not be assumed that the Haitian's ability to hinder powers cannot be controlled. You also cannot assume that Peter knew how to control the power right away either. The Haitian has, for years lived with, and learned to manipulate his ability to do exactly what he wants it to. Why would you think Peter could suddenly understand the full extent of the power after having it for 5 minutes?

    I don't really understand why you think the Characters “move around without no goal”. Do you actually watch the show or do you just watch the trailers and think you know everything about the show? Every single character has a clear and understood goal this season and if you can't see that then I wish you the best of luck in more close-minded rants.

    What the show skillfully writes in as mystery, you seem to translate into useless waste of time. Why would you watch this show in the first place if you want everything laid out for you in every single episode like a Wikipedia page? Part of what makes this show great is the mystery of the powers, how each character's personality relates to their power in some form, and how circumstance and coincidence (“fate” if you prefer) causes characters to cross paths. Your attitude suggests that you want more x-men style action and don't really care about character development or mystery. Heroes is not for you, sir.

    Your attempt at showing the viewers of this site that Heroes is a lost cause is pathetic. What you claim is not “going anywhere” is simply not going the way *you* want it to and it's cute you think other fans will agree with you. Maybe you should actually watch the show next time and then come back here with something more substantial to prove. Until then, the rest of us will be watching willfully and enjoying the show for what it is.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EW4IHMTUEKAXSHXOTIUXUTBMGA Angelo

      Well said and put Krista I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been a faithful fan since season 1. I think this season is the best since season 1. If this would have been Season 2 I think the show would have taken off to a new level. The question I have for you guys is do you think peter didn’t push Syler in part of the fact he remembered what Parkmen said that a piece of Syler stayed with him and the fact that that was Syler’s body and not Nathens. Now that Syler is Syler he wouldn’t have any memories of the Carnival right? Since sylar was in Parmens head and the Sylar at the Carnival was realy Nathen’s mind. So my other Question is Do you think Samual goes after Sylar trying to bring him back? Wow imagine if he did that it would be a buffet style for Sylar.

      • Anonymous

        I think that all depends on Sylar’s next move now that he’s back body and soul. Seeing that one way or the other, everybody’s making their way to the carnival, it’s only a matter of time before he stops by.
        It would be almost too awesome if the Carnival turns into the battleground for the Peter/Sylar battle that seems to be brewing. I mean, basically the battle would come down to arms race between the two, seeing who can acquire the handiest abilities the fastest–and of course Samuel and his peeps won’t be simply standing around.
        I’m not holding my breath for a battle royale; it’ll be either way too short, or mostly off-screen if past fights are any indication -_-” BUT it is nice to dream :D

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree with u….u r a true heroes fan…..the show is doing great…

  • heroguy

    I totally agree with you, also Nathen jumped off the building not to “kill” himself but he knew
    hhe was changing back to Sylar so he threw himself off the building to put some space between them. Also its only the 10th chapter and not everyone (especialy the new characters the deaf girl who can see sound and appearantly can control it as well) has a clear goal or path Maybe she was simply ment to meet peter so he can convince her to go back to medicine. The thing with the Carnival makes sence we dont know that back when Samuals Brother was alive that there were Specials at the carnival. There most likley was but Samuals brother was keeping the secret that if he gathered enough, or maybe the key individuals, that his power would grow 1000 times. I have a feeling its the later I think the Tatoo girl showed sam the specials he needs to become super powerful. The third series actually mentions a person who created an earthquake and killed numerous people (when future Peter takes his past self to the future). Also the guy at the carnival demanding his money back was drunk obviously, and him breaking the bottle and attacking Clair isnt shocking or stupid Alcohol does weird things to people for example I know 2 best friends who got really drunk and got into a knife fight and one got stabbed in the neck luckily he got the hospital on time, anyways my point is drunk people are unpredictable (especially when angry). So instead of saying this part makes no sence, why not think about it for a second and then say oh maybe this is why, have a little bit of imagination. This show isnt highly realistic I dont know if you noticed it but these people have super powers lol.

    • berto

      samuels brother kept the ammount of “carnies” around to a minimal; therefore keeping his powers down to a minimal…
      also explaining why samuel keeps attempting to attract more and more to live there.

  • warnpeace21

    yea thats wat i got from it.. besides, they've left peter without his full powers for long enuff.. so im hoping for the best with that, I felt like it was a hint for somethin mega (good) to happen to peter.. & even tho nathan was already dead i didn't understand how they'd be able to kill him off for good, but hell wat can i say.. THEY PROVED ME WRONG!!! It was well thought out, touching & creepy all at the same time (even tho i am against them tryin to & finally succeeding @ killing Nathan).. That was a great scene & a good note to leave out on til January.. Wat was ur take on it samwisethebrave??

