Promo Pic Featuring the Claire-Gretchen Kiss

Just got in a new pic from next week’s episode, “Hysterical Blindness”, which prominently features the much-talked about kiss between college BFF’s Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and Gretchen (Madeline Zima). As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the pic. To see the kiss footage, check out the next episode teaser here.

According to interviews I’ve read, putting Claire in a relationship with another woman was apparently Hayden’s idea, and the writers decided to run with it. Smart boys.

Click to enlarge.


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  • dmansman120

    Hayden Just had to kisss a girl mhmm

  • genius

    that's disgusting

    • chanou loves Heroes

      Why did you even looked than ??? if you don’t like it don’t watch !!!!

  • kinggenesis

    hey genius why's it disgusting .. dont you know this is going to save the show . or atleast help the rating for that week and probably that week alone.

  • Tarot1

    I'm hoping this not only helps the ratings but that it's also beliveable.

  • navygater

    well princepoopypants I gotta say your right about the kiss. It will adleast help the ratings for that week…. well played sir!

  • navygater

    Well she has had trust issues with the men in her life lol guess this is an interesting way to go with her character…

  • Cloud Se7en

    Erghhh, I think I'm gonna skip past this…

  • navygater


  • navygater

    Its Hollywood and she is young and ….. well you know how kids are these days haha

  • kinggenesis

    princesspoopypants comeon no need for name callin

  • Name

    THis is gross….and I will no longer be watching the show if the writers make Claire gay. And Hiro is such a weak character right now. I use to love him.

    The only good thing that was brought to this season was the Sullivan family.

    And again this is so gross.

  • Name

    At least somebody agrees with me. Two girls kissing is not sexy.

  • navygater

    its ewwy oh no boo hoo whatever shall I do…. my god its two people kissing its not the end of the world get over it!!!!

  • navygater

    no no no its prince not princess…..princepoopypants:) I feel this name fits you better thats all!

  • kinggenesis

    ok what ever if thats how you feel. i obviously made you mad. so good im gonna keep doing it than. im gonna bash heroes so bad untill the show is cancelled. but i have stated before i love heroes i just point out the flaws init. but now sense you resorted to name callin im just gonna go untill i get kicked off this site. bashing on heroes on every little flaw they have even the ones that dont matter like hiro saving the blue slushi so ando and that girl who got much uglyer sense season 1 her face makes her look like a goomba from mario. hahaa that was a dumb story line that ill bet they trash once they find out how to save hiro.and theyll kill kimiko and ando will die a most terrifying death that well see through a closed door like the final battle in season 3 how dumb was that. tim what have you done

  • Name

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    This has been the oh-so-useful message for those prejudice against prejudice. Use it for anything that applies. Hate it as much as you'd like; you'll only feed all those silly metaphors.

    • N.V.

      Go, dude! You rock, and I am officially your number one fan!!!!

  • Name

    Excuse me but it's called a free country aka freedom of speech. I can say whatever I want. And I don't care if you don't like it. Everybody has the right to state thier opinions.

  • Johnny_G

    This. is. awesome.

  • Big D

    They should have her kissing Ali Larter! I bet much more people would watch then….

  • leung

    True. It's not sexy!

    It's friggin steaming! Grow up… If you've ever been steady, you'll realize… there's nothing sexier than having your girl make out with some brunette hottie you both pick up.