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Heroes Season 2 Spoof Video

So you’re saying Season 2 of Heroes had way too many characters? Well if you thought that, you weren’t the only one. Apparently a lot of people thought so, too, and someone made this video spoofing the show’s second season, most notably the fact that the show introduced way too many characters that it didn’t know what to do with, or had the time to expand upon, so they just sort of … sat there. Can anyone tell me where Monica has gone again? Or what the whole point of the character was? Exactly, no one knows, and I suspect neither did the writers when they created her.

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Heroes Season 2 DVD Deleted Scenes

Not content to just see the screen grabs from the upcoming Heroes Season 2 DVD? (For a reader’s review of what to expect on the Season 2 DVD, read here.) Want to see the actual videos of the scenes that were deleted? Well a couple of them have popped up online, including the alternate ending that would have led into an entire volume that would focus on Odessa, Texas being ravaged by the virus, unleashed after Hiro’s confrontation with Adam (it’s pretty long, almost 8 minutes worth of new stuff you haven’t seen before):

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Heroes Season 2 UK DVD Review, Plus Unaired Images

Paul Scotton from Nottingham, England sent me a review of the Season 2 DVD that has since been released in the UK, including some never-before-seen images from scenes that were shot for the second half of Season 2, but were scrapped because of the writer’s strike. Here’s our look at what could have been. There is a particularly great group shot of Jessica Sanders, Adam Monroe, Maury Parkman, and the new villain named Benjamin Knox Washington (played by Jamie Hector) standing together, as if they’ve teamed up to do battle. What was going on here? We might never know.

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Official Heroes Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray Specs, Cover Art

We already posted the specs for the Blu-Ray editions of the Heroes Season 2 release, but we just got these official specs from Universal for the standard DVDs and Blu-Ray editions. The cover art (shown below) are the same ones as we showed you earlier, so there’s no change there. The specs themselves are more in-depth, including a full listing of all the audio commentaries on all the episodes (every episode has an audio commentary, which is pretty unusual, but fantastic). The street date for both the regular DVD and Blu-Ray of Season 2 is August 26, 2008.

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Heroes Season 2 DVD Up for Pre-Order Now

Been dying to get your hands on those 11 episodes of the strike-shortened Season 2 of Heroes? Well you’re in luck. Well not really. has just informed us that they’re putting the DVD box set up for pre-order as I type this, but the problem is that the DVD won’t be officially released (i.e. sent out to you if you place an order) until August 26, 2008. For more information on what to expect from Heroes Season 2, head over here for a full list of extras and features.

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Heroes Web Comics News, Season 2 on DVD in UK

Fans of those original Heroes web comics that are posted at NBC’s Heroes site can look forward to more comics coming their way, and very soon. Frank Mastromauro, executive vice president of Aspen Comics, told fans at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con over the weekend that they have received new scripts for the comics, and that 12 new characters will be introduced in the online graphic novels, with the most popular character potentially making the leap onto the actual live-action show.

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Heroes Renewed for 2008-2009 Season

With the Writer’s Strike all over and done with (well, pretty much, there are a couple of little things that has to be ironed out), NBC has announced that their scripted shows will heading back into production, with new episodes scheduled to come out in March and April. Unfortunately that won’t include Heroes, new episodes of which will probably not see the light of day until September 2008, starting with Season 3. And oh yeah, to no one’s surprise, NBC has announced that Heroes has been renewed for the 2008-2009 schedule, thus guaranteeing Season 3. What, you thought they wouldn’t renew the show? Don’t be ridiculous.

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The Writers Strike is Almost Over — Heroes Season 2 Fate

The news since Friday has been that the Writers Strike is almost at an end, and that is looking more likely now with the WGA members set to vote on the new deal on Sunday. Although Heroes fans now know that even the end of the strike won’t bring back Heroes until, in all probability, September, when the show’s Season 3 is set to start. Lost Season 2 production time, coupled with actors’ expected time off, means there is just no time to make up for the months lost to the strike. But that’s the bad news. The good news is that the strike is pretty much over, and Heroes Season 3 will run uninterrupted when the show returns in September 2008.

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Tim Kring Talks the Return of Heroes Season 2 Post-Strike

With news that the Writers Strike is very, very, very close to coming to an end for good, thus meaning all TV shows will be rushing back to the airwaves, what does Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, have to say about Heroes returning to finish up its Season 2? Not such great stuff, unfortunately. According to Kring, he can only complete three episodes this season given the time constraints, with much of the production time having been lost to the strike. So what does all that mean? Chances are, Season 2 is done, and Kring will save what he’s already shot for Volume 3 and use it instead to kick off Season 3 later this year.

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Writers Strike Update, Ando Plays B-Ball, Ali Larter Sells Chocolate

A little Heroes news round-up for you guys, with the most important being a possible end to the ongoing writer’s strike. Again, let me stress the word possible, because let’s face it, haven’t we all heard this thing was coming to an end a hundred times before? Well all the major newspapers are carrying this one, and it seems the WGA is THIS close to striking a deal that will end the strike and, if there is still time, allow Heroes and NBC to finish up Season 2.

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