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So yeah, no news on the Heroes front since we stopped regularly updating the site with new content what, about two years ago or thereabouts? All the actors have found other gigs, along with all the producers/writers, including of course show creator Tim Kring. (Watch his Touch on FOX if you get the chance.)

I guess the only future left for Heroes now is to see, possibly, a big-screen movie 5-10 years from now ala what happened with the TV show Firefly (it was made into a movie called Serenity that continued the adventures of the show’s cast, in case you don’t know). Hey, who knows, in 5-10 years maybe the show might have been rediscovered by a whole new generation, enough to generate an interest in a Heroes movie. Or heck, maybe even a “Ten Years Later” type of TV series. One can only hope, right?

In any case, I’m just doing regular maintenance work on the site right now, including swapping the theme. I honestly don’t know why I went with the old theme; it was so complicated that it took forever to load. The site is loading much faster now, though it’s still generally too slow, I know, you don’t have to tell me. A lot of the pictures are missing, but I’m trying to fix all that, so no need to email about that in case you were thinking about it.

Until anything pops on the Heroes front, this will probably be the last new post for a while. I could continue following the careers of the Heroes actors/crew, but I’m not sure people care about that.

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  • Adrian Calotescu

    I really apreciate your work for this show! Keep it up!

  • Heroes Watcher

    I just finished watching the series fanaly (fanalie? that don’t look right either) what was Tim Kring thinking doing a “to be continued” when he knew he wasn’t coming back the next year? That is so very frustrating! lol. Great series. That is my only real complaint about it. That and the fact NBC was stupid for cancling it. I wish we had more to watch!

    • Fansforheroes

      Kring didn’t know that the show. On Maywouldn’t be coming back until the network actually canceled it in May of 2010. He had actually gone to NBC and pitched a fifth season plotline. The cancellation was as much a sock to him as it was to the rest of us.

    • IQ


    • Heroes Fan

      I completely agree the to be continued wasn’t fair for all the fans and gave false hopes for a season 5 i hope NBC and Tim Kring come to their senses and close the show that will be satisfiable to all the fans

  • Delia

    Thanks for sending the update – I didn’t even know this site was still up!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing what the cast and behind the scenes creative people are up to.
    Of course we know Zachary is Spock; but the only thing I know about Hayden is that she went to Japan to save the whales (I think, save some animal anyway)
    So ironic, NBC’s rating are in the toilet, but they don’t want anything to do with Heroes.

    • PetrelliByNature

      First up, sorry about the horrid typos in my last post. I was typing on my phone, which really didn’t like me being in a hurry.
      As for NBC not wanting anything to do with Heroes…I’m not so sure about that. I’ve heard that Kring was talking to NBC about “continuing the brand” in some fashion, whether that was GNs, merchandise, whatever. No word on it lately, since he has been so caught up in his new show.

  • Michaelpanos

    Ever since NBC cancelled Heroes, I stop watching NBC all together. I am about to give up cable. It was the last good show out there.

  • http://twitter.com/Tarot1 Tarot1

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  • BelvedereEm

    I mean really, what happens now that Claire did what she did? I NEED to know!

    • Borkovec Martin

      Please. I do not speak English well. This link of Heroes is hard for me. Can you please send me a simple and short explanation, if the next series, miniseries or movie. Thank you very much …

  • Daniel

    The past 3 weeks of my life, i’ve been watching Heroes on a daily basis, and i’ve seen the end of season 4. I sure as hell hope that a continuation of the series will be around at some point in the nearest future, mainly because i don’t think it was a proper ending of the series, and that i ofcourse want to see more :).
    It seems that you’ve done a great job with this site, and i sure hope that there will be a continuation, and that we can have discusiion about it here in the future !
    Best regards, Daniel.

  • Mariah

    It is sad that NBC just leaves people hanging no wonder their ratings suck. Bring this show back!

  • IQ


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506886502 Ernest Bourne
  • Cyber-X

    all of this cancel stuff is a mystery coz i don’t know what whent wrong on this season of heroes all of this are great i don’t know what whent wrong that,s why i said this is too weird to canceled heroes i want NBC to give this season heroes a chance that,s all thank you

  • Musha Slater

    I really think it was a waste of a good story… If they could just uncomplicate things a little, maybe there would even be a fifth season. You know what would be great? A book series, a novel series from volume 1 to volume 5 and who knows, till volume 10? then people would see how great heroes was and continue with the stories…

  • MB

    They have got to be planning something… I mean… why in the world would they not bring it back even for a half season to finish the story, do a movie, or develop other characters within the universe? It just doesn’t make sense…

  • Ravenclaw

    New updates! This is amazing! I thought you just dropped off the map Sam, and would just let the site die. Two years of hoping have finally paid off! Now, if only we would get that Heroes movie filmed…

    • Cya709

      How can we get the story back on air? lets start something to let them know we are watching

      • Pailin01

        Please bring HEROS back!

      • Borkovec Martin

        Please. I don’t good speak english. This link about Heroes is for me hard. Can you please write me easy and short answer, if will be next series, miniseries or film. Thank you very much…

    • PVC

      yes it would be nice for them to make a movie about heroes…

  • Terry_ryder

    Is there any chance of encouraging a written version of the story line wrap-up? Great as the show was, it’s the story that really captures us. The good old-fashioned Book still incurs the lowest of production costs, and surely enough of us READ to make it worthwhile?
    For consistent fans, even a plot outline would make a great read.

  • Cosmyn
  • Putmeonthelist365

    I just discovered Heroes on Netflix and watched all four seasons…just finished the last episode and was baffled as to why Netflix didn’t have the 5th season as the episode ended with “to be continued” and didn’t feel like a series ending episode. I googled and found this site. I’m really sadden that they did not continue with this show/make the series ending movie. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and sucks to have it end the way did…thank you for having this site…Urgh I’m sooo bummed…

  • Perez25ana

    anyone know where i can watch reruns of tv show heroes???? I love it and can seem to find the reruns

  • Vermicular2000

    just adding my voice to the ‘bring heroes back’ chant. i have not seen a show that i have enjoyed as much as heroes since heroes went on air in 2006.

  • Thoscomil

    Just did a two day watching of Heroes seasons 1-4. Man! I do miss the show. And with the lack of creativity in movie industry lately. I’m shocked that Universal didn’t jump on to Heroes, and squeeze out a couple of films. With all the fans still wanting their Clare Bear fix.The money was sure to be made. But some one forgot to tell Universal to swingat the ball. Still it’s only been three years since the last season ended. Maybe the Movie industry is letting us hunger awhile.