Heroes 4.11 Thanksgiving Promo Images and Video, and 5 Preview Clips

Looks like a lot of plotlines are finally coming together on next week’s Heroes episode, 4.11, “Thanksgiving”, as well as, possibly, the the final appearance of a familiar character. Here is your full preview for next week’s Heroes episode, which judging by the promo video, will be anything but a very happy Thanksgiving.


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) hosts an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner. Elsewhere, the Petrelli family gets a surprise guest at their table. Meanwhile, Samuel (Robert Knepper) continues to hold Hiro (Masi Oka) hostage, as Lydia (guest star Dawn Olivieri) goes in search for the truth.

Ashley Crow, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Madeline Zima, Ray Park, Harry Perry, Elisabeth Rohm, Andrew Connolly also guest star.

Update: Added five clips from the episode.

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  • fans122

    so.. what exactly is Samuel's power?

  • Guest

    Have you not been watching the show or something? He can control the earth/ground. Now we have an ability for earth, air, fire, and water (kind of spiritual). Remember in season 3 when we had a glimpse of the future in 4 years as it was being destroyed? Hiro saw the ground moving from the inside out, destroying the entire city. Tonight we learned about the potential of Samuel's ability to intensify when he is around the emanating force from other superhumans. This ties in with that glimpse of the future from last year…we're supposed to infer that it's Samuel who literally breaks the Earth into pieces.

  • Franklin

    That completely slipped my mind. The only thing that had occurred to me was the possiblity that Claude was hiding Becky. Thinking back to season one with the episode Company Man when Bennett had flashbacks about Claude and asked him who he was hiding. My theory is Becky.

  • tom

    who has air? Nathan?

  • Harley

    No, he was hiding Sparrow Redhouse, shes a GN character who is believed to be one of his relitives…

  • TM

    Ok, if they start saying Peter is The Avatar wielding earth, fire, air, and water, I'm out LOL.

  • AJ

    Sylar will come out sooner or later and Nathan will be gone. It's already been confirmed for about a month that Adrian Pasdar is a goner.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Peter cant take the empath ability from Sylar. Wouldnt he have done that already at the end of season 3? Unless, his power is the same as his fathers'?

  • kinneas182

    Peter touched Nathan in the past episode, assuming that he would only get the ability to fly. However, this makes me think that he now has Sylar's power, but is simply unaware of it.

    This shall be interesting to see in the next episode. Otherwise, if Peter can only fly.. then I would say that they're all dead. Unless, of course.. Renae eats Thanksgiving Dinner with them.

  • bjamin128

    where's Lyle?…haha

  • sds

    I also think he either knows he has them or is unaware of having them. I can see a Sylar killing Peter and Peter 'inadvertantly healing' scene coming on.

  • samwisethebrave

    Hah! You're right, they seem to have misplaced him…

  • matheroe

    The if you remember last session Peter chose to only take shapechange. He had fine control then. The effect this time when Peter touched Nathan looked very similar to the effect when Nathan touched Matt.

  • taheim

    i wish this touch and go effect pete has would go away he was better with the absorbing ability then his powers were permanent but even then it was fake remember sylar had take the power from the sensitive hearing lady as well as the mexicans well and the i know when ur lying power from the other chick will peter came in contact with him numerous times after but never gained any of the abilities this is a great show ubt just leavesa to many gaps sometimes for those of us who really pay attention to wats going on

    • rico

      yea, those inconsistencies are annoying

  • needsomeaction

    However, nothing of it all matters as we never get to the point, any point, in fact… Heroes is just pissing around theories and, weaker and weaker clues. About time something real happens. Massive power use and fights should be on the agenda very soon, otherwise I think a lot of people will ditch the series. I will, anyways…

  • Tarot1

    terrakinesis similar to Sparrow Redhouse

  • Tarot1

    The time is about right and Claude would have seen her but based on the GN's I really think Claude may have been hiding Abby… It is possible that Claude was hiding both Becky and Abby and some others we don't know about or suspect yet.

  • Tarot1

    Um it's Abby who seems to be Claude's relation not Sparrow. Abby makes forcefields and Sparrow's power is similar to Samuel's.

  • jodeo

    Well, Mohinder's back – but what gives with the padded cell? Hiro??? I think there's more to it than that…

  • shantivirus

    now that peter has taken the flying power he will be unable to heal hiro and so that episode where he gets it was a waste of time then

    • AJ

      not exactly. Sylar has the ability to absorb powers as well, so you would think since Peter has been hanging around Nathan/Sylar, he has the healing ability now. Peter can take it back at any time.

      • DD

        sylar has the ability to ‘take’ powers by killing the person and absorbing it
        from their brains or w/e
        peter has the ability to absorb the powers being used around him..even
        unintentionally..like with the deaf woman..so i doubt sylar has the healing

      • AJ

        Wasnt there an episode where it was discovered he didnt have to slice the top of their head off? I forgot what power he took, it was last season, but he didnt have to look at their brain. It wasnt Claire either. It makes sense because he never took Nathan’s head off, but he can still fly.

      • Fusion

        He took Ell’s power (I believe that’s her name) without killing her. Well, he killed her later, but hey.

      • AJ

        yup, that’s right. so, would it not be out of the question to say Sylar aquired the healing power from Peter, or would he have to actually focus on taking it?

  • Linwe

    He took the ability that was active at the time, either that or he can control which ones he takes. That's what it seemed like in the end of Fugitives when he injects Sylar and says, “bet you didn't think I took that one.”