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The Top 4 Moments From 4 Seasons of Heroes

Heroes has delivered a lot of great moments during its four-year run, but some are more pivotal to the show’s mythos than others. In honor of the show’s vastly entertaining four seasons, and in celebration of the upcoming Season 4 on DVD, here are the Top 4 Most Pivotal Moments from the show’s four seasons. Let us know what you think, and what are your Top 4 moments from the show.

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Heroes Season 3 DVD Bonus Videos, Plus a Deleted Scene

Remember that Season 3 episode where Claire and Nathan ended up in Mexico, then in a bar with some frat boys? Well that scene actually went on, and included a fight in the back alley of the Mexican bar that was never shown on TV. Now with the Heroes Season 3 DVD, you’ll be able to see the Claire and Nathan vs. Frat Boys fight that wasn’t shown, among other bonus videos. Here is that deleted scene, and two behind-the-scenes video that further explores the world of Heroes Season 3.

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Heroes Season 3 Arrives on DVD/Blu-ray September 1st

Heroes Season 4 begins September 21st, 2009 in its usual Monday night timeslot, but before that happens, get caught up on the previous season as Heroes Season 3 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray September 1st, 2009.

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Heroes Season 3 Blu Ray and DVD Details

Heroes Season 3 will be arriving as a 6-disc box set for standard DVD and 5-disc set for Blu Ray on September 1, 2009. More details about the release, including cover artwork for the standard DVD and Blu Ray editions, plus special features are below. Special features are for the standard DVD box set, but you can expect similar features in the Blu Ray edition, plus some extras only found in the high-definition set.

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James Kyson Lee Reveals Heroes Season 3 Finale Details, Season 3 DVD News

James Kyson Lee (aka Ando) was at the One World Live event in Hollywood last night when the folks over at E! Online ran into him. Of course they asked him about the remaining three episodes of Heroes Season 3. Lee was more than happy to spill some details about the remaining episodes, especially the season finale. POSSIBLE SPOILERS after the jump.

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Heroes News Roundup: Adam Monroe, Sweepstakes, New Promos

Here’s another Heroes news round-up that showed up over the last week or so that I didn’t get the chance to post, for whatever reason. The most important news to Heroes fans concerns the return of Adam Monroe (what, did you really think he wouldn’t return? In a season titled “Villains”?) in Season 3. The rest are just fun stuff that may or may not be of interest to you. Choose wisely, padawan.

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Heroes Season 2 DVD Deleted Scenes

Not content to just see the screen grabs from the upcoming Heroes Season 2 DVD? (For a reader’s review of what to expect on the Season 2 DVD, read here.) Want to see the actual videos of the scenes that were deleted? Well a couple of them have popped up online, including the alternate ending that would have led into an entire volume that would focus on Odessa, Texas being ravaged by the virus, unleashed after Hiro’s confrontation with Adam (it’s pretty long, almost 8 minutes worth of new stuff you haven’t seen before):

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Heroes Season 2 UK DVD Review, Plus Unaired Images

Paul Scotton from Nottingham, England sent me a review of the Season 2 DVD that has since been released in the UK, including some never-before-seen images from scenes that were shot for the second half of Season 2, but were scrapped because of the writer’s strike. Here’s our look at what could have been. There is a particularly great group shot of Jessica Sanders, Adam Monroe, Maury Parkman, and the new villain named Benjamin Knox Washington (played by Jamie Hector) standing together, as if they’ve teamed up to do battle. What was going on here? We might never know.

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Official Heroes Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray Specs, Cover Art

We already posted the specs for the Blu-Ray editions of the Heroes Season 2 release, but we just got these official specs from Universal for the standard DVDs and Blu-Ray editions. The cover art (shown below) are the same ones as we showed you earlier, so there’s no change there. The specs themselves are more in-depth, including a full listing of all the audio commentaries on all the episodes (every episode has an audio commentary, which is pretty unusual, but fantastic). The street date for both the regular DVD and Blu-Ray of Season 2 is August 26, 2008.

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Heroes Season 2 DVD Up for Pre-Order Now

Been dying to get your hands on those 11 episodes of the strike-shortened Season 2 of Heroes? Well you’re in luck. Well not really. has just informed us that they’re putting the DVD box set up for pre-order as I type this, but the problem is that the DVD won’t be officially released (i.e. sent out to you if you place an order) until August 26, 2008. For more information on what to expect from Heroes Season 2, head over here for a full list of extras and features.

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