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Three Promos for James Kyson Lee’s Star Runners

Got nothing to do this Saturday? Have access to the Sci Fi Channel basic cable network (soon to be called Sy Fy Channel)? Great! Don’t forget to check out James Kyson Lee (Ando himself) in a new sci-fi movie called “Star Runners”. The film will co-star Lee and Connor Trinneer from Star Trek: Enterprise, and premieres this Saturday on June 13 on the Sci Fi Channel. Three promos for the movie below.

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James Kyson Lee Reveals Heroes Season 3 Finale Details, Season 3 DVD News

James Kyson Lee (aka Ando) was at the One World Live event in Hollywood last night when the folks over at E! Online ran into him. Of course they asked him about the remaining three episodes of Heroes Season 3. Lee was more than happy to spill some details about the remaining episodes, especially the season finale. POSSIBLE SPOILERS after the jump.

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Heroes News Roundup: March 2, 2008

So what has Leonard Roberts, aka D.L. Hawkins, been up to since failing to phase that bullet in Season 2? How about signing autographs at Collectormania with fellow former Hero George Takei (pictures below). And what about that Milo Ventimgilia movie “Pathology” we heard about from ways back? Well we have new information about its new release date, plus a new (and somewhat disturbing) trailer. Meanwhile, Kristen Bell and James Kyson Lee were at WonderCon last week (check out the view interview with them). And oh yeah, someone had a birthday last week…

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James Kyson Lee’s Horror Movie Necrosis Wraps

While Hayden Panettiere seems to be stuck playing cheerleader roles in movies outside of Heroes, James Kyson Lee seems to be making a name for himself in the horror genre. You can see James in the upcoming horror movie “Shutter”, a remake of the Thai movie of the same name, and now James has wrapped principal photography on another horror movie, this one called “Necrosis”, in which he has a much bigger role than “Shutter”. More about the film and an image of James from the movie below.

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Heroes News Roundup: James Kyson Lee at the NBA All-Stars Game, the Adrian Pasdar/Irish Snafu, Ali Larter Eye Candy

A couple of “catching up with” news items involving the Heroes gang, including James Kyson Lee’s adventures in New Orleans over the weekend, Adrian Pasdar’s big mouth starts a mini-war with the Irish, and some Ali Larter eye candy to finish up the weekend. First up: If you’re an NBA fan, you might have caught James Kyson Lee (Ando himself) at NBA All-Stars Game, participating in the celebrity game.

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Writers Strike Update, Ando Plays B-Ball, Ali Larter Sells Chocolate

A little Heroes news round-up for you guys, with the most important being a possible end to the ongoing writer’s strike. Again, let me stress the word possible, because let’s face it, haven’t we all heard this thing was coming to an end a hundred times before? Well all the major newspapers are carrying this one, and it seems the WGA is THIS close to striking a deal that will end the strike and, if there is still time, allow Heroes and NBC to finish up Season 2.

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Friday Night Roundup: Shalim Ortiz Speaks, Heroes on Netflix, George Takei Back in Trek, James Kyson Lee in Horror Flick Necrosis

Shalim Ortiz, who plays the late Alejandro on the show (the character was killed by Sylar in last week’s episode), sits down for an interview with He talks about his character, and hints that just because Alejandro is dead, it doesn’t mean he’ll stay dead. Hey, who does on Heroes? Some excerpts from the article below.

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Heroes Cast Sign Autographs at Collectormania 12

I have no idea what Collectormania is, but there was a Collectormania 12 held somewhere recently, and four of the Heroes cast showed up to sign autographs for fans. Among those who showed up were James Kyson Lee (Ando), George Takei (Kaito Nakamura), Erick Avari (Chandra Suresh), and Matthew John Armstrong (Ted “The Radioactive Man” Sprague). Check out some pictures from the signing below, and head over here to see more.

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Roundup: Hayden at Big Apple Con, James Kyson Lee at Scream 2007, Jimmy Jean-Louis to the Rescue

Via the site Watching Heroes, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere and comic book artist Tim Sale, the real brush behind the late-Isaac Mendez’s paintings, will be greeting sci-fi fans at the Big Apple Con in New York, which runs November 16th to November 18th. Hayden’s scheduled appearance is on Saturday (November 17th) and Sunday (18th), although what time she’ll be showing up isn’t know yet.

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Pictures of the Heroes Cast Signing Autographs in New York

And you thought working on a hit TV show was all lounging around until they call you to the set. Not so. Heroes is busy with the Heroes World Tour, and the cast have been split into different groups — some are in Asia, others in Europe, and still others are staying behind at home. This morning the cast of Heroes were signing autographs and greeting fans at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Present were Zachary Quinto (Sylar), James Kyson Lee (Ando), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), new castmember Dania Ramirez (Maya Herrera), and representing the crew, Jeph Loeb (co-exec producer and writer) and artist Tim Sale (artist). Pictures from the event below.

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