Greg Grunberg’s Reasons Why There Will be a Heroes Season 5

Greg Grunberg’s character Matt Parkman has been missing from Heroes for the last couple of episodes, but the actor has resurfaced over at EW and according to him, he’s certain the show will have a fifth season. If nothing else, so the show can reach that magical 100 episodes, which would make it a cash cow when it goes into syndication. So, what does Greg think is the reason Heroes will be back, despite sagging ratings and mass grumblings from fans about the show’s current wayward plotlines and seemingly lack of focus? Here’s what he said:

“We wrapped yesterday and the [final episode] is nowhere near a series finale. It is cliffhanger-y and exciting, but it is nowhere near an end to a series that people are so invested in. It does not tie everything up in a neat bow… I don’t have any doubt that the show will be back.

“We will wrap it up properly in the next season and get to 100 episodes. At least that’s what I would like to see happen. They take so much care in writing the show that I would hope we get the chance to end it right.

“Lost announced an end [date] and I think that helped both the people working on the show and the people watching it. They see the finish line and I think it gives them something tangible to invest in and be excited about. It’s like it’s a movie and they want to see the end of it. That’s what I hope happens with our show.”

To further make his case, Greg cites the show’s strong DVD sales and overseas popularity, no doubt helped by the show’s status as the #1 most pirated show on the Internet.

Also, the idea of setting an end date for Heroes has been brought up before, but it’s never really been put forth by either the network or Tim Kring, though I think it’s definitely a good idea myself. At the moment, the show seems to be treading water, and setting an end date might give it that push it needs to get the creative juices pumping again.

You will renew us for a fifth season, NBC, you are powerless against my powers!

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  • Guest

    He looks like he's performing a Jedi mindtrick in that picture, “You will keep watching Heroes”.

  • Guest

    Just spotted the picture caption, beaten to it.

  • knightphobia

    Unfortunately for Greg and Heroes fans what keeps a show on air isn't “the 100th episode” or “wrapping up the series in a nice bow.” Because that's what happens when a show becomes horrible. That's what happens when the 1st season was amazing and then 3 more seasons come along trying to recapture that magic. That's what happens when it all becomes too stagnant and painful to watch. What happens? You get canceled. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to DVD.

    • Kurai915

      actually the first season was really good, the second was good but starting to jump around too much, third season was crap on account it seemed like they were playing it as they go along, and forth season was good but almost everyone had a happy ending and it was obvious what was gonna happen due to their working way too hard for our approval

  • kinggenesis

    directly to dvd. where were you when all these people were hatin on me for saying this . your a little late to the party brother. but hey better late than never .

  • yes

    kobe bryant would be a good hero

  • berto


    I mean. remember the hbo show carnivale?

    it ended abruptly answering nothing in the 2nd season finale… and well.. only to never come back again.

  • Natas

    The end? I don't think the end is in sight not just yet. But weather the show goes for two more seasons or a lot longer remains to be seen. I don't see it ending next season regardless of anything it's just too soon as there's still more to do But how it goes in the next two seasons could determine weather it fizzles out or makes a massive comeback and if it does it will be around for a long time to come. Heros is sick, but it's not yet dying, It's seems there are a lot of faithless people(in the show not religion, NOBODY should have faith in religion) seel the show taper off a bit and immidielty say it's dead. Shoot, the show is recovering from a writers strike and an entire off-season (fugitives was atrocious) So I think it's really a matter of if they recover the plot or not. I personally would love to see a fantastic show like heros reach 10 seasons! Or maybe more. Why are so many people set on seeing the best thing that ever happened to television die? There are a lot of other shows far more deserving of cancelation than heros. Heros is intelectual and spritual (again the oppisite of religious) hope in a world full of stupifying and primitive television

  • Cody4

    Wow, way to put your atheism into that post. Not to mention countless spelling and grammar mistakes. Seriously, you can't even spell “Heroes” right. Also, it's “whether,” not “weather.” You suck.

    • Anonymous

      I would like a season 5 but i think the ending to season 4 was still grate i think , Claire would certainly be the right character to end the show thoe , but to be oniste i dont think there will be a season 5…

  • Tarot1

    I still want more. I'm very much enjoying this season and I loved last season as well.

  • kinggenesis

    “I will keep watching heroes” “i will keep watching heroes” .if they show the final fight.unlike last season mr. parkman your jedi mind tricks only work for so long. this show is a dieing breed and just cause you say there will be a next season doesnt mean there really will be . your just saying that cause tim told you to to give the fans hope.. when in the words of jack shepard from lost. “thats false hope dad”christian shepard. “but its still hope, people are more inclined to here the 1 percent chance that everything is gonna be alright even if the other 99 percent is utterly hopeless”

  • Natas

    whoops I do that when I'm typing quickly and trying to make a point, besides in a world of internet acronyms does spelling really matter anymore?
    Long live heros!!!

