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Ubisoft Cancels Heroes Game, Justin Baldoni Joins Cast

If you’ve been waiting to slip into the skin of super serial killer Sylar or show off your indestructible cheerleader moves when the Heroes game by Ubisoft lands at your local retail store, then you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. Game developer Ubisoft has confirmed that the long-in-planning Heroes game has been canceled, and the game rights to the TV show have reverted back to NBC Universal, which owns the show. In casting news, former Everwood star Justin Baldoni has joined the cast of Heroes Season 3 in a brief recurring role as a California surfer.

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Discussion Thread: Heroes Season 3 Episode 5 (3.05) Angels and Monsters

So who are the angels and who are the monsters on Heroes? Is it even possible to tell the two apart anymore, especially in light of Peter’s return from the future as shown in last week’s episode, “I am Become Death”? And what’s the deal with Mohinder? Or is the better question, what exactly is he becoming that he needs to hide himself in the dark? Meanwhile, Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss have gotten real comfy lately; will a trip to see Mommy at The Company’s secret prison further their relationship? Probably not. And look who is back — or is he, really? Remember, there are people with powers to make you see what they want you to see on Heroes… Here, then, is your official discussion thread for this week’s episode, 3.05, titled, “Angels and Monsters”.

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Giveaway: Exclusive Heroes Comic Con ’08 Comic Book by Michael Turner – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Thanks to Sprint and NBC and their “Create Your Hero” campaign, we have ten (10) copies of the exclusive Heroes Comic Con 2008 comic book by the late artist Michael Turner. The single issue comic is not a compilation of the Heroes web comics; it contains four original stories focusing on the back stories of Mohinder Suresh, Adam Monroe (aka Hiro’s immortal enemy Takezo Kensei), and Echo De Mille, the hero of NBC’s recent series of webisodes, “Going Postal”.

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Heroes Season 2 DVD Up for Pre-Order Now

Been dying to get your hands on those 11 episodes of the strike-shortened Season 2 of Heroes? Well you’re in luck. Well not really. has just informed us that they’re putting the DVD box set up for pre-order as I type this, but the problem is that the DVD won’t be officially released (i.e. sent out to you if you place an order) until August 26, 2008. For more information on what to expect from Heroes Season 2, head over here for a full list of extras and features.

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Heroes Season 1 and 2 Blu-Ray DVD Specs

Universal Studios Home Entertainment and NBC have released the specs for the upcoming Heroes Season 1 and 2 Blu-Ray DVDs, scheduled to be release to the masses on August 26, 2008 in the States. (Word is that the Brits will get it a month earlier in July. More info on that here.) Season 1, which was originally released on HD-DVD, will come in just 5 disks for the Blu-Ray version, while the writers strike-crippled Season 2 will only come in 4 disks.

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Heroes at Comic Con 2008: Sylar Action Figure, Hiro Bobblehead

There is already that rumor, pitched by Tim Kring himself, that Heroes may be making a really bit impact on Comic Con 2008 by showing the Season 3 premiere at the convention. Now comes more reasons to buy your ticket to San Diego right now — a special Comic Con edition Sylar action figure, and a Hiro Nakamura Bobblehead doll, billed as the first-ever two-sided bobblehead doll (pictures of both below). The Sylar action figure comes with an exclusive Comic Con painting. Both items are limited issue, and will be on sale at Comic Con.

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Heroes Action Figures Go on Sell, Actors React Videos

It’s been a while since I checked NBC’s official Heroes store, so I don’t know how long the Heroes Season 1 action figures have been on sell, but there are now videos of the actors reacting to their figurines included in the action figure pages. You can head over there to check them out now, or see the videos on the site below. Each action figure is going for $20 a piece.

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Heroes Web Comics News, Season 2 on DVD in UK

Fans of those original Heroes web comics that are posted at NBC’s Heroes site can look forward to more comics coming their way, and very soon. Frank Mastromauro, executive vice president of Aspen Comics, told fans at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con over the weekend that they have received new scripts for the comics, and that 12 new characters will be introduced in the online graphic novels, with the most popular character potentially making the leap onto the actual live-action show.

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NBC Announces Heroes Trading Cards from Topps

From a press release: NBC UNIVERSAL DEBUTS ONE-OF-A- KIND ‘HEROES’ TRADING CARDS FROM THE TOPPS COMPANY – Cards Include Original Cast Autographs, Flip Motion, Pieces of Wardrobe And One-of-a Kind Artwork From Top Illustrators – First Set Is In Stores Now – Second Set Debuts in July…

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Heroes Season 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray, Tim Kring’s Orpheus, Milo Comics

Three piece of Heroes news today, one involving the much-asked release date for Heroes Season 2, another about Heroes creator Tim Kring’s new book, and the third about Milo Ventimiglia’s ventures into the world of comic books. For those dying to know, Heroes Season 2 will finally arrive simultaneously on regular DVD and Blu-ray on August 26, 2008. Meanwhile, Heroes creator Tim Kring is (once again) quite the hot commodity, with Hollywood studios anxiously waiting to bid on his alternate-history book trilogy, “The Flag of Orpheus”, which he will co-write with novelist Dale Peck.

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