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Sendhil Ramamurthy and Kristen Bell Reunite on The Lifeguard

Kristen Bell, Zachary Quinto and Sendhil Ramamurthy

Looks like there’s a “Heroes” reunion going on on the set of “The Lifeguard”, an indie film starring Kristen Bell as “a reporter on the verge of 30 who abandons her life in New York City, returns home to get her high school job as a lifeguard, and starts a dangerous relationship with a 16-year-old delinquent.” No word on what character Sendhil Ramamurthy will play in the movie, but he’s coming off the USA Network show “Covert Affairs”, where he was recently killed off in the season premiere.

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Kristen Bell in Fanboys DVD Giveaway

So what’s the movie “Fanboys” about? All you need to know is that at one point Kristen Bell (aka Elle Bishop) slips on that famous gold metal bikini Princess Leia wore in “Return of the Jedi”. If that’s not enough, it’s a pretty funny comedy about geeks, nerds, and of course, fanboys. Wait, aren’t those the same things? Keep reading for more details on how to win this free DVD.

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Kristen Bell on Heroes Season 3 Set

We all knew Kristen Bell was going to be returning to the Heroes Season 3 set, we just don’t know for how long. From what we’ve been hearing, Tim Kring and company had never planned to keep Bell’s Elle Bishop character around, but she got so popular, and Season 2 ended so abruptly, that it was decided to bring Elle back for another go-around. How long will she last? I’m not certain she’ll survive past the year; or maybe they’ll just have her disappear the way they did Claude the Invisible Man, thus allowing room for her return in the future — but of course, as we all know by now, death has never stopped a Heroes character from returning.

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New Pics from Heroes Season 3 Set – POSSIBLE SPOILERS

New pictures from the Los Angeles set of Heroes Season 3 have popped up online. As always, the focus is on Hayden and Milo (the paparazzi can’t get enough of these two), but among the group of pictures snapped, there is actually one of Kristen Bell on the set. The pics of Peter has him looking bloodied up, like he’s just been in a big fight that he probably lost, while Claire seems to be running around set combing her hair. Or something. I don’t think there are any real SPOILERS here, but you should be aware there might be anyway, and continue or not continue accordingly.

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Kristen Bell Finally Confirmed for Heroes Season 3

Well we all sort of knew she would be back, didn’t we? When a new character proved to be as popular as Kristen Bell’s Elle Bishop was in last year’s truncated season (though to be sure, she seems to have her detractors among Heroes fans), producers are always hesitant to write her off. Such is the case with Bell, who after months of maybe-maybe not, has finally confirmed to that Yes, she will return to the show’s Season 3 in a multi-episode arc. Notice that there was no mention of her returning as a regular (and stay for the whole season), but just in a multi-episode arc.

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Updates: Kristen Bell, Cristine Rose, and Heroes at Comic Con

A couple of quick Heroes Season 3 casting updates from Kristin over at E! Online. One concerns the status of Kristen Bell (Elle) for Season 3 (in a word, it’s not as good as we wanted it, apparently, but it’s something), while a recurring character gets a regular spot, and some update on the rumor that Tim Kring was going to show the Season 3 premiere early at next month’s Comic Con.

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Kristen Bell Talks Heroes Season 3 Return

Elle fans need not worry about Kristen Bell not returning to Heroes for another go-around in Season 3. According to the actress herself, she’s said many times (and it’s been reported in many places) that, if she “had her way” she would return to Heroes without a problem. Unfortunately there are problems. Apparently negotiations for her return have yet to be finalized, for whatever reason. In any case, here’s a video interview with Kristen Bell, who is currently out promoting her new comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, which opens in theaters next week, so you’ll see more of Kristen out there promoting it and getting more Heroes questions.

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Kristen Bell Expects to Return for Heroes Season 3

When Heroes Season 2 came to an unexpected end last year due to the Writer’s Strike, the cast of Heroes went and did other things. One of them was Kristen Bell, who was in Hawaii shooting the Judd Apatow-produced comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. While doing the press junket for her movie, Kristen got a lot of questions about Heroes, and whether she would return. According to her, she wants to return, but although she doesn’t come out and say it, the negotiations seem to still be going on for her to make that return. And get this: according to Kristen, before the Strike hit, she had already shot two episodes that were supposed to appear in Season 2′s Volume 3, “Villains”, which has now been re-scheduled as Season 3.

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Kristen Bell and Hayden Season 3 Tidbits

As previously mentioned on the site, Kristen Bell was not signed for Season 3, although from everything we’re hearing, this is being taken care off, and it looks like a go. The fact is, Elle was supposed to only appear in Season 2, but since that season was cut short, and Elle’s character arc has (we assume) not come full circle yet, Tim Kring and company will want to bring Bell back for Season 3, if only to finish off Elle’s arc — but perhaps to give Elle a regular role, who knows?

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Heroes News Roundup: March 2, 2008

So what has Leonard Roberts, aka D.L. Hawkins, been up to since failing to phase that bullet in Season 2? How about signing autographs at Collectormania with fellow former Hero George Takei (pictures below). And what about that Milo Ventimgilia movie “Pathology” we heard about from ways back? Well we have new information about its new release date, plus a new (and somewhat disturbing) trailer. Meanwhile, Kristen Bell and James Kyson Lee were at WonderCon last week (check out the view interview with them). And oh yeah, someone had a birthday last week…

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