Heroes 4.10 Brother’s Keeper Promo Video

Here’s the promo video for next week’s Heroes episode, 4.10, “Brother’s Keeper”, which, judging by all the news concerning a certain firing, will probably be the final appearance for one of the Heroes.


Samuel (Robert Knepper) learns just how powerful he can become and takes dangerous measures to reach his full potential. Meanwhile, as Tracy (Ali Larter) begins to lose control of her ability, one of her own comes in harms way. Elsewhere, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues his battle with Matt (Greg Grunberg).

Kavi Ladnier, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ravi Kapoor and Andrew Connolly guest star.

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  • kiwi2410

    Its sad to see Adrian (Nathan Petrelli) leave the show. I wish tht he could stay, If thy have his body and thy r going 2 give the real nathan a funeral ceremony, y cnt thy bring him back using claire's blood

  • Nexisis

    Because that would mean bring him back again!!! Eventually someone on this show has to stay dead!!!

  • aspirapolvere

    I really enjoyed the last episode. It showed how strong Matt Parkman is, because he was willing to die just to keep Sylar from leaving his mind. Nice character development, since I never cared too much about Parkman before this. About Nathan's farewell, I think it took too long. Flight is a great power to have, but they didn't explore it as much as they could. And politics is a sore subject to many, so it should be left alone. I think other people need to leave the show too. They don't need to die, but it's nice to change the characters every once in a while. We always miss the people who left the show. (I miss Adam Monroe and Elle Bishop) Sometimes we get tired of seeing the same thing over and over.

  • kiwi2410

    i m a big fan of the petrelli brothers. its heartbreaking 2 see nathan leave the show and pronounce him dead completely. i was always under the impression tht there would b some twist somewhere during the course of the episodes. something like sylar gets his body back and thn thy use claires blood and bring back nathan, some thing like tht

  • Tarot1

    Thanks for the vid. I fear for the outcome of this Nathan/Sylar mess as I feared when Angella first proposed it and HRG seconded it.

  • Db

    I really love this show. Anyone else realize that Hiro doesn't know Sylar is still alive b/c their paths have never crossed since the end of season One (in that Hiro tells Sylar at the diner that he'll die b/c the heroes stand against him)? The Nathan-Sylar transformation should be an awesome episode coming up.

  • Hereos lover

    who is this dumb color seeing chick.. Her powers suck and everytime they show her scenes I cringe because there is no point. I mean I just watched an hour of heroes to see this chick decide to go back to med school like really who cares. They killed off all the good characters and now it just sucks.. I really hope they fix what they did to the show cause if not I fear it's headed towards cancelation… and oh yea get rid of the dumb deaf chick or give her a purpose.

  • jamnrpm

    Obviously you aren't a real “Heroes lover”, or you wouldn't be bashing a new power. Who knows? She may discover that she can use the colors she is seeing. Remember when she was playing the cello, and was all ticked off and the colors cut into the wall? Besides, if the writers stuck to the same 3 characters all the time, people would get bored with it. They have to keep us interested somehow…. you know how fickle people can be.

  • jamnrpm

    Well, not totally. Hiro and Ando were at Sylar's “funeral”. So Hiro thinks that he's dead, just like everyone else. Has anyone wondered where Angela Petrelli is during all this? She usually has her sticky fingers in the middle of eveything. I kinda miss her meddling!

  • no0r

    Also, remember Hiro transports Sylar and Elle to some deserted beach from Claire's home where sylar ends up killing elle? Guess Hiro is in kinda loop of things somehw.

  • bets

    yes, i miss her meddling too..she needs to somhow come up w/a plan to get nathan back cuz losing a petrelli just sucks!

  • Nate

    I just would like to see Peter get his powers back. This one power at a time thing really seems to be dragging on. You would think eventually he would find someone to energize his powers (ie. Matt Parkman's kid).

  • real_hero

    i agree with you.its very said that peter have only one power.when sylar will get back his body then he would revenge.so when they will meet each other peter will be a lot weAKER THAN SYLAR!!!(sorry for my english)

  • NEthing4laughs

    Yes, Matt Parkman is the only one strong enough to face Sylar now. So, if Sylar does end up getting his body back, that means he already beat him. Unless Parkman can trap Sylar's evil side inside Sylar's body and keep Nathan's also in there. Parkman's dad would have been able to do that using a trap room in his mind. That would also lead well into the future where Sylar has a son and sees Peter as a brother but keeps his Sylar form.

  • Xmen

    IF Sylar will get his body back, the only one who can face him is Haitian. I think Haitian is back to heroes to stop Sylar or Samuel. Haitian comes back when someone getting too strong, like in case of Arthur.

    I like Haitians powers

  • Mmmmmmm tasty

    Hail to the Haitian =]
    Well cool like, doesnt talk that much and doesn't really need a story.

    Hes a cool mysterious guy, maybe?
    But hes basically human, a power that can turn of other powers wow.
    Not good, unless he kicks ass at fighting Lol
    I like him.

  • pirate

    But he is awsome.

  • Dave

    Now that Sylar was it Matt's head he now knows how to use his ability. Which means Matt's ability won't work on Sylar anymore. Even the Haitain had trouble stopping Arthur. Remember he started bleeding out of his nose, saying he was too powerful? Now imagine him trying to do that to Sylar? I think the only one that can stop Sylar is Peter. But Peter has to remember how to call on abilities, like the guy taught him to do in Season 1. If he stays at the one ability at a time thing, hes gonna be in trouble. Maybe Samuel tries to stop Sylar? When he sees Sylar hes gonna act like Sylar is one of them, which with that carnival of people with abilities with Sylar there is a kid in a candy store. Should be interesting. This has been my favorite season so far beside 1.

  • jamnrpm

    I'm sure they will come up with something. Even if they don't, I guess Nathan will have finally paid for all of his old sins. Who knows? Maybe what Mohinder discovered will help them!

  • jamnrpm

    That's a great idea! I think your right. The kid energized both Hiro and Ando in the car on their trip to NY, didn't he?

    Peter definately needs all of his powers. That's probably what I liked most about 'Future Peter'. He could go toe to toe with Sylar.