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New Poll: Are you a Hero or a Villain?

Well since NBC has deemed it necessary to deny us a new “Heroes” episode for another whopping 4 weeks, we’re just going to have to find different ways to occupy our time. And so, it’s time for a new poll! Question: If you suddenly woke up one day with superpowers (ala Claire or Peter), what would you do with it? Would you try to save the world like Hiro and Peter? Or would you go the Sylar route and start slicing people’s head open? Or maybe you’re more conniving, and plan to use your powers to rule the world like a supervillain?

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New Poll: New Site Design

You may or may not have noticed (you’d have to be kinda, well, blind not to notice) but I’ve changed the design of the front page. So of course I now want to know what you guys think. I haven’t finished everything yet, but it’s close. I think it’s close, anyway. I could end up changing it all back, but for now, I kind of like the way the site looks now. But what do you think? Like? Dislike? Indifferent? Let me know by voting in the sidebar poll!

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New Heroes Poll: Heroes is off for at least 5 Weeks; How are You Coping?

With Chapter 18, “Parasite” already aired (and what an episode!), “Heroes” will be going on a brief vacation. According to various sources, it will either be a five-week vacation or a 7-week vacation, or somewhere in-between. Either way, “Heroes” is going on vacation, and there’s no getting around it, which means no new Heroes episodes for at least 5 weeks. So how are you going to cope? Stick to the Sci Fi Channel and watch the reruns? Catch up on your reading? Or maybe pull a Hiro and travel forward in time? I hear “24″ is still doing their 24-episodes in a roll shtick, so there’s always that…

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New Poll: Did HRG Do the Right Thing at the End of “Company Man”?

HRG did, depending on your point of view, either a very fatherly thing, or it was a very selfish and evil thing at the end of last night’s “Company Man”. Without giving away the ending of last night’s episode for those who haven’t already seen it, what did you think of HRG’s reaction/”solution” to solving his Claire/Company problem? Of course you would have to had seen the episode to answer… Did you think it was a good idea? Do you think he had ulterior motives? And what the heck is his first name, anyway? Make your opinions count in our sidebar Heroes poll!

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New Poll: What Did You Think About Simone’s Death?

Simone is dead. Long live Simone! Or at least, she died in Chapter 16, “Unexpected”, but this being a show about people with superpowers (including someone who has died multiple times, and another who can travel through time), is death really such a big deal? But let’s consider for a moment that Tim Kring really means it, that Simone is dead, how do you, the fans, feel about Tawny Cypress’ exit?

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New Poll: What is Your Opinion of Nathan Post-”Run!”


Okay, you’re still here. Good. Let’s get on with the poll, then.

In the aftermath of the “Run!” episode, it was revealed that Nathan is Claire’s biological father. After being informed of this, our ambitious politician decided to pay off Claire’s biological mother instead of taking responsibility. He wouldn’t even meet his daughter.

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New Poll: Who Would Win in a Fight – The Heroes Edition

Okay, so we all hope the heroes of “Heroes” never get into a knock down, drag out fight, but what if they did? That’s the question before us today in our spanking new poll: “Who would win a fight between the heroes of ‘Heroes’?” Is it superstrong Niki/Jessica? Indestructible Claire? Flying man Nathan? Rogue-like Peter? Or perhaps the underdog, dog-eared Matt Parkman and his mind-reading abilities? Or, hey, what if Hiro just goes back in time to take them out before they were even born? But perhaps Isaac will surprise everyone and take them all out with his paint brushes? So the question is: If the heroes ever got into a big-time, major, take-no-prisoners scrape with one another — WHO YA GOT?

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New Poll: Who is Claire’s Biological Father?

In tonight’s episode, Chapter 13′s “The Fix”, we learned that Claire’s biological mother is still very much alive and living somewhere in the South judging by her accent (perhaps even Texas?). And in sneak previews for next week’s episode, Claire’s mother (played by Jessalyn Gilsig) makes a phone call and spoke to a mysterious man about “their daughter”. Meaning, of course, that Claire’s biological father is still alive and well. But who is he? Is it someone we’ve already met? Could it be L.A. Cop Matt Parkman? Or how about New York politician Nathan Petrelli? Or perhaps, in a plot twist, it was HRG all along?

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New Poll: Hiro vs. Sam Beckett — WHO YA GOT?

Okay, sci-fi fans, here’s a poll for you to take a swing at: who would win in a fight if Dr. Sam Beckett from “Quantum Leap” tangled with Hiro Nakamura of “Heroes”? One has the power to bend time and space, the other gets to leap uncontrollably into people’s bodies in the past and right wrongs. Wait, that doesn’t sound like much of a match, right? But consider these points, including the strengths and weaknesses of both heroes:

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New Poll: Is Peter the Bomb?

Is Peter the bomb that will ultimately blow up New York City as Isaac predicted in his paintings, and Hiro witnessed while in the future? According to the end of “Fallout”, it would appear that Peter was in the process of, shall we say, getting ready to do something bad — like blow up. But is he the bomb that Isaac predicted and Hiro witnessed? What do you think? Take the poll in the sidebar!

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