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Mohinder and Maya Gets Close in Season 3, Future Peter and Claire

The boys over at Spoiler TV has a scan from a recent issue of TV Guide that features a very nice picture of Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Maya Herrera (Dania Ramirez) getting close in the upcoming Heroes Season 3. Hey, at least Mohinder isn’t going to cut Maya’s head open for her powers, right? And this new plot development will at least keep Maya from going all crying-girly on us all the time. (Says Ramirez about her character’s upcoming relationship with Mohinder: “I think [the show's mostly male audience] are ready for some sex.”) There is also a new picture of Future Claire and Future Peter clashing, a scene that, pretty much everyone knows will open up the Season 3 premiere episode.

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Videos: Heroes Cast Talk Season 3

Kristin over at E! Online was recently at NBC’s Upfront, where the media are introduced to new and returning shows by the network, and she has a number of interviews with the cast and crew of Heroes. They talk about the upcoming Heroes Season 3, but nothing overly revealing, or you haven’t already heard before. E! Online is currently doling out the interviews one at a time, so I’ll be adding more video interviews here as they are put online over at E!’s website.

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Dania Ramirez Talks Maya, Heroes Season 2

The folks at IGN have a really good interview with actress Dania Ramirez, who will be playing a new Latin hero named Maya Herrera on the show’s upcoming second season. Among the things Dania discussed were her character’s relationship with her twin brother, why they’re on the run, and what it means to her to be playing a character who is from the Dominican Republic, since she herself is Dominican in real life.

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Pictures of the Heroes Cast Signing Autographs in New York

And you thought working on a hit TV show was all lounging around until they call you to the set. Not so. Heroes is busy with the Heroes World Tour, and the cast have been split into different groups — some are in Asia, others in Europe, and still others are staying behind at home. This morning the cast of Heroes were signing autographs and greeting fans at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Present were Zachary Quinto (Sylar), James Kyson Lee (Ando), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), new castmember Dania Ramirez (Maya Herrera), and representing the crew, Jeph Loeb (co-exec producer and writer) and artist Tim Sale (artist). Pictures from the event below.

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Pictures: Cast at Comic Con, Dania as Maya, Season 2

Not a whole lot left to report from Heroes’ appearance at Comic Con (Kevin Smith will direct the first episode of Origins, Zachary Quinto is officially Young Spock, to name a few), except to post some pictures of the cast and crew that were in attendance over the weekend. Some of these pictures come to you courtesy of GirlsTalkinSmack, including a couple of new pictures of Dania Ramirez, who plays Maya, a South American hero who makes her way to America with her brother. I think that’s Maya and her brother in one of the pictures, possibly from an upcoming episode.

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Comic Con Break-down, Season 2 Teaser Description

(As always, this may or may not contain spoilers, so use your own judgments and act accordingly. You have been warned.) Anyways, more news from the Heroes panel at Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend, which is apparently the BIG thing right now. The guys over at BuddyTV were in attendance, and has some juicy tidbits from the show, including a description of a Season 2 Teaser video that was shown. The description easily tells you who lives and dies, so once again, this is your last chance…

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Shalim Ortiz Joins Heroes

It’s a slow Heroes news day, so that means reporting the casting of a what is sure to be a minor (an episode or two, perhaps?) character is worth posting. Having said that, actor Shalim Ortiz has joined the cast of Heroes. Ortiz, whose previous credits include “Spin”, will play an immigrant trying to escape his country to get to America with his sister (Dania Ramirez), says Variety. Ortiz is a singer/actor from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who relocated to Miami, Florida to pursue his career.

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Dania Ramirez Joins Heroes Season 2 Cast as Maya

The Hollywood Reporter has solved one of our mysteries regarding the new batch of characters that will be appearing in Heroes Season 2. The first one to be urevealed is Dania Ramirez, who will be playing Maya, a Latina (we presume, because Ramirez is Domincan) character with superpowers that are still unknown. If you don’t recognize the name, you may recognize Dania as the mutant Callisto in “X-Men: The Last Stand” (pictured left). Besides “X-Men”, Ramirez was recently on “The Sopranos”.

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