  • dozer420

    As long as Heroes has been on I have been reading 9th wonders boards and many other Heroes fan boards and all of them I have seen you at you always have a great outlook and seem like a die hard fan like myself. It sucks that guys like us are a dieing breed. I have enjoyed every single season past and greatly enjoy the current season and it's good to know theres another die hard out there like me.

  • dozer420

    This is all going on because the internet has given everyone a voice and they choose to use that voice to downgrade, complain, and act like they can do a better job than that of a professional. This occurs with movies, TV, and music. I really don't see a point in even doing that, i thought these sites were for fans who just loved the show and wanted to enjoy some friendly digital banter about something they both enjoy. I think every season kicked butt, and yes that includes the so called disaster of season 2, for short notice season end and 11 episodes to do it in I don't think they did a bad job at all. Heroes rocks and I agree with you give me six more seasons and make it a beautiful 10 season DVD set spanning my shelf.

  • Daniel Doucett

    I really hope there will be a season 5 and more season in the future TV is slowly dieing with reality shows and endless pointless shows that are pointless to watch like different versions NCIS & Law n Order's that all have the same base of storyline just different actors from different cities and mostly all the cases are the same (boring!!) Heroes is the only show that is different from the rest it's orginal and has a different aspect from all the rest of television. I REALLY HOPE NBC doesn't cancel heroes i hope they consider not just the ratings of north america but to acknowledge the international ratings aswell. I know and understand alot of people have given up on heroes since season 2 as i've notice that everyone is comparing and has too much expectations of that same feeling they all felt from season 1 And i noticed that heroes lost ALOT of fans when the writer's destoryed alittle of heroes when they eliminated peter's orginal power's and everyone wants to have peter to be the way he was i just hope the writer's listen to what the fans want and find a way to allow peter to be like he was in season 1. I'm just glad they gave hiro's abilities back he's not the same without them, i just hope he doesn't die as heroes will lost alot of viewers if the writer's kill off hiro. To end i really hope NBC doesn't give up on heroes and the fans continue to watch as we're the ones that make heroes live longer ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS WATCH IT ON TV!!!!!!!!! AND PROVE TO NBC THAT IT HAS TO KEEP IT ALIVE!!!!!!!

  • berto

    i agree.

    maybe some “mistakes” have been made [but didnt everyone get screwed up by the writers strike??] but, i am not going to complain or say anything should be different…
    heroes is awesome. and will remain to be.

    its by far the ONLY television show that i wait for it to come on to watch it, commercials and all.

  • berto

    i feel that.. they cannot add TOO many main characters, or storylines.. because it'd take forever to get anywhere in the story line.

  • kinggenesis

    they need to do ..NEED being the keyword .they need to do a flash back uhhumm a couple flashback episodes explining the company and getting more into all the founders lives a little bit.that without a shadow of a doubt will bring back viewers and tie up alot of loose ends. like the room at the end of the season 2 final . i wanna know what all that stuff was. the four aces the dagger the brain . you need to explain that stuff. and redo the whole eclipse thing.cause it just doesnt make sense .point being(in season one episode one .boom eclipse .ordinary people extraordinary abilities. season two hiro back in 1671 eclipse let me stop right here. season 3 arthur petrelli figures out eclipse turns on and off powers. (dumbest story line fucking ever) back 2 season 2 episode one hiro 1671 eclipse . he sees kensi in trouble but some how manages to stop this would have been the perfect opoutunity to use the eclipse card. but unfourtunatly they didnt think of it yet and when they did they forgot to rewatch past seasons to see if they had other eclipses.that is why people stopped watching your show, that is where you messed up as tv show writers and that is why we as fans have absoulutly no faith in you as writers to save this show. but if you touch on all these points that i have made you might be able to bring a little salvation to this god for saking show)

  • huff

    Some people are mean..

  • no0r

    I think keeping Sylar was the biggest downfall of the show. I know most of my frnds here wont agree to that. But honestly, if you think about it, after the amazing finish of the first season, if the writers would have just kept creating new and impressive villians like Sylar then today there wouldn't be any need to just accommodate him only because of his popularity and let the plot go for a toss.

  • golly

    Everything that made Heroes so fresh and good in its first season is gone. It was inspiring to see a cast that reflected diversity, real life issues and relationships.

    Now we still got the stroppy cheerleader who wants to have a normal life, a serial killer whose life is fragmented by terrible storylines, peter who always scatterbrained in his actions (e.g. expunged memory of his true love's death, dumping his irish gf in the future and forgetting that he picked up healing powers to save hiro), and a souped up ando (despite the fact we loved him for not having powers).

    I'm sick of it and awaiting its death toll. Please NBC, cancel this macabre franchise!