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Heroes Season 2 Spoof Video

So you’re saying Season 2 of Heroes had way too many characters? Well if you thought that, you weren’t the only one. Apparently a lot of people thought so, too, and someone made this video spoofing the show’s second season, most notably the fact that the show introduced way too many characters that it didn’t know what to do with, or had the time to expand upon, so they just sort of … sat there. Can anyone tell me where Monica has gone again? Or what the whole point of the character was? Exactly, no one knows, and I suspect neither did the writers when they created her.

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Heroes Season 3 Character Wallpapers – UPDATED

NBC’s gearing up for the premiere of Heroes Season 3 on September 22 has begun with the release of brand new wallpapers, featuring characters from the show. You won’t find these at the site, but instead they’re being posted, one at a time, on the Heroes Myspace page. The first of the wallpapers released features Peter Petrelli in a powerful pose, ready to fry some villainous fools.

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Heroes Webisode: Going Postal Chapter 1

For those keeping track, and are interested, the fine folks at NBC have created a series of webisodes, based around a new character, a mailman with sonic powers (he can shout really, really loud), who is being pursued by agents of The Company to keep you interested while Heroes waits to premiere its third season in late September. In the first chapter of “Going Postal”, the mailman, Echo De Mille (get it? Echo?) is confronted by a Company agent and another Hero who can, um, hold you. Or something. Not exactly the best characters around, I have to admit, but hey, maybe you’ll like them.

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Music Videos from the Heroes Soundtrack

We reported on the Heroes soundtrack a while back (here), and now NBC has begun to release the music videos. There are currently four (out of five) available so far, that you can download by heading over here, or you can watch the music videos below without downloading them. The soundtrack features songs from Panic at the Disco, Imogen Heap, and the Chemical Brothers with Spank Rock, plus many more, cut to footages from the show.

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More Heroes Volume 3 Villains Preview: 30 Extra Seconds

As it turned out, the minute-long preview I posted a few days back (here) for Season 2, Volume 3, “Villains” was not the entire clip from the Jules Vern Film Festival. There is an extra 30 seconds floating around the Internet, and are in fact the beginning of the clip shown at the festival. Watch both clips, one after another, to get the full effect. As before, the quality leaves a lot to be desired, and the clips are very Sylar-centric because these were all shot before the Writers Strike.

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Heroes Christmas Video Tribute

Someone put this video tribute using pictures from behind-the-scenes of Heroes in a slide show, featuring the cast and crew of Heroes on YouTube. The video was uploaded by user surfingbarbie, but I don’t know who created it, so I’m giving the credit to surfingbarbie. They used a great song and I think the choice of pictures were pretty good, too. It’s a little too early for a Christmas video, but what the hey, it’s a slow Heroes news week.

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Claymation Winter Tales with Milo Ventimiglia and Kristen Bell

Francisco from gave us the heads up that American Eagles Outfitters have released two claymation videos featuring Milo Ventigmilia and Kristen Bell that are about four minutes each. The first one is a story narrated by Milo, starring Milo, who is heading home for the Holidays, but first he has to endure the plane ride from Hell (check out the Season 1 haircut); the second features Kristen Bell stealing Christmas gifts from Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.

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Another Two-Minute Preview of Four Months Ago

Here’s another preview of tomorrow’s episode, “Four Months Ago”. This is a two-minute long preview with Mama Petrelli and Heidi Petrelli (Nathan’s wife, played by Rena Sofer) at the hospital, just after Nathan crashes back to Earth after his flight with Peter in tow via the Season 1 fianle. In the scene, Angela uses her slick tongue to drive Heidi away from Nathan. I guess we always knew that Mama Petrelli was a manipulator when it came to her sons and everyone around them, didn’t we?

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Three Minute Preview of Four Months Ago

Here is your three-minute preview of Monday’s “Four Months Ago” episode, which will fill us in on what happened to the heroes after the events of Season 1. The first clip picks up with Peter, meeting Adam Monroe for the first time — well, sort of. The second picks up with Peter again, this time at the Company and in the past; he meets Elle and Bob. The third clip has Niki at the hospital (hmm, wonder what happened to D.L.) when a mysterious man name Bob appears to offer his help, and tell sher about “new personalities” that may emerge as a result of Jessica’s “death”. Could one of those “fractured” personalities be a…nurse?

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Three-Minute Preview of Out of Time

Here’s your three-minute video preview of next week’s “Out of Time” episode. There are three scenes total: Mohinder calls HRG for help, but finds him lacking (as usual); West and Claire’s “flying man” exploit becomes news that could expose them; and Bob warns Mohinder, Niki, and Matt about Maury, Matt’s father, who is coming for them.

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