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More Heroes Season 3 Artwork Promos – UPDATED

The Heroes Season 3 premiere is just 18 days away, and we have a new batch of Heroes Season 3 promo artwork for you guys. You’ll recognize a lot of the promos below as the same ones that have been used as wallpapers (here), although these are more standard size versions. You’ll also be able to see the character wallpapers that haven’t been posted yet — like Sylar, Angela, Ando, Hiro, and Mohinder. Obviously, there are two missing: Claire and Maya. As a bonus, there’s also a bigger version of the full cast promo that we posted a while back, except this one is bigger, and you can use as a wallpaper.

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Heroes Season 3 Character Wallpapers – UPDATED

NBC’s gearing up for the premiere of Heroes Season 3 on September 22 has begun with the release of brand new wallpapers, featuring characters from the show. You won’t find these at the site, but instead they’re being posted, one at a time, on the Heroes Myspace page. The first of the wallpapers released features Peter Petrelli in a powerful pose, ready to fry some villainous fools.

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Who Watches the Heroes?

Time for a little extraneous fun without talking about Heroes Season 3. Reader Drake sent me a link to this YouTube video that mixes up scenes from the previous seasons of Heroes with the trailer for the upcoming comic book movie “Watchmen”. The music, audio, and title card cut-scenes are all from “Watchmen”, but all the footage are from Heroes. It’s actually pretty cool, and whoever did it did a great job of choosing the right scenes. Check it out.

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Heroes Mini-Figures and Lego Fan Creations

This is great. Forum user rtwofan posted a link to this site that features Heroes-themed figures and the show logo, all done in legos! The guy is so creative that he even created whole scenes from the show, including the Season 1 Final Scene. If you’re a lego fan and want to create some of this stuff yourself, they even have instructions on how to do it.

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More Heroes Parody Zeroes Clips

By now everyone knows that the whole Zeroes parody of Heroes is actually done by NBC themselves (or you might have read it here), but that shouldn’t really matter because, well, the whole thing is pretty funny. People with powers that aren’t really impressive, such as the guy who can kick himself in the back of the head? Or the girl who mumbles back everything you just said the moment after you’ve said it? Fantastic stuff. NBC has now released more chapters from Zeroes, below.

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Original Heroes Character Artwork by Sam Haruna

London-based artist Sam Haruna recently sent us some sketches he did of a couple of our favorite Heroes characters — two heroes and two villains — that is, if you consider one-half of the Niki/Jessica duo a villain. Check out his Heroes sketches (Niki/Jessica, Peter Petrelli, and of course, who can do without Sylar?) below, and visit his Myspace site here to see more of his artwork.

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Heroes as South Park Characters

I’m really not sure where these transformations of Heroes characters (love the Niki one!) into South Park characters came from. Probably the work of a very enterprising fan of both shows, because I haven’t heard of Heroes making a cameo appearance on South Park anytime soon. And usually, if you search the net, you’ll find a lot of other iconic characters turned into their South Park counterparts. But how cool are these? Niki/Jessica, Claire, D.L., Micah, Mohinder, Hiro, Ando, and even Sylar have been turned into South Park characters.

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Heroes Super All Stars (23 Episodes in 6 Minutes) Video

Forum member “parapremiere” made this fantastic six-minute clip that encompasses all the Heroes episodes, including all the major plot points. I think it’s pretty cool myself. Check it out.

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Heroes Character Fan Art by Ratscape

There are some really incredible artists out there, and one of them is Ratscape, who has some fantastic character fan arts for our band of Heroes. You can check out his interpretations of Hiro, Niki/Jessica, Nathan, Peter, Sylar, and Claire below. My favorite is Schizo Niki for, ahem, obvious reasons.

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Incidental Heroes, Heroes Fan Videos on YouTube

Mackenzie can see dead people, and, um, Chandra Suresh, the late father of Mohinder, is visiting her. Someone call Bruce Willis! Or better yet, call Tim Kring, because Mackenzie has a couple of pretty neat fan videos up on YouTube where you can follow her adventures as she discovers an awakening power to see dead people. It’s called Incidental Heroes and chronicles the experiences of Mackenzie who seems to be crossing between reality and the TV show. Mackenzie has the power to see dead people and dead people from the Heroes TV show. Chandra visits her in the first episode and that’s what starts her on her adventure.

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