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Heroes Season 3 DVD Bonus Videos, Plus a Deleted Scene

Remember that Season 3 episode where Claire and Nathan ended up in Mexico, then in a bar with some frat boys? Well that scene actually went on, and included a fight in the back alley of the Mexican bar that was never shown on TV. Now with the Heroes Season 3 DVD, you’ll be able to see the Claire and Nathan vs. Frat Boys fight that wasn’t shown, among other bonus videos. Here is that deleted scene, and two behind-the-scenes video that further explores the world of Heroes Season 3.

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Heroes Season 3 Arrives on DVD/Blu-ray September 1st

Heroes Season 4 begins September 21st, 2009 in its usual Monday night timeslot, but before that happens, get caught up on the previous season as Heroes Season 3 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray September 1st, 2009.

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Heroes Season 3 Blu Ray and DVD Details

Heroes Season 3 will be arriving as a 6-disc box set for standard DVD and 5-disc set for Blu Ray on September 1, 2009. More details about the release, including cover artwork for the standard DVD and Blu Ray editions, plus special features are below. Special features are for the standard DVD box set, but you can expect similar features in the Blu Ray edition, plus some extras only found in the high-definition set.

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Ali Larter on Tonight’s Heroes Finale and Tracy Strauss in Season 4

If you were at the movies this weekend, you might have caught Heroes’ Ali Larter in the #1 movie in the country, “Obsessed”. Well Ali still has her day job, which is Heroes. While on the Jimmy Fallon show last week to promote “Obsessed”, Ali talked about the Heroes Season 3 finale, and the possible return of her character Tracy Strauss for Season 4. VERY MILD SPOILERS in the video after the jump.

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Discussion Thread: Heroes Season 3 Finale Episode 25 (3.25) An Invisible Thread

Here it is, the final Heroes episode of Season 3, “An Invisible Thread”. Will we see the beginnings of the Season 1 storyline “Five Years Gone” begin to take shape, or will the Petrellis and their comrades manage to stop Sylar’s plans to slap some skin with the President of the United States? What is Matt’s plan to save his family? And how will a powerless Hiro fit into the biggest conclusion in a long time for our band of superpowered guys and gals? All those answers, and more, in this week’s new episode, which also happens to be the Season 3 finale. Here is your official discussion thread for Heroes 3.25, “An Invisible Thread”.

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Heroes Preview: Season 3 Episode 25 (3.25) An Invisible Thread

Well it’s all come down to this — the final episode of Heroes Season 3, “An Invisible Thread”. The stage has been set for a major showdown between the brothers Petrelli and Sylar, and someone is not gonna walk away from it alive. Or are they? And anyways, can you even kill Sylar? The Hunter found out the hard way that nope, that’s gonna be a little harder than we originally thought. And how exactly is Matt going to save everyone? What’s Hiro without his powers? So many questions leading to one ultimate night next week. This is your official preview for Heroes 3.25 “An Invisible Thread”.

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Heroes Season 3 Finale Spoilers, Season 4 Hints

A lot of really big Heroes news and POTENTIAL SPOILERS from one source: the guys and gals over at Watch With Kristin via E! Online, who got the news, scoops, and inside dish on who lives, who dies, and who shows off their dark side from the best sources — the cast and crew of Heroes. What this article does make clear is that Tim Kring and company knows there will be a Season 4 (NBC may have guaranteed them in private sans official public announcement would be my guess) and are already planning out the storylines.

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Discussion Thread: Heroes Season 3 Episode 24 (3.24) I am Sylar

His name is Sylar, and he’s got a plan, and it apparently involves the Petrelli brothers. Well, one Petrelli in particular, and his name starts with an “N”. Is this what leads to the events of “Five Years Gone”? Possibly. Here is your official discussion thread for this week’s episode, Heroes 3.24, “I am Sylar”. Notice that production number. Yup, this is the next to last episode of Heroes Season 3, and it sets up what promises to be a pretty bloody season finale next week. Discuss.

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Heroes News Round-up: Sylar’s Comeuppance, Convention News, Cast Updates

In case you’ve been living in a cave, you know that the final two episodes of Heroes Season 3 begins next week with “I am Sylar”. That leads into the final episode of the season, “An Invisible Thread”. We already told you about a major plot from the last episode, but here are some more news about that major death we’ve been hearing about. Also, a lot of Heroes castmembers will be jetting off to visit fans at conventions, and we have info on who will be going where.

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3.25 An Invisble Thread WTF Moment Featuring Claire and Sylar – SPOILERS

So there’s a biggie in the final episode of Heroes Season 3 featuring everyone’s favorite cheerleader Claire and serial killer Sylar, that is featured in this week’s TV Guide issue, which contains a one page write-up on Heroes Episode 3.25, “An Invisible Thread” by writer Michael Logan. Tim Kring, who is quoted in the article, confirms the story, so you know it’s true. Read on for the SPOILER. Note: Intro paragraph edited to remove spoilers.

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