Discussion Thread: Heroes Season 4 Episode 4 (4.04) Acceptance

Samuel wants Peter for his Carnival, but for what nefarious purposes? Matt is starting to realize that having Sylar inside his head is more than just annoying, it’s downright dangerous. Meanwhile, Claire’s BFF drama continues; what is the deal with Gretchen? Hopefully some answers to these questions, and more, in tonight’s new Heroes episode, 4.04, “Acceptance”. Here is your official discussion thread.


As Hiro’s (Masi Oka) life continues to hang in the balance, he distracts himself with saving the lives of others. Meanwhile, Angela (Cristine Rose) tries to help the new “Nathan” (Adrian Pasdar) remember his past, at the risk of his remembering too much. Elsewhere, Tracy (Ali Larter) is determined to get her old job back, but soon realizes that she needs to make more of an impact.

Ashley Crow, Saemi Nakamura and Dawn Olivieri guest star.

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  • kinggenesis

    gretchin was cool in the first episode but in the 3rd she got really annoying. oh high mr bennet. stfu.. claire should punch her in the face. nosie little girl.

  • Tarot1

    The trouble with Gretechen is she reminds me of a former college budy of mine. That and she sets my 6th sense off.

    As for the storylines above, looks good. If Ashely Crow is around that means we'll see Sandra Bennet too.

  • james

    hi there, im a great hereoes fan. could someone please tell me when season 4 episode 4 is on. many thanks :-)

  • Name

    Does anybody know what the first song in this episode is? i was really diggin the beat and can't find info on it anywhere

  • Jimmy

    Ok, major flaw here in the story. Sylar has the same ability as Claire, so he shouldn't have been able to be drugged by that needle… this show is seriously going down hill.

  • Name

    The song was “Bad Body Double” by Imogen Heap.

  • isak

    jimmy but remember sylar's power is all just starting to come back to “nathan”.

  • johno1

    pretty good episode finaly we get slyar back i hope he kills all the carneys ;)

  • Hero

    I have to agree with Jimmy on his comment. Claire's ability works whether the person knows they have it or not. The first time Peter regenerated he had no idea he could. It is automatic. So, in theory Jimmy is right. Nathan should never have been able to be drugged. Although, I would not agree that the show is going down hill. I like the character development and slower storyline this season. It reminds me of season 1. Best start to Heroes since then.

    • Anonymous

      Okay people Sylar has been drugged many many times through out the shows history so go back watch the seasons over again and tell me why it should not work this time after it has been done so many times before!!!

    • Raphael88

      and drugging does not kill his cells OMG. Think before criticizing. He is being put to sleep. If he got drunk, then you can say major flaw. and listen to navygater sylar and claire have been drugged in past episodes. Claire was drugged in season 3 (remember) and Peter drugged Sylar

  • navygater

    Yeah um Jimmy remember when Sylar was drugged by Peter at the end of season 3….

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that there are two Sylars: Bodily Sylar who crawled out of the grave but has no real clue to who he is — OR — still thinks he’s Nathan, and Mental Sylar who is shacked up with Matt Parkman’s brain.

    You know, sorta like Spock in Star Trek 3. If so, I love the irony/parallel/tweak.

    So far this season is slow going but thoughtful. I caught the premier of Trauma and BAM! It was cool action at first – and a contrast to Heroes. Why can’t they be heroes in the sense of saving lives? Sure, Peter’s doing that somewhat, but UP THE ANTE!!! Not that we need big set pieces, but crimony – stop a huge heist, save hostages or prevent an accident. After 3 seasons, the characters are feeling incestuous and they need to branch out MORE than they are now.

    Oh, and where’s Dr. Suresh???
    I thought it would be cool to have him back in India teaching on a new subject and trying to restart his life, disavowing his previous years involvement. The twist he gets is when a young man approaches him about a crazy idea that he has that there are people out there with advanced abilities… His dilema is he can’t refute this man’s evidence but wants to steer him away from this path.

    It’s also time for a new nemesis, one that’s bent on finding Sylar and taking what he has. It would be great to have a ‘hunter becomes hunted’ theme…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I wanted to see Sylar’s dad come after him or maybe go after Claire and take the healing ability!

  • raphael88

    Yeah, Jimmy your comment is a major flaw how does healing and drugging affect each other, his cells are not getting killed, he is just being put to sleep.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/GYIPWVAT7JJOM3LOZST6JAX5HM Dan S

    I love tards like jimmy that are just upset with how pathetic their lives are that they become a critic… This show leaves me sitting here waiting every single time for the next episode and what will happen… Hence why im sitting here looking at a forum because i just can’t get enough.

  • JonnyAwesome

    Yeah Jimmy pull your head out of your a$$.

  • JonnyAwesome

    I can't wait for some girl on girl action next week!

    • coolkid

      what?!?!?!? are u serious????

      • Anonymous

        Hell yeah JonnyAwesome is serious!!! The preview shows it!!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh Jon, Jon, Jon ………NEITHER CAN I!!!

  • Name

    i agree i really liked that song

  • Name

    i can see where he is coming from though. Since in one of the episodes, Claire said how she couldn't get drunk so she would always be the designated driver. Could be the same thing, maybe not, im not perfect with medicine

  • coolkid

    this show is great, love the suspense

  • navygater

    Okay but her drinking and her body doing its whole healing thing so fast that it does not make it to her blood stream is alittle diff then drugs being injected right into her blood in high amount… but yeah I see your point.

  • mrstatic13

    its imogen heap's bad body double