Heroes 4.10 Brother’s Keeper Discussion Thread

Here’s your discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.10, “Brother’s Keeper”.


Samuel (Robert Knepper) learns just how powerful he can become and takes dangerous measures to reach his full potential. Meanwhile, as Tracy (Ali Larter) begins to lose control of her ability, one of her own comes in harms way. Elsewhere, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues his battle with Matt (Greg Grunberg).

Kavi Ladnier, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ravi Kapoor and Andrew Connolly guest star.

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  • Adam

    Maybe Peter will be intelligent enough to take Sylar's (or his brothers) Empathy tonight, god the writers really dont want Peter at full strength do they? Is it really that hard for Peter to realise that if his brother has all these powers, he 'borrows' Sylars empathy and will be back at full strength.
    Probably not going to happen due to Peter trying and then muttering 'damm budget cuts'.

  • Tarot1

    I had a thought regarding Peter's current power. He only uses the healing side of it but Sylar would give him cause to use the other side of it….

  • Pavan

    How did Sylar/Nathan Fly Last week? Sylar never took Nathan's ability???

  • Dennis

    Some how he got at the end of last season when nathan and sylar got into that fight. Remember the scene during the last episode, because sylar flew into the room and killed nathan, after there fight outside.

  • Sylar

    He's an empath

  • Sylar

    He's an empath

  • jamster1234567

    sylars ability is empath he got brain power from his dad though empathy

  • bets

    wow, this episode was AMAZING! it was great to see Mohinder back and i'm glad that angela will be in next week's episode, i've missed her…so anyone have any ideas on where Sylar's mind went? he seems to be floating nowhere at the moment…although, he's prolly just biding his time in nathan/sylar's body

  • Hero

    I think Peter got all of “Sylar's” abilities by touching Nathan on that hill top, or more likely absorbed his empathy at the same time he took flight. In either case, I think Peter will be able to hold several abilities or start absorbing them one at a time like in season one.

  • neng

    Nathan is gone now. It all sylar. He playing everyone and will kill everyone now. Sad but through I think peter will never have his old ability back.

  • merlinmaus

    I just watched the next eps trailer, so I think Sylars mind still is somewhere in Nathan… Although in this ep it looked like it could switch to Peter (?)
    I enjoyed Mohinder too, I really missed him!

    This episode is one of my favourite so far, despite the fact, that it hasn't enough ZQ in it ;-) But everybody else was so carefully written and it was an exiting storyline, I really couldn't turn away from my laptopp at any time

  • Adam

    I think your right Hero, when Peter touched (nathen/ sylar) on the hilltop. I thought why is he giving up healing? Unless he realised that Sylar has Empathy, when he took 'flight' Peter's face to me said'does he know what ive done?' as though he took Empathy and 'absorbed' all Sylars powers.
    It would explain why he looked confident at the end of the episode when he was talking to Sylar/Nathen because he knew if anything went wrong he could handle it.
    Maybe im wrong, but when peter took flight I think he may have been pretending to take just that so Sylar wouldnt suspect anything, but actually he took Empathy and absorbed all the powers (which could also be why he looked exasuated, remember season 1 when absorbing a lot of powers he looked just like that)

  • robert

    how will peter save hiro from his illness?

  • sds

    I too think Peter took all of his abilities. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much but he had a 'smile' about him, perhaps that was just to signify to 'Nathan' that he could follow him, perhaps it was a test to 'feel' what abilities he was absorbing. I hope he took his abilities, they could go somewhere awesome with this 'lightswitch' Nathan and Peter together, Sylar could emerge at any minute (as it looks from the preview) and some hopefully exciting fight scenes could happen.

  • Em

    Didnt Peter already take Sylars Empath ability at the end of last season???

  • kevinY

    They are not going to give Peter his old power back by touching Sylar. Peter DID do that at the end of last season and it only resulted in getting all of Sylar's acquired powers. Since then he can only retain those powers acquired from the last person. Peter might feel better knowing that he has all of Sylar's powers, including the healing.

  • matheroe

    If you remember Peter chose to take shapechange at the end of last season he didn't want the hunger. “didnt think id take that one” I think that was the line

  • matheroe

    If you remember Peter chose to take shapechange at the end of last season he didn't want the hunger. “didnt think id take that one” I think that was the line

  • matheroe

    I will say the special effect when peter took Nathans power was very similar to the effect when Mat touched Nathan. Their is also something to the fact that when peter went to get sylars power in the future(the scene with Sylars kid), that Sylar still refered to him as his brother and subsiquent episodes revealed that not to be true, or is it?

  • Pag_v1

    hmm, go to wonder where sylar went, it's either Peter or Nathan, hoping Peter took the Empathy ability, if Sylar is in Peter though, he could have took his powers back from Nathan's body, and just be playing Nathan. Can't wait for next week, still love this show after 4 seasons, i know it gets a lot of bad talk about it, but damn its good!

    • bets

      yeah, i guess i didn’t think of Sylar’s mind going into Peter’s..but that could be why Peter was so nonchalant and gave that smile to Nathan..that’d be so weird but cool having Sylar’s mind in Peter’s so they both fight Nathan who’s actually Sylar to begin with..strange..i love how after each episode a crazy amount of possibilities open up..its fun guessing what might happen next..i’m usually wrong but i’m definitely interested to see what happens next. and thank God they didn’t kill Mohinder off..i hope he keeps comin back