Heroes 4.11 Thanksgiving Discussion Thread

Here’s your official discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.11, “Thanksgiving”.


H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) hosts an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner. Elsewhere, the Petrelli family gets a surprise guest at their table. Meanwhile, Samuel (Robert Knepper) continues to hold Hiro (Masi Oka) hostage, as Lydia (guest star Dawn Olivieri) goes in search for the truth.

Ashley Crow, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Madeline Zima, Ray Park, Harry Perry, Elisabeth Rohm, Andrew Connolly also guest star.

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  • Arun

    Where's Lyle? LOL

  • Darth

    he is in school…

  • SomeGuy

    I thought the show was starting to be a little different but now they started to do the same things they do every year. Most annoyingly, Claire and her relationship with her dad. It usually goes in the beginning of the season she's totally happy with him, then in the middle she hates him for some reason and goes behind his back to do something he doesn't want her to do, and then by then end they're all happy again. Tonights episode was the same for her by stealing the compass and finding the carnival after lying to her dad.

    The second this is they kill off Nathan every year only to bring him back at the beginning of the next season, which they are doing again. Don't give me crap about spoilers when they do this every year, it's just expected. I don't know if they'll bring him back next season but I wouldn't doubt it.

    Other than that, I'm enjoying this season, especially last episode.

  • Hero

    Well, looks as though Peter doesn't have Sylar's abilities afterall. However, it looks like Peter is going to borrow the Haitian's ability to take on Sylar next week. Should be very interesting. How will Sylar escape this? We all know he will.

  • Proskiracer

    Dosen't the guy with the dreads wipe minds, what happens to hero?

  • warnpeace21

    pretty decent episode… Yes i am getn tired of Claire getn mad at Noah, i hope they stray away from that in the coming episode.. Im diggin the Petrelli/Sylar situation & the Carnival family is starting to slowly disassemble somewhat.. I dont think Edgar is gon make it thru the 1st half but i hope he does.. & that guy really flubbed Hiro up good didn't he… that shud be interesting, I hope Matts ready to put on his Big Boy pants wen we come back from seeing him.. All in all a Happy Thanksgiving episode.. & Lauren is fine as that thang, i hope he holds on to her at least for an extended period of time;-) Lets go Noah!!

  • dannnn

    Overall I thought that was a bloody good episode…I just wish NBC didn't Hold Peter Back As he could be doing quite a lot of good…But i also think that the storyline is kinda getting a bit predictable with the claire and “daddy” relationship..they happy beggining of season then next thing you know unhappy because claire goes off..I really do hope that Claire gets to stay with Gretchin as they makea goood couple.I'm also liking the Sylar/Nathan Situation aswell:) specially as nathan seems to have a more powerful mind than i/we thought(Must have had good mind strength to get himself bk in control)..so yeah 8/10 so far for this season

  • merlinmaus

    OK, I have to post t hat as a guest, for some reason the connection to twitter fails: I'm not so fond of this episode for all sorts of reasons: I agree with @Someguy and besides that I don't like the Pete/Sylar/Nathan direction. Now we are back to square one, when Pete is all good, Sylar all bad and everything is just black or white (German expression, I hope it make sense in English too). I prefer having “bad” people doing the “right” descisions and “good” people doing the “wrong” ones. I guess, that's to complex… But from time to time they've done that in that show and it was that eps, which hooked me. But now there seems to be nothing left of it (?). And it still doesn't make sense to me, that Pete and Nathan could discover Nathans body last ep, when it was burned last season. I hoped they would explain it this, but obviously they didn't. So it's a 6/10 for me. I guess.

  • biblioboffin

    At the end of last season a shape shifters body (who had transformed into Sylar before being killed by Sylar) was retrieved from storage and burned in 'The Invisible Thread.'

  • frozenberry

    I was looking forward to this episode because Sylar was finally reunited with his body and than I prayed that Nathan would just disappear. Unfortunately, as the series always do they bring Nathan back. -.- Couldn't he just be dead already? Why can't the characters that are pronounced dead stay that way…well except for the good ones to keep the plot going but other than that I hope Nathan is gone from Sylar's mind just so I can have the peace of mind that he's actually dead.

  • petrellifan

    I wish Sylar would be gone and Nathan could stay. Nathan's so much more interesting :D Sylar disgusts me on so many levels…

  • manny

    what could've been more interesting is nathan having a doule personaility. but still being nathan, but at times just does evil things for the sake of it.

    in other words he is nathan 100% except he has a tendancy to do evil things. that would make for an interesting sibling relationship and when peter finds out nathan is doing these bad things for no reason and they can duke it out

  • matheroe

    Hmm… Where to start this week? Im a bit confused by Claire. Even with the love hate daddy thing it seems against character to head to the guy who tried to kill your dad and condoned the killing of your roommate.Thats all ill say on that. Peter and family. Angela's mind is a bit fractured. Maybe clairvoyance gives you tumors to. I really thought Peter went for the gusto last week and took “the Hunger” guess not(?). Hiro i think went to go get Suresh . Dr. Watson makes some sense for a mindF'd nickname.Unless he was refereing to a sidekick(Ando). Im also going to guess that Edgar's on his way to Noah right now for help.

  • WEird0

    This is getting anoying, if you ask me, pete can just borrow hero's abilities and travel back and save nathan, and why can hero just travel back and get the girl arelady? and nathan wont die, and the whole carnival thing is just a lame filler, REALLY the writters cant come with something better?

  • biblioboffin

    Perhaps Nathan's dead body can be brought back by someone who has the ability to raise the dead, or even by someone who can give life to inanimate objects (like Matt Parkman's son <s>), in a re-animated kind of way. Don't always need time travel.

  • Brian

    I agree with most of the posts about the show focussing on Claire/HRG's relationship too much.

    Good last couple of episodes, though.

    I wish they would do another “future” episode, kind of like “5 Years Gone” – wishful thinking…..

    I thought I heard once (back during S1), that the show's goal was to run 5 years and end with Peter vs. Sylar (just like in 5 Years Gone)?

  • Tarot1

    I was really impressed with last night's episode. Even with the much expected boatlod of awkward at the dinners, there were laughs, moments that left you in shock and a few things that gave the viewr food for thought, such as the whole debate of what made Nathan, Nathan? Sylar got his mind back but it would appear that Nathan isn't trully gone yet.

  • merlinmaus

    Ups, I'm gonna re-watch it. Lucky me I have season 3 on DVD, meaning, I can add the subtitles so I can be sure, not to miss something (again). Thanks for the help :-)

  • merlinmaus

    I would agree with you if you exchange Nathan by Sylar ;-) Sorry, just being a ZQ fan, that's all ;-)
    I would love to see Sylar beeing Sylar, but has the tendency to do good things, like at the future Sylar in Volume 3….

  • merlinmaus

    I believe Nathan will stay at least for another ep, don't you think? I agree with you on the peace of mind thing, and I really wish for the characters sake, that they will find a “good last episode” and not, as you say, bring him back over and over again.