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Hey, Heroes UK Fans, Wanna Meet Tim Kring?

Listen up, Heroes fans in the UK, the guys at Sci Fi UK (I guess they haven’t changed their name to Sy Fy UK yet) are currently running a competition where one lucky winner will get a chance to sit down during an interview with Heroes creator Tim Kring, who’ll be in London August 24th to promote the DVD release of Heroes Season 4. The catch is that you have to be a UK resident and be older than 18. More details below:

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Tim Kring Confirms Heroes at Comic Con ’09, But No Panel

Plan on attending the world-famous Comic Con in San Diego next month? If you do, then you should definitely schedule the Heroes panel as part of your trip, because according to Tim Kring himself, the show will host yet another panel at the big shindig, complete with new, exclusive footage from the upcoming Heroes Season 4. Update: The Tribune has updated their story, and now says that Heroes won’t have an official panel at Comic Con ’09, but that Kring and the show do still plan to have a “presence” at the event. More info below.

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Tim Kring on Nowhere Man, Season 3 Deaths

Here’s a brief minute and a half video of Heroes creator Tim Kring talking a bit about the final 3 episodes of Season 3 (after tonight’s “Turn and Face the Strange”), including “shocking details” about someone dying in an “interesting way” (or maybe not?). He also explains more about the new Heroes webisode series “Nowhere Man”, starring everyone’s favorite puppetmaster, Doyle, played by David Lawrence. What’s a bad guy to do when even badder guys are after you?

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This Week in Heroes Filler News

In lieu of a new episode this week, NBC will instead rerun episode 3.14, “Clear and Present Danger” (full preview here). While we wait for next week’s new episode, 3.20, “Cold Snap” (full preview here), which will also mark the much-anticipated return of Bryan Fuller to the writing staff, here is what’s going on in the Heroes-verse. The good, the bad, the sordid, and oh yeah, some upcoming episode information as well.

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Tim Kring and the Saps and Dipsh*ts Controversy

Tim Kring seems to have stepped into it, and didn’t even realized it until the blogosphere picked up his comments and (as they are wont to do) sensationalized the story to within an inch of its life. The comments made by Kring happened during the Creative Screenwriting’s 2008 Screenwriting Expo held last week, where the topic was the process of screenwriting. Understandably, the drama going on behind the scenes at Heroes and NBC were kept off the table, and did not become an issue. But while Kring indeed kept the topic to screenwriting, the question of creating a serialized show in this day and age of DVR and online viewing came up, and one of Kring’s comments have set off a firestorm of criticism. The phrase in question? Kring’s offhanded (and clearly a stab at humor) reference to viewers who do not employ DVR and online viewing as “saps and dipsh*ts”.

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Heroes News Roundup: Tim Kring, Behind-the-Scenes, Seth Green

A couple of notable Heroes news were making the rounds this week, including a pretty extensive interview with Heroes creator Tim Kring over at Comic Book Resources, where Kring delves into a lot of issues currently on Heroes fans’ minds; over at BuddyTV, they have two more behind-the-scenes videos from the currently shooting Season 3, including one very interesting scene between Ali Larter and Adrian Pasdar; meanwhile, in geeksville, Seth Green makes it official that he’s joining the show for a couple of episodes.

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Tim Kring NYT Interview, Hayden Talks Future Claire

I think by now it’s no longer a spoiler to say that Season 3 of Heroes will feature two versions of Claire Bennet — the Texas cheerleader we all know and love, and a new, futuristic version. Or as Hayden calls her: an older, more badass Future Claire. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Hayden talks about her dual role in the upcoming season. Plus, Tim Kring sits down for an interview with the New York Times, who gets into his grill about famously apologizing for the lackluster Season 2. Quite the interesting interview if you’re in the mood to read. A lot. It’s a pretty long interview, is what I’m saying.

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Tim Kring Talks Season 3, Good and Evil, and Sylar’s Return

The boys at SciFiWire caught up with Heroes head honcho Tim Kring while he was accepting some hardware at the Saturn Awards. Tim Kring talked a bit more about the show’s upcoming Season 3, including the return of Sylar (thanks, writer’s strike?), and what is this “new direction” that the show is going in. There is nothing revealing, so no SPOILER warnings on this one, kiddos.

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Heroes Season 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray, Tim Kring’s Orpheus, Milo Comics

Three piece of Heroes news today, one involving the much-asked release date for Heroes Season 2, another about Heroes creator Tim Kring’s new book, and the third about Milo Ventimiglia’s ventures into the world of comic books. For those dying to know, Heroes Season 2 will finally arrive simultaneously on regular DVD and Blu-ray on August 26, 2008. Meanwhile, Heroes creator Tim Kring is (once again) quite the hot commodity, with Hollywood studios anxiously waiting to bid on his alternate-history book trilogy, “The Flag of Orpheus”, which he will co-write with novelist Dale Peck.

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Tim Kring Talks the Return of Heroes Season 2 Post-Strike

With news that the Writers Strike is very, very, very close to coming to an end for good, thus meaning all TV shows will be rushing back to the airwaves, what does Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, have to say about Heroes returning to finish up its Season 2? Not such great stuff, unfortunately. According to Kring, he can only complete three episodes this season given the time constraints, with much of the production time having been lost to the strike. So what does all that mean? Chances are, Season 2 is done, and Kring will save what he’s already shot for Volume 3 and use it instead to kick off Season 3 later this year.

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