Discussion Thread: Heroes Season 4 Episode 3 (4.03) Ink

Matt’s going a little bit nuts with Sylar in his head, Nathan/Sylar is starting to realize he’s not who he thinks he is, and the mysterious Samuel has begun his plans to gather more heroes, but for what purpose? The third episode of Heroes Season 4 continues with “Ink”, which will introduce a new hero played by Deanne Bray who will enter Peter’s life. Meanwhile, more hijinks in college with Claire and that oh-so-creepy looking new friend of hers. Here is your official discussion thread for tomorrow’s new episode, Heroes 4.03, “Ink”.


Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) faces unexpected consequences for his heroic acts and encounters a reluctant new hero (guest star Deanne Bray). As Claire (Hayden Panettiere) continues to adjust to college life, she must figure out how to deal with her ability having been revealed. Meanwhile, Samuel (Robert Knepper) moves heaven and earth to recapture the memories of his late brother Joseph. Elsewhere, Matt (Greg Grunberg) struggles with his internal demons as Sylar (Zachary Quinto) mysteriously resurfaces.

Assaf Cohen and Rick Worthy guest star.

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  • edil

    First!!! I think

  • navygater

    2nd lol yeah Heroes makes mondays worth waking up for!

  • kinggenesis

    oh god not this(oh im first oh my gosh im second , crap again.)what are you 12. comeon.. I dont no about heroes my expectations are very low..well very very very low. but i have some hope. this could be an alright episode.. MAybe?

  • navygater

    Yeah what are we thinking edil!!! God forbid we ave some fun and enjoy ourselfs here! Lets all be negative, gloomy, and always thinking heroes is not good enough. I am so happy I am not you…

  • Tarot1

    If last week and the preview is anything to go on, this should be FANTASTIC!!!

  • B A T M A N

    wayyy too many mysteries and the characters are evolving. that's what makes HEROES worth staying for!! (:

  • Hmmmm

    The new Hero, her power is pretty cool. But I wonder how it will be that important in the grand scheme of things? Maybe Peters new girlfriend?

  • heykey4

    I don't trust that new roommate of Claire's….she's trouble.

  • Guest

    Am I the only one who thought that last night's episode was absolutely terrible? That new girls power is not cool at all, nor is it relevant to anything I want to see this season. I was excited after the season premiere but after this episode I can understand why the ratings are dropping so much…What a shame this show had so much potential. This may have been my last heroes episode I watch…

  • Anonymous

    And I think the most people who are bitching about Heroes already, are pretty impatiently.. Just wait and see where the show takes us.. If in the end it still doesn’t make sense, okay, then we all bitch about it.. But after 3 eps, no.. ;)

    The deaf girl is kind of interesting, wonder how her power evolves, if it does.
    I don’t really get what Samuel wants from Peter?! Is it his powers? His body? Does anyone get that?? I’m from Holland and I sometimes don’t understand what’s been said.. cuz there are no subtitles and the sound isn’t always that good… :( Soo maybe I’m missing something???

    • Anonymous

      None of us really know why Samuel wants Peter for sure he seems to want to bring him in as one of the “family” to me but beyond that I am not sure what his purpose will be…

  • Roose

    Heroes is now only good to occupy some time until “Lost” comes back with its series finale :)

  • navygater

    I thought the new girls power was very cool. Also seeing as how you are not a writer you have no idea if her power is relevant or not to the story line. How is it that any time a fan is not happy with one episode the show seems to lose all its potential …. if that was the case the show woul not have made it to season 4. Also i doubt this will be your last episode, because we all have questions we want answered and watching is the only way it will happen. Loved last nights episode! Well done Heroes taking it nice and slow just like season1 :)

  • Nijn88

    I suspect she has something to do with Claire's other roommate killing herself…. I don't trust her either!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying this season is bad b/c it can get very good, but I absolutely loved how season 3 started…those first two episodes got me back into the Heroes frenzy after a let down from Season 2 and the writer’s strike. It’s a little too slow for my taste except for the knife fight between Peter and the other quick fella, but I will keep watchign every week b/c it’s a good show.

    The deaf girl’s power is unique in that she is the only one who can see it happen. Samuel’s motive is yet unknown but my guess is that it’ll have to do with revenge over redemption. If you noticed the three faces that appeared on Lydia’s body at the end of Episode 2 are Peter, Claire and Sylar…I’m intruiged about the Sylar part and how he will resurface.

  • mckenzy

    im very confused about this episode…how did Samuel blow up that house? and can someone tell me the last few minutes of the last episode last season? im confused about the whole nathan syler matt angela thing….

  • Heroes Insider

    The new girl’s power will be the ability to affect people with soundwaves, depending on her mood. Extra powerful stuff! Especially she can control sound from just about anything (remember seeing her watching all those auras)

    If u see season 4 episode 4 trailer, “the compass that change the world” … interesting…

  • Anonymous

    Samuel can control the earth underneath him, so basically he created a large sink whole that the house crumbled into.
    As far as Nathan/Syler/Matt/Angela…hard to explain in short, but I’ll try. Syler killed Nathan last season. He had taken Nathan’s form because he is a shape changer & Peter drugged him. While unconsious, Matt replaced all Syler’s memories with Nathan’s memories, so that when he woke up Syler would really think he was Nathan. Somehow, Syler is now trapped in Matt’s head, while his body is in Nathan’s form, even though he is dead. Confusing, better just to re-watch the episode

  • mckenzy

    hmmm..yeah that helped me! but what is samuel’s whole power again? he can do anything with the ink that he puts inside his body?? and whats with claires new friend?

  • Anonymous

    Samuel’s power is controlling minerals of different sorts, minerals being earth and such. I suppose his ink is made out of a number of minerals and that’s how he controls it.

    As for the new girl, I find her as one of the more interesting so far in this show. The powers don’t always have to be something shiny like throwing fire or moving things with your mind. Like how Matt started out with only reading thoughts, not putting them into people. It was way better back then, now it’s all too hyped up and everyone are like superpowered. Simplicity makes it a better show.

    The latest seasons aswell – apart from the first, have all been way too fast. It loses all sense of epicness if everything happens too fast. Like in Volume 3 after only 2 or 3 episodes we had a bunch of supervillains on the run and a peter in the future who had killed his future brother. In season 1 everything took its time and that ending was the best ever.

  • Hero

    Heroes is back!! I thought last night’s episode was phenomenal. They are getting back to basics with good character development, an interesting storyline and the mystery of season 1. Definitely makes me want to tune in every Monday. Season 3 went way overboard with “powers” and not enough about the characters and their problems. This season seems to be recovering from that and getting back to a season 1 level. Great!!