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Tim Kring Reveals Plot for a Possible Heroes Mini-Series

With Heroes Season 5 dead and buried, there are still the chance of a final send-off movie or two. If Heroes creator Tim Kring has his way, he’d like to finish up with a mini-series that would take place a year after Claire has revealed her powers to the world media, as seen at the end of Season 4.

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Rumor: Heroes Will Not Get a Fifth Season?

I would like to preface this post by saying that this is one site saying this, and it is not someone who is known to have a stranglehold on Heroes inside dish in the past. I.e. it’s not Kristin over at E! Online, Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly, or someone over at TVGuide. This is one genre website (in this case, Airlock Alpha) saying this, and I cannot vouch for them, nor can I deny their report. As evidence, they site a “source” within NBC for their story, but that’s about it. So, having said that, here’s what Airlock Alpha says:

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

So it’s almost the end of 2008, with Christmas just around the bend, and I’d like to wish everyone who has ever visited a very jolly Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who continues to visit the site, and especially to those who have spread the word about us to others. We are by no means the best or the most prolific Heroes site out there, but by God, we were the first one in on the show even before it aired, and we’ll be here to the very end, come rain or shine. I don’t care what the critics say — Heroes still rocks, and I still look forward to Mondays like it’s the best day of the week. Here’s looking forward to Volume 4!

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New Site Design: What Do you Think?

Yup, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I’ve decided yet again to give the site a new look for a couple of reasons: 1) I just like to try new things when something gets too old, and the old site design was getting kind of old; 2) I was noticing that the old site loaded a little too slow; the stylesheet it had to call everytime it loaded took too much time for my liking. This new look is a bit faster, and more streamlined, I think. As always, I want your opinions, yay or nay, or “whatever”.

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User Avatar Options are Now Available

Just a quick note to let all our users know that we’ve installed an avatar (gravatar) system that allows our registered users to use avatars that will show up next to all their comments. This should be something of great interest to those of you who are our regulars, and has used such an avatar system before on other sites.

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Wanna Play? Join the Heroes RPG (Role-Playing Game)

Oh admit it, you like to pretend you have superpowers and can fly around town busting bad guys — or maybe some of you would prefer to be the bad guys laying elaborate traps for those blasted do-gooders? Well for all you creative types who can string two coherent sentences together, has a growing RPG forum where you can indulge in your superhero fantasies. Head over to the Heroes Forum now, or click here to go directly to the Heroes RPG forum, and start zipping around town in super speed or morph into, like, a giant 20-foot alien or something. Your only limitation is your imagination. And yes, it’s totally FREE.

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Happy Fourth of July, America!

No Heroes news for today. Let me wish a Happy 4th of July to all our American readers, and for everyone else, enjoy your Wednesday. Here’s Hayden Panettiere in Vanity Fair in honor of America’s Birthday. What’s more Americana than Hayden Panettiere?

Happy Fourth of July, America!

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Heroes RPG (Role-Playing Game) Forum is Open

Always wanted to be like Peter Petrelli? Or maybe Niki/Jessica? Or hey, maybe you’re creative and want to make up a Hero character all your own? We’ve just opened a RPG (Role-Playing Game) forum specifically for you in our forum. Head over there now and create your characters and interact with the rest of the forum members. We’re still on the ground floor, so there should be plenty of characters left to choose from. Click here for the Heroes RPG Forum.

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Live Heroes Chat Tonight!

Heroes finally makes its return tonight with Chapter 19, “.07%”. Find out the evil designs of Mr. Linderman, who reveals he has a power of his own; will Nathan get roped into Linderman’s schemes to “protect” the world? Meanwhile, what was the result of Peter and Sylar’s first encounter? And why didn’t “people start screaming”? Will Isaac finally bite it? And more importantly, why is Candice Wilmer such a bitch (although a really, really hot one)?

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The Email Notifier Is No More

Before you guys start wondering what happened to all those email notifications that you get when I update the site, the answer is, I’ve disabled it. There was a slight glitch during the move to a new web host, resulting in the email notifier giving me a little problem, so I’ve taken it offline temporarily instead of constantly have to fight with it. For those of you already tech savvy, you can always subscribe to the site’s RSS feed, and get the latest posts instantly via your feed readers (such as Google, Yahoo, or Feed Burner). I’ll try to get a replacement for it soon. Thanks. (P.S. There is no reason for the Megatron image; I just though it looked cool.)

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