Heroes 4.09 Shadowboxing Discussion Thread

Here is your official discussion thread for tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.09, “Shadowboxing”.


Claire (Hayden Panettiere) is determined to get to the bottom of the Sorority Rush attacks on her own, until H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) intervenes only to realize he may be the source of her troubles. Meanwhile, Peter’s (Milo Ventimiglia) new ability is a perfect fit for his job and gives him the opportunity to help Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) accept her new life. Elsewhere, Sylar’s (Zachary Quinto) battle at gaining full control over Matt’s (Greg Grunberg) body escalates — with potentially dangerous implications at stake.

Kat Purgal, Carlease Burke, Danica Stewart, Candice Patton, Sally Champlin and Assaf Cohen guest star.

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  • Tarot1

    I'm trying to figure out if the pic above is Sylar controling Matt or Matt trying to control Sylar who's been “driving” Matt's body since “Strange Attractors.”

  • kinneas182

    I think it's Sylar trying to act as if Matt would in the situation. Imagine that Matt is acting as if the officer is talking to him, considering he will be using his name, etc. (We all know how goofy and slightly dumb Matt can be)

    Then, just assume that Sylar is mocking him by copying his every action, acting exactly as Matt would.

  • warnpeace21

    I think its wat Sylar is doin considering he's driving the bus now.. Its time to pick up the action this episode (at least slightly).. I think it'll be a good one.. Cant wait another 38 mins

  • jodeo


    [spoilers ahead]


    Matt made Sylar basically commit suicide, killing Matt too.
    BUT the promo for next week reveals that
    - Matt survives with Sylar back in the out of body mode, byt
    - Peter finds out and comes to save Matt from his injuries, and
    - It's Nathan who apparently flew Peter to Matt's aid, therefore…
    Sylar's gonna get his body back and start killing.

    Since the timeline has been altered and Sylar didn't kill Charlie, Sylar no longer has encyclopedic knowledge. Does that have a bearing on what will happen?

    And where was Charlie in the episode? We'll find out in the future (or, perhaps, in the past).

    Anyway, Hiro is going to…
    GO back in time to save Mohinder, and
    NOT to back to save Nathan.

    I was hoping this season Nathan would just cross over and become a bad guy, in the Senate and manipulating events to start a war or something.

    But apparently he's going to be completely killed off.

  • Asher

    Do Clair and Gretchen stay together this season?
    I hope so, they were cute and Clair needs a break.

  • Indielover

    Do Clair and Gretchen stay together this season?
    I hope so, they were cute and Clair needs a break.

  • warnpeace21

    it shudn't have any effect on the here & now since Sylar lost that power anyway during season 2 when he was injected with the Shante Virus..

  • warnpeace21

    Pretty good episode.. Like the fact that Gretchen left cuz lets be real, she wudn't be able to handle seeing that kinda stuff on everyday basis.. Finally got to see the Haitian!! & his name is Renee` another mystery answered!! Starting to really like the Sylar/Matt situation.. & that damn Samuel, wat else can i say that'd make his character more amazing!! He's great, powerful & crafty, i hope he becomes a staple “bad guy”.. & they're putting more meat on the Emma character which is good… Keep on rolling Heroes… Next weeks episode looks like some stuff shud hit the fan..

  • Ronon

    Not exactly how I thought the Haitians name would be revealed, but Renee it is. This entire episode was cool.

  • nengy

    THat some thing I wonder. He didn't lose all ability because his original power is fixing thing and hunger for more. So what is are all his ability now …can someone plot the timeline of sylar ability?

    Also can any one told me what ever happened to the irish girl peter loved in season 2 ?

  • syebrows

    I'm as big of a heroes fan as anyone else, but this season is missing something….There isn't a riveting reason to watch like the first season

    Unless Emma uses her power in some way, she will just be another character that gets killed off b/c she has no use in the plot line.

    The Samuel story line is good, they need another good villian because the Sylar storyline is circling again. I'm glad they decided to kill off Nathan, he doesn't do anything…

    Quick, who has been killed more times…..Nathan or HRG?

  • bets

    so does this mean there really is no big death of a major character now that we know that matt died but is coming back? or do i have to worry about somebody else dying now but maybe coming back

  • Guest

    Was this Madeline Zima's last episode or is she in for more? I hope she still on they were cute together. I felt sad for Claire last nite.

  • Nakamura, Hiro

    OMG i am so scared to reading the comments above, because i do NOT WANT TO KNOW WHO IS THE MAJOR DEATH THIS SEASON.
    So i will post my comment and nothing else, there is always some guy who posts the spoiler without warning, but there are some decent guys like jodeo that warn you, but since he posted that, maybe some of you replied to that comment, thus there could be spoilers everywhere so people like me cant really come in here to try and comment at all.
    I think ill lay back till the end of the season to avoid spoilers from you guys.
    Anyways i thought the episode is been the same as all the last ones, going step by step, not rushing into anything. And so you can understand whats going on without any problems, all except the endings which have been kinda mysterious.
    i dont get why Nathan thinks he is in trouble….
    Last time he had control of his body he was shot, so maybe he remembers that and nothing else from that point.

  • trey

    that is true and that would mean that sylar doesnt have Claires powers either since he took it in season 3 and Charlie died in season 1. So basically Sylar would have to start all over again. I also want to know will happen to Ando and Hiro's sister? I hope she has a power too, i just dont like it when they begin a story and leave it and come back to it like 5 episodes later

  • alliwar

    I was kinda thinking if there are going to be a major charachter kill off don't it might be peter i think the power he has needs to both take and give life to work cause i take life from urself as u steal life for urself. and since peter is going to heal Parkman wich is badly injured he might hurt himself srsly during the procces

  • BOLO

    Sylar's powers are in his old body, not Matt's.

  • Hero

    Another great episode!! Liking this season way more than 2 and 3. Almost back to season 1 story telling.

  • no0r

    I have to agree with Hero above, this season is really simple yet gripping. Every episode is heightening the mystery to a new level makin me want to see the next episode ASAP. Samuel is the most impactful new character so far and I think Emma is going to have some major role later on which will really delight everyone. Unlike all the previous seasons though where the knowledge of the eventual world apoclypse was there from the beginning, that is not shown in this season. It's a good thing or bad we'll only come to know when we reach the end :)
    One last thing, did Sylar ever get Nathan's flying ability? Nathan flew out of the window with Sylar in season 3. That means Sylar used empathy while they were fighting in air? Seems highly unlikely. anyway, it's a small thing which I can overlook as this season is really very fulfilling and entertaining.

  • Nakamura, Hiro

    Well i think the reason that sylar can fly in nathans body is due to his ability. Sylar being able to understand how things work, thinks he is nathan. And we all know nathan knew how to fly so if sylar has nathans memories maybe he just understood how to fly, based on nathan's experience on flying.
    That's my guess

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm. And/or flying is a bodily power so if you can mimick the body of the flyer then you logically get the flying ability too.