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NBC Cancels Heroes: Origins Spin-off?

Bad news, guys. Or, at the very least, potentially bad news. Either way, it’s not good news for Heroes fans. According to The Futon Critic, NBC has elected to indefinitely shelf plans for the Heroes spin-off, Origins, which was scheduled to air after the Heroes Season 2 finale, a move that the network had hope would hold onto the Heroes audience after the show goes on vacation. Now, the network cites “financial concerns” associated with the impending writer’s strike as the reason they have, at least for now, canceled Heroes: Origins.

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Heroes: Origins to Get a New Title

I recently ran across this article on Heroes that features all the usual stuff — a conference call with Kristen Bell and Tim Kring about the upcoming season, other stuff we already know — but the most interesting thing I did find that I didn’t know before was that, according to the writer of the piece, the Heroes spin-off, originally called Origins, will get a new title. What that new title is, no one knows yet — or at least, no one is telling yet.

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John August Blogs Heroes: Origins

News about Heroes: Origins is hard to come by, and this seems worthy, since I’m a fan of John August’s works. If you don’t know the name John August, then you’ve probably seen some of the movies he’s written. He’s the screenwriter on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Big Fish”, and the upcoming Will Smith superhero movie, “John Hancock”. Recently, August and a few others were announced as writers on Origins (August will also direct). Over at his blog, August talks about how he got the gig. In a word, he asked. NO SPOILERS.

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Heroes: Origins Episodes to Contain Two Stories Each

It’s a boring Saturday, but here’s news about the upcoming Heroes: Origins spin-off. Via the guys over at Aint-it-Cool-News comes word that Tim Kring has told an audience at the New Yorker Fest that each Heroes: Origins episode won’t feature one story per episode, but instead two stories per episode. AICN quotes this site, which says the following below:

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Eli Roth to Direct Heroes: Origins Episode, 2 More Names

Everyone already knows that Clerks director Kevin Smith will be entering the Heroes universe by directing an episode of the Heroes spin-off series, Origins. Now you can add three more names to the list — Heroes producer/creator Tim Kring has revealed three more names to add to the list, and one of them is Eli Roth, the writer and director of the Hostel horror movies.

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Kevin Smith to Write and Direct first Heroes: Origins Episode

The big Heroes news out of the 2007 Comic Con today is that comic book and Geek God Kevin Smith will write and direct the first episode of the Heroes spin-off, Origins. When he was introduced at the Heroes panel after the announcement, Smith cracked wise about the “two gay Japanese dudes”, referring of course to Hiro and Ando, who are not gay. Of course Smith was just kidding, being a writer of comedy and whatnot.

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Tim Kring Talks Season 2 (Possible Spoilers)

Heroes producer/creator Tim Kring sat down for another extended interview with SuperheroHype, and revealed some information. Not enough that I would put “SPOILERS” in big bold letters in the title, but enough for the “Possible Spoilers” tag. As always, you should only continue reading if you want to know, or want to risk encountering some details about the upcoming Season 2 that you don’t already know, or don’t want to know. Basically, don’t blame me if you discover something you’d rather have stay hidden later on.

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Heroes Season 2 and Origins Air Dates Revealed

It’s official: at today’s press conference, Tim Kring revealed that the second season of Heroes will have a shorter break than season 1, and will air its season finale mid-April. After which, “Origins” would air its six episodes in six straight weeks, concluding in May. Basically, Heroes will still go on vacation midway through its second season, but the wait will be MUCH SHORTER this time. (No idea just how much shorter, but DEFINITELY shorter than the long wait of season 1.) Also, according to, second 2 will not be just 2 volumes, but rather three volumes.

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Tim Kring Talks More Heroes: Origins

Another glimpse into the workings of the Heroes spin-off show, “Origins” from the man himself. This time in an audio interview with Voices From Krypton. Head over there now to give it a listen. I didn’t hear anything particularly new there, but Kring does mention again that he foresees the show as being “Twilight Zone”-esque in narration.

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Jeph Loeb Spills Heroes: Origins Details

By now everyone knows about the Heroes spin-off, Heroes: Origins. Some details about the show are already known: six episodes, to air while Heroes is on vacation mid-season (if Second 2 follows the pattern of Season 1, then this will be around Winter), and viewers can vote for which one will join the regular cast in Season 3. But what else? In an interview with iF Magazine, Heroes producer/writer Jeph Loeb talks about “Origins”, and revealed some details.

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