  • dannycc

    Hey anyone else think samuel is after the deaf girl? It's already said that around the right power samuel's seisimic ability could grow exponentially, and in an earlier episode deaf girl is playing the cello and became upset, tearing a hole in a concrete wall. Samuel already said in reference to claire “she's not the one i'm after” and my knowledge of physics is pretty poor but if the two powers (seismic and sound destruction) combined surely it would be the end of all things? who knows!!!

    • Anonymous

      I think he was actually referring to Noah when he said that ,to get revenge of somesort because he showed up on a tattoo and sam said that he had a run in with him before, Im sure we’ll see an episode of what happened between them 2 soon. Getting Claire to join the Carnival would lead Noah to the carnival aslo.

      • ron

        hi after samuel said “she’s not the one i’m after”, did you guys notice claire’s friends cars window change from having the image of the carnival to nothing? or did the carnival just disappeared?

      • warnpeace21

        the carnival disappeared.. idk how samuel does it, but he moves the hell outta that place lol.. so theres no definite location of the carnival at least that we kno of.. he probly can set it down anywhere so that its not so ez of a target to outsiders & people who are power hungry like Mr. Gray lol.. But i am glad im not the only 1 who seen that sir..

      • Anonymous

        theres most likly a person with the ability to hide places and things

      • Brett

        He wouldn’t be after Noah. He could have killed him already. The guy who cut Claire’s face with the bottle was dead in the back of that truck when Gretchen drove off. She must have a power, and Samuel needs Claire because otherwise Gretchen has no reason to live with them.

      • Brett

        He wouldn’t be after Noah. He could have killed him already. The guy who cut Claire’s face with the bottle was dead in the back of that truck when Gretchen drove off. She must have a power, and Samuel needs Claire because otherwise Gretchen has no reason to live with them.

  • warnpeace21

    I don't think it'll be a nuclear explosion, i think they're going to start making the plots more personal to each character rather than Colossal to the world.. I think they need to figure out a way to turn Matt into in evil character, he has the potential to be the most powerful heroe he's just to soft lol.. But i digress, u cud be right… it cud be something huge but we'll jus have to wait & see in january friend

  • warnpeace21

    i felt it was consistent, bcuz she jumped in the middle of a fight & touched the guy & he was Filthy stinkin drunk!! So he probly wuda did that lol.. & i assumed peter kinda felt it was sylar in the elevator so he didn't use the power until he got him in a better place.. he didn't wipe is mind & remember he said he'd let him heal (meaning he'd turn off Rene`s power) if he changed back into nathan.. Also Rene turned his power off so that peter cud take it & use it, otherwise he wudnt have ben able to take it at all.. the haitian had to let him take it (he has the power to turn his ability on & off as well).. so it was very consistent bud.. Jus somethin for u to think about

    • pandaeyes

      nobody can turn their power off, but only mat’s son. and its control by the brain.
      if your not thinking about it, then you cant use it. and plus if all the people can
      turn their power of, then whats the point of matt son’s power?

  • warscourge

    One thing that might be true is that Peter might not know how to control haitian's power well enough. Even if he could and even if he erased Sylar's memory from his body, the memory will still come back. Remember Sylar can heal, even memories. That's why Claire can't be haitianed (if there's such a word).

    I do agree there are mysteries surrounding different characters and I'm sure with writers some coming up with some fantastic stories for them. Do not condemn and demean the series or even the writers. If you think you are so good at story-telling, then I respectully ask you to apply for a job to write on Heroes. Otherwise just let the story evolves and see the struggles and strengths that the Heroes have.

    • warnpeace21

      well said warscourge

    • Anonymous

      do you know how to go about getting a job cause i got a real good story for heroes. ill bring adam (kensi) back and tell his entire back story in a 3 to 5 episode arc entire episodes though the guy was 400 years of … thats a lot of story to tell. and then of coars probably kill him off again but in that story well get to see all the old heroes come together and form (more than)one company and how arthur and angela meet . but thats if i can get te job .. i actually got the story all written down to the T. with no plot hole and it all hpretty much ties up with the gn’s and what weve seen in the show.

  • warnpeace21

    Krista ur a wonderful person for setting the record straight in the right way, heroguy i jus said the same thing about the guy being drunk as well.. someone said its getting too inconsistent, this is the most consistensy since season 1.. Oh & Krista i also said the same thing about Rene`s power being controllable in the message to the other fella.. ppl jus automatically think Rene aka the haitians power cant be turned off or controlled.. its just always on.. anyway i think us 3 shud start comparing notes & views on wat we see wen january 4th gets here…