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Kristen Bell in Fanboys DVD Giveaway

So what’s the movie “Fanboys” about? All you need to know is that at one point Kristen Bell (aka Elle Bishop) slips on that famous gold metal bikini Princess Leia wore in “Return of the Jedi”. If that’s not enough, it’s a pretty funny comedy about geeks, nerds, and of course, fanboys. Wait, aren’t those the same things? Keep reading for more details on how to win this free DVD.

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Heroes Prize Pack Giveaway — Winner Announced!

Who doesn’t want their very own Hiro Bobblehead doll, or a Heroes necklace, or a T-shirt, Heroes-themed wall calendar, or heck, even a Heroes action figure? Well guess what, if you’re the lucky winner of our Heroes Prize Pack Giveaway, you won’t just win the bobblehead or the T-shirt, you’ll win them all. And what exactly do you have to do to win these great Heroes swag? Easy — just reply to this thread (one reply per person!), which will count as your official entry into the giveaway, and in one week (Friday, December 12, 2008), I will randomly draw 1 (one) name and they will be sent their very own Heroes Prize Pack. What could be easier than that?

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Giveaway: Exclusive Heroes Comic Con ’08 Comic Book by Michael Turner – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Thanks to Sprint and NBC and their “Create Your Hero” campaign, we have ten (10) copies of the exclusive Heroes Comic Con 2008 comic book by the late artist Michael Turner. The single issue comic is not a compilation of the Heroes web comics; it contains four original stories focusing on the back stories of Mohinder Suresh, Adam Monroe (aka Hiro’s immortal enemy Takezo Kensei), and Echo De Mille, the hero of NBC’s recent series of webisodes, “Going Postal”.

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Caption This: Milo and Hayden

Fans of Heroes know that Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia play niece and uncle, respectively, on the show. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you also know that in real life Hayden and Milo are just a little bit closer. Okay, so they’re dating. We here at try not to get into the actor’s personal lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it as fodder for one of our Caption This games. And so, without further ado — Milo and Hayden: CAPTION THIS!

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Caption This: Greg Grunberg and Ali Larter


Image via.

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Heroes Season 1 DVD Sweepstakes and Challenge

As part of their ongoing promotion for the upcoming Heroes Season 1 DVD boxset that will hit stores August 28th, NBC has set up a site at HeroestheDVD to “challenge” your knowledge of the show. It’s a trivia game that tests players on their Heroes knowledge, and allows them to access bits of the special features content from the DVD early if they complete the challenges. The first two challenges are up now, and there’ll be more added on August 16 and on the release date, August 28.

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Caption This: Sylar and Ando

Provide your caption for this picture:


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Enter the Heroes Season 1 DVD Giveaway

Wanna win a free Heroes Season 1 DVD boxset? You’re in luck, because we’re giving away 4 copies to four lucky individuals. For full contest details, CLICK HERE. Basically, there are three ways to win, and you don’t have to spend a cent for any of them. Not a bad deal, right? The first season of Heroes gets released on DVD on August 28th, 2007, and comes in regular edition and a high-definition version.

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Caption This: Masi Oka Fist Pump

Provide a caption for what is happening in this picture (the best caption gets to take Masi Oka to their prom/or basement for some of you guys out there):


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Enter the Heroes Comic-Con 2007 Contest

Got this email about a Heroes Comic-Con contest to keep you creative types busy during the Summer. Here it is:

NBC is running two contests connected with Comic-Con in San Diego: One where viewers create their own Heroes graphic novel, and another where viewers make their own Heroes music video using clips of video, audio, and images from the series-or their own uploaded content. Here’s the contest’s main homepage: The contests run until July 18, and the winning entries in each will be presented at the show.

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