Hayden Panettiere Lands Lead in New Show Nashville

Hayden Panettiere

With all the former Heroes cast landing new shows (Ali Larter in CIA drama “The Asset”, Masi Oka on “Hawaii Five-O”, Milo Ventimiglia on L.A. Noir), I’ve been wondering what everyone’s favorite cheerleader Hayden Panettiere has been doing with her time. Turns out, she’s been auditioning, too, and has now landed the female lead in the new show “Nashville”.

Hayden joins a cast that includes Jonathan Jackson and Powers Boothe on “Nashville”, which TVline describes as “a soap set against the backdrop of the country music scene, Nashville centers on two singers: one whose star is falling, the other whose star is on the rise.”

Hayden will play the latter character (the one on the rise), a teen sensation named Juliette Barnes.

Look for “Nashville” on ABC soon.